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Outline Thales Corporate and Thales UK Engagement with Academia

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0 Thales & its Research & Technology Arm
Prof. Hamid Asgari Thales UK July 2014

1 Outline Thales Corporate and Thales UK Engagement with Academia
Thales UK Research & Technology Some Current Research Areas Business Challenges Remarks Thales UK July 2014

2 Thales Corporate World leaders in mission-critical information systems
Thales UK July 2014

3 A global company helping customers to:
A revoir A global company helping customers to: provide reliable & secure solutions monitor & control protect & defend Thales UK July 2014

4 14.2 65,000 56 2.5 Profile 27% 47% 26% A balanced revenue structure
Defence 55% Civil 45% Revenues in 2012 14.2 billion euros Shareholders (at 31 May 2013) French State 27% Dassault Aviation 26% Float 47% of which employees 3% Employees 65,000 (workforce under management at 31 Dec. 2012) Global presence 56 countries Research and development 2.5 billion euros (approx. 20% of revenues) Thales UK July 2014

5 Worldwide operations…
Korea: 1,370 France: 34,300 UK: 7500 Germany: 4,500 Spain: 2,100 Italy: 2,600 Netherlands: 2,000 USA: 2,200 Canada: 1,200 Belgium: 950 Brazil and rest of Latin America: 660 Australia: 3,600 Others: Saudi Arabia: 730 / China: 390 / South Africa: 340 / Switzerland: 290 / Singapore: 240 / India: 200 / Austria: 200 / Norway: 180 / Portugal: 160 / Poland: 130 65,000 employees in 56 countries Global reach, local expertise Thales UK July 2014

6 all the markets we serve…
Dual markets civil / military Space Aerospace Security Ground Transportation Defence civil military A revoir Trusted partner for a safer world Thales UK July 2014

7 Thales in the UK Key UK Sites Basingstoke Belfast Bristol Cambridge
Cheadle Heath (Stockport) Crawley Doncaster Glasgow London Reading (Research & Technology facility) Templecombe Weybridge (HQ) Thales UK July 2014

8 Thales UK Circa 7,500 employees 12 key UK locations (35 sites overall)
Circa 4,000 engineers & technicians 90% qualified to degree level or above 2012 sales: £1.35 bn Invested more than £3 bn in UK since 2000 125th anniversary of Thales UK in 2013 Reading-based research & technology facility, with c80 engineers, mathematicians & scientists Serving four key markets: Defence & Security Aerospace & Transport Thales UK July 2014

9 Thales technology in the UK (1)
Provide high-performance electronics & secure IT solutions for flight crews & air traffic controllers Aerospace Flight simulators Air navigation Avionics, IFE Air traffic management Collision avoidance Satellite com. Cockpit & cabin connectivity Thales UK July 2014

10 Thales technology in the UK (2)
Support the armed forces in gaining & sustaining decision-making & operational superiority in conventional theatres, urban combat and cyberspace Defence Surveillance Force protection Complex weapons systems Mission management Information management Radar Unmanned air systems Electronic warfare Optronic systems Naval communications Air space management Cockpit communications Thales UK July 2014

11 Thales technology in the UK (3)
Develop integrated solutions, resilient networks & value-added services to protect citizens, sensitive data & critical infrastructure Security Cyber security Counter terrorism systems Monitoring & control systems Network security Infrastructure protection Secure financial transactions Telecommunications Thales UK July 2014

12 Thales technology in the UK (4)
Boost the capacity & efficiency of transportation systems with improved safety, lower costs & better passenger services Ground Transportation Urban & mainline signalling Train control, train protection & warning systems Services, supervision & control Integrated communications Security & information management Transport information & telecoms systems Technological solutions for roads Training services & systems Thales UK July 2014

13 Thales UK engagement with Academia
Thales UK July 2014

14 A strategy driven by Research & innovation…
About 20% of revenues invested in R&D Focus on key technical domains Research policy International network of research centres Cooperation with academic and government research institutes worldwide Technical Research Access to problem solving capabilities of universities/institutes Access to expertise and relevant scientific & technical knowledge Recruitment Opportunities to recruit highly qualified staff Advantage in the competition for the best graduates Businesses that work with academia generally achieve greater business performance of those companies that don’t Thales UK July 2014 14

15 Model for Thales UK Academic Engagement
Encouraging participation in STEM subjects Work Experience Teacher Engagement STEM Ambassadors Science Workshops Graduate Recruitment Challenge Industry Advisory Panels Sponsored Students Final year project support Talks to final year students Graduate Recruitment Placements Primary School Secondary School University Thales GDP & Pool Undergraduate Research & Postgraduate Training Technical Research Projects Supporting: Masters Projects Doctoral Students (PhD & EngD) Visiting Professors Teaching Sponsored Chairs Secondments Local Partner Schools Involve Parents Supporting ‘A’ Level Projects Lesson Support Careers Advice Thales UK Prizes Thales UK July 2014

16 Thales (UK) Activity with Universities
Academic links: 50 Sponsored Doctoral Students 25 Industrial Advisory Panels 8 Visiting Professors or equivalent Participating in co-funded TSB or EC research projects Sponsored UCL Members of: - Cranfield - Queens Belfast - Cambridge - EPSRC peer review college - Mobile VCE Participants in CBI’s ICARG IVHM = Integrated Vehicle Health Management CSIT = Centre for Secure Information Technologies CSIC = Centre for Smart Infrastructure & Construction MVCE = Mobile Virtual Centre of Excellence ICARG = Inter Company Academic Relations Group Thales supports over 250 PhD students around the world Thales UK July 2014

17 Thales UK Research and Technology
Thales UK July 2014

18 TRT centres TRT is a bridge between Academia, SMEs and the Thales Group to create innovation for growth, competitiveness and profitability. Reading Paris Singapore Delft Canada Canada Presence around the world Thales UK July 2014

19 KTD Responsible for Key Technical Domains Overall R&T Governance
Segmentation to cover specific R&T fields Annual R&T activity plans Use cases to bring together Technical and Engineering Expertise to develop solutions for customers Control of work with external agencies (co-funded) EC, TSB, ESA, etc. Thales UK July 2014

20 Application Areas & Technology Themes
Positioning Systems Security Systems Precise Positioning Technology Indoor positioning - UWB Navigation & simulation/modelling Integrated Navigation systems Digital Signal Processing Security Systems Technology Threat Analysis Smart Image Processing Information and Cyber Security Multi level Object Based Security Content-Based Security Container & Port Security Communication Systems Applications & Technologies Network Technology Public Safety Radio Ad Hoc/Mesh networks Wireless Sensor Networks Quality of Service SatCom and Space communication Secure Communications Collaborative working technology Road user charging Thales UK July 2014

21 Research Areas, Challenges
Thales UK July 2014

22 Research Areas - examples
Future Internet Concepts Recursive Architectures Cyber Resiliency in Connected World Building resilient architectures Networked cyber physical systems Resilient techniques against persistent and sophisticated attacks Advanced cloud infrastructures & Services Inter Cloud Computing, storage, and data portability Big Data management Data -> Contextual information -> Knowledge Decision making, security, privacy MLS and CBS Architectures for Information security Novel adaptive MLS architectures CBS Architectures in multi-domain settings Thales UK July 2014

23 Cyber Security - Resiliency
Goals: Anticipate, Withstand, Recover, Evolve Security Management Applications Admin Security Management Plane Decision Support, Mitigation Strategies, Response Management & Orchestration Plane System / Network / Service Inter-domain Workflow Knowledge & Intelligence Production Anticipation, Event recognition Analytics, etc. Security Data/Event Processing Knowledge Bases Initiate & Reconfigure Data Aggregation, Abstraction Programmable Functions & Controls (Functional, Monitoring & Security) Functions & Controls Pool of functions for run-time configurations /Adaptation NFV Controller and Adaptation Layer Security Events & Context Data Controller (Local, Distributed) Physical Infrastructure Plane - System of Systems Monitoring Probes NFVI Cyber Managed Objects, (e.g., Virtualised Env.) Thales UK July 2014

24 Inter Cloud Thales UK July 2014

25 Multi-Level Security MLS refers to protecting data (objects) that can be classified at various levels, from users or processes (subjects) who may be cleared at various levels. Top Secret Secret Confidential Restricted Protect Unclassified Read, No Write Read, Write No Read, Write Subjects (with Associated Clearances) Bell LaPadula Multi-Level Security (MLS) Model. Objects (Classification levels) Unanticipated/emergency situations where flexible access to information is essential as it is not possible to predict all cases in advance (e.g. in healthcare and access to medical records). Thales UK July 2014

26 Engineering graduates
Business Challenges Engineering graduates Shortfall Need to persuade more women Recruiting good graduates is difficult. Competition Retaining staff, interesting work to keep them Horizon scanning, next big things Market Traditional market in defence is reducing Transfer defence technology to civil market How to get into emerging markets; identifying the new domains to get into. Change Technology being adopted before it is mature Lengthy process, time to market, keep up with the pace of demand More automation in the software assessment process to speed up Thales UK July 2014

27 Thales UK July 2014

28 Remarks Thales UK July 2014

29 Understand The Big Picture
Concepts & objectives Clear Problem Statement, Motivation The context: Environment, Real-life applications/operational scenarios Problem formulation and concept State of the Art and Open Gap/Challenges, Progress beyond SoA Technical Approach (Solution Space), Functional Architecture Implementation Methodology, Structure, and Plan Risks and Contingency Plan System-Level Architecture and Developments Verification, validation and Experimentation Impact End-user: Acceptance of technology, usefulness, ease of use Social: benefit to a segment of society, addressing a treat to society (crime, terrorism), rights, values, privacy, etc. Economic: financial, cost saving, creating new job opportunities, Scientific: advancement of knowledge, publications Industrial: New component, new solution, new Business Models Exploitation and IPR (Patent, Standardisation, PoC, Prototype) Thales UK July 2014

30 Architectural views What is Architecture?
The process and product of designing and constructing systems reflecting: Functional entities and their interactions (logical) Systems and their inter-operations (physical). Physical View Logical View Physical connectivity Logical Connectivity Architecture Types Functional Arch. Functional Blocks Communication Arch. System-Level (Deployment) Arch. Components Network Arch. Platforms Functions Functional Blocks Communication Architecture Functional Architecture Network Architecture System-Level Architecture Components, Systems Thales UK July 2014

31 Verification, Validation, Integration, & Performance Tests
Component Level Verification Tests The emphasis of these tests was set to prove the functionality and validating the correct behaviour of the components by passing on the known input to each component and verifying the resultant output against the expected output. Integration Tests These tests must verify the applications and infrastructure inter-work and function collectively (including middleware, components, user interface, external and utility applications, etc.) System Level Validation Tests The emphasis is to prove the functionality and validating the correct behaviour of the entire system infrastructure. Performance Assessments The overall aim is to determine whether the overall objectives of the proposed system is realized. It is important to match the technology choice to the requirements. There is no one size fits all. scope / range: different technologies allow different levels of coverage. Obstructions must be considered relative to the mode. A window is not a obstruction for RF, but it is for acoustic. An oil refinery full of metal structures is a more challenging RF environment than an open space. Dynamics: some technologies cope better than others with environmental variation. Depends on how sensitive the metric is to these dynamics. Some technologies provide tracking (e.g. inertial sensors) but not localisation. Thales UK July 2014

32 Guidelines for Writing Reports
Quality of report shows the quality of your work and the amount of the efforts you put for the activity represented in that report. Reports should not be a collection of tests/paragraphs but a single coherent doc. Text must be structured and have a natural flow and consistency. Any SoA must be up-to-date and current, no use for out-of-date/obsolete SoA. Abstract and conclusion must provide a clear picture. The same terminologies should be used across deliverables. There should not be any inconsistencies across deliverables. Refer to the past work done. There is no room for copy/paste stuff from other reports/texts with no reference given. There must be no claim in the report without a credible proof. There must not be any wish list in the report and promise to cover them in another future report while you either cannot do it or will ignore it. At the end you as the author should be ready to stand by your report and defend it whole-heartedly. Thales UK July 2014

33 Case by case based on subject of interest to Thales UK
Thales Recruitments Graduate Programmes & Internships Current Positions PhD Research Case by case based on subject of interest to Thales UK Funding – Different schemes Industrial and academic supervision Thales UK July 2014

34 Thanks for your attention.
Thales UK July 2014

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