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Case Medical Products for Instrument Processing

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1 Case Medical Products for Instrument Processing
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2 Introduction American manufacturer of products for instrument processing ISO certified, FDA registered facility Nationally certified woman-owned business Small business entity FDA 510k clearance and CE mark for our products Partnership with the U.S. EPA for safer chemistry and sustainability Corporate member of AAMI and IAHCSMM Principle partner

3 Company Milestones 1992: Custom trays for major medical companies
1994: Developed MediTray modular line of surgical instrument trays 1997: 510k for SteriTite sealed container for pre-vacuum and gravity displacement steam. 2000: 510k for STERRAD 100 Sterilization. 2003: 510k for STERRAD 100S 2003: 510k for EtO and sealed Immediate Use “flash” sterilization with filter-less valve 2005: Introduced and validated SuperNova ultra concentrated instrument chemistries. 2008: STERRAD 200, NX and Ozone 125L and sealed immediate use “flash” sterilization with “filtered” container 2010: Received 510k for Steris V Pro 1 2011: Received 510k for STERRAD 100 NX 2011: U.S. EPA DfE partnership for sustainability and safer chemistry 2012: Received 510k for Steris V Pro Max

4 Meeting Supplier Goals
Contracted supplier … American made products direct from the manufacturer Helps the economy Provides you with quality assurance Ensures on time delivery Provides cost effective products with the greatest value

5 REDUCING WRAP According to the U.S. EPA at 45%, the largest component of hospital waste is paper, including corrugated packaging An estimated19% of the waste coming from surgical services is blue wrap. All reusable containers reduce waste. A container system that is durable, universal and ideal for standardization reduces waste and cost.

6 Meeting your goals Eliminate wrap by transitioning to a reusable, sealed container system that is durable, adaptable and meets current needs Reduce expenses associated with wrap such as tears in the wrapper, extended reprocessing times, wet packs, and delayed cases Create efficiencies to avoid unnecessary reprocessing of wrapped sets, reduce inspection time, free storage space, reduce handling and increase productivity Standardization to a universal system that is truly reusable, compatible with all sterilization modalities and devices according to manufacturers’ instructions avoids the need for excess inventory

7 STERITITE SteriTite Container System
Universal sealed container for all sterilization modalities FlashTite option for sealed immediate use sterilization Insert trays and baskets Consumables including load cards, filters, and tamper evident seals

8 Savings With SteriTite
All conversions from wrap to sealed containers can yield a ROI within 2 years Customer saves on wrap, tape, absorbent liners, corner protectors and other accessories SteriTite, the universal container system provides even greater savings over other sealed containers ROI within 1 year The maximum in instrument protection saves $$$ 1/3 more interior volume, less containers are needed Lower profile container reduces weight and addresses ergonomic issues and reduces cost Ability to stack inner trays within container keeps the set together for surgery and reduces inventory and shelf space

9 MEDITRAY MediTray customizable inserts and case trays that must be wrapped or placed in our sealed container Numerous modular or customizable components Flexible layout Ideal for standardization

A modular system to preserve your instrumentation Simple customization Container & basket Stacked trays Specialty sets Using modular components Pre-configured sets

11 pH neutral CLEANERS All sealed container system require pH neutral cleaners Case Medical manufactures pH neutral instrument chemistries that were awarded DfE from U.S. EPA Case Solutions and SuperNova instrument chemistries Ready to use and super concentrated instrument chemistries and instrument brushes Wipes for manual cleaning of containers

12 Closed Carts & Shelving
Containers require mobile transport vehicles Case Medical manufactures stainless steel Case Carts for containers and supplies Adjustable shelves, moisture and temperature resistant wheels Open, closed and movable shelving systems for storage and transport

13 Steritite, the UNIVERSAL container
Ideal for Standardization Sealed containers and trays for every sterilization modality Steam…terminal sterilization that meet standard hospital cycles IUSS “flash” sterilization with valve or disposable filter STERRAD V-Pro Ozone EtO Compatible with every medical device based on manufacturer’s recommendations, including flexible endoscopes and orthopedic loads Standard (DIN) sizing, ideal for containerizing “loaners”

14 features & benefits Durable Secure Space Saving Reliable
Aircraft-grade anodized aluminum Passivated stainless steel hardware No plastic moving parts Secure Nesting dimples for stable transport Tightly sealed construction with knife edge fit Rivet-less case assembly Space Saving Only 1” internal clearance required for contents Reliable Off-set filter plate to prevent puncture Lift loops on lids for aseptic removal Secure latching mechanism 14

15 Loaner Drop Ins The competition’s alternative lifting platform
The Case Medical alternative The perfect fit… designed for “loaners”

16 Corrosion Resistance is Important!
SteriTite is Truly Compatible Our Corrosion Resistant SteriTite Their non-anodized “S” SteriTite is the only validated container to maintain its integrity in STERRAD & V-Pro Sterilization and can be cleaned

17 Filter Retention Plates Are Important
The SteriTite container has gaskets and an offset vent pattern to prevent punctures Other retention plates do not protect the filter The competitive retention plate is a skeleton and has many gaps that leave the filter vulnerable to puncture. Other containers have no gaskets and an extra plate is required

18 Continuous improvement
Case Medical works with major medical companies to improve process and assure compatibility ASP…STERRAD Steris…V-Pro Stryker Intuitive Surgical Olympus Medtronic Karl Storz

19 Working with You Product Specialists To assess you tray needs
To customize your sets To provide technical and clinical support Local Case Medical Representatives and clinical specialists on hand to address your needs and in-service staff Our goal is to: Shorten reprocessing times Properly organize and secure your instruments Provide the ultimate in instrument protection Save $$$ with durable products that are truly universal

20 Identification & Tracking
The SteriTite ID plaques can be etched or laser engraved with set name or a barcode for seamless data transfer and set tracking Electronic count sheet also available

21 WORKING WITH YOU Product Specialists and sales support can help your staff with assessment, installation and customization

22 Designed to Meet Your Needs

23 ADDRESSING YOUR NEEDS A step by step program that can be implemented to process all surgical instruments and medical devices. Case Medical will assess the needs of each facility We will review your sterile processing needs We will provide recommendations for a consistent, standardized outcome We will provide tray assessment and on-site customization service Case Medical will provide technical guidance and education for all users We will provide a data base of digital photos for reference and reorder of sets

24 WHY WE ARE THE RIGHT FIT Standardization Support
Case Medical can provide standardization to member facilities Our containers are universal and our products can be used in every step of the decontamination process We can offer bar-coding , and standardize on tray layouts that will be used in all member hospitals We can offer bar coding and RFID set tracking systems Support We provide education through on-site instruction, as well as our online Case Academy and ongoing webinars with CEUs We have technicians for installation and preventative maintenance We can do a full needs assessment and identify / implement cost effective steps for optimal outcome We have full time direct, clinical sales specialists for service/ support

25 COST SAVINGS Standardization is a cost savings initiative
Our containers are compatible and cleared by FDA for every sterilization modality and for every device based on manufacturer’s instructions The same SteriTite container for all processing needs reduces inventory, saves space and is truly reusable And, it can be cleaned manually or in automated washers

26 Case Medical value adds
Provide a “Universal Container” for steam and low temperature sterilization Provide assessment, installation and customization services at no additional cost In-service staff on each shift in SPD and in OR at point of use Coordinate with your team leaders Use the lowest profile container to reduce weight and storage space Provide a container organization system that will reduce instrument loss and damage by providing the ultimate in instrument protection

27 SteriTite is the Ideal Choice
Modular accessories to reconfigure trays easily and efficiently Provide the ultimate in instrument protection Savings on time, money and canceled cases Address your needs and in- service staff Help you save $$$ with durable products that are truly universal and validated Case Medical works with major medical companies to improve process and assure compatibility DIN-Sized for loaner drop-in allowing smooth transition from wrap to rigid reusable containers

28 Client Sales Support John Zimmerman -Director of National Accounts - Sugar Land TX Clinical and Product Specialists To assess customer’s tray needs To customize the sets To provide technical and clinical support Skilled representatives in the field to address your needs and in-service staff

29 Thank you from Case Medical

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