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NetScaler 10 with Citrix TriScale™ Technology

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1 NetScaler 10 with Citrix TriScale™ Technology
Graham Melville Director, Product Marketing

2 NetScaler 10 NetScaler Ten is changing the number one Internet Delivery System (CLICK) into the Most Advanced Cloud Network Platform” and as we dig down into the details of TriScale, I hope you will see why this is a major launch for us and what the opportunities are (CLICK) The #1 Internet Delivery System is now the Most Advanced Cloud Network Platform

3 Scale 3 Today’s Cloud Evolution Requires a Scale Revolution
NetScaler has been known for a long time for powering the largest sites, but not all datacenters are the same. When people need to scale, they scale in different dimensions, so .. Todays cloud evolution requires a scale revolution And (CLICK) ….. That revolution in scale Today’s Cloud Evolution Requires a Scale Revolution

4 Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
Revolutionary Scale Scale Up Elasticity Scale In Simplicity …. is delivered in three dimensions by Citrix TriScale technology Scaling up with elasticity Scaling out with expandability And scaling in with simplicity Scale Out Expandability Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute

5 Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
Introducing Citrix TriScaleTM Technology “End Appliance Sprawl” “Buy only what you need” Simplicity with Many-In-One Elasticity with Pay-As-You-Grow So let’s dive a little deeper and see what this is all about (CLICK) Our Elasticity with Pay as you grow means our customers don’t have to buy more capacity than they need. (CLICK) And when they do hit the hardware limits and need more, Our new TriScale clustering with NetScaler Ten delivers an expandability that means they add more capacity with no down time(CLICK) And finally our SDX allows the simplifying and flattening of the network that everyone is looking for and ends the sprawl of appliances that litter the data center (CLICK) Scale Up “Start Small. Grow Forever” Scale In Expandability Scale Out Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute

6 Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
What You Get Citrix TriScaleTM Technology “40x footprint reduction. No Compromises.” “Grow capacity up to 5x. No New Hardware.” Simplicity with Many-In -One Elasticity with Pay-As-You-Grow So to add some Specificity in Numbers Scale up gives (CLICK) 5 x on demand elasticity And now with scale out (CLICK) you can go from megabits to terabits with up to 32 x hardware expansion with NO downtime Scale in (CLICK) delivers 40x number of applications on a single platform with no compromise Scale Up “Megabits to Terabits. Zero Downtime.” Scale In Expandability with Add-and-Go Scale Out Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute

7 with TriScale Clustering
Scale Out So let’s take a closer look at what clustering gives us. with TriScale Clustering

8 Application Traffic Explosion
Any Device Mobile Workstyles COMSUMERIZATION OF IT Any Cloud Cloud Services PRIVATE & PUBLIC CLOUD As we look at the IT industry today, a number of important trends are changing the way Datacenters are being designed, deployed and used from the largest corporations to smaller enterprises. (CLICK) Consumerization of IT There’s no question that the Consumerization of IT is happening—but what does it mean for IT? Workers accustomed to user-friendly consumer products quickly grow frustrated with IT organizations perceived as unresponsive, inflexible, or—worst of all—behind the times. The fast, responsive and adaptive experiences they are used to in their personal life, they now expect from their business life which creates a demand for highly interactive and easy-to-use experiences in the business environment. Private and Public Cloud (CLICK) Cloud computing is changing the way data is accessed and processed. Massive changes are happening in the corporate data center to capitalize on the advantages that the cloud brings. IDC predict Cloud services will account for 46% of net-new growth in overall IT spending. With private and public cloud infrastructure, organizations have an opportunity to reduce TCO dramatically as data volume increases. As we see an evolution toward greater use of private and public clouds, we see an increasing need for solutions that support hybrid cloud scenarios Data Explosion (CLICK) The volume of data in the workplace is exploding. According to IDC, digital data will grow by 50x over the next decade. As more and more data is created digitally and more and more communications and information is passed in new media format, there will be ever greater demands being placed on the platforms that store, secure, process and manage these massive volumes of data. (CLICK) Information managed by Enterprise Data Centers will grow by 50x IDC IVIEW June 2011

9 Application Traffic Explosion
Any Device Mobile Workstyles COMSUMERIZATION OF IT Any Cloud Cloud Services PRIVATE & PUBLIC CLOUD Application Traffic Explosion So how can data centers increase capacity and performance in an easy cost effective way to meet this explosion (CLICK) in data?

10 Introducing TriScale Clustering
Single VIP ACTIVE Add capacity as needed Scale-out to 32x Highly efficient - eliminating idle resources Highly fault tolerant - alternative to HA pair Eliminate “Forklift Upgrade” - no network downtime ACTIVE 100% Customers agree ACTIVE ACTIVE With Pay-Grow we already have the best solution to avoid forklifts – now it gets better. With Scale-out clustering, you can start with two appliances in an HA pair and immediately benefit from the increased capacity (CLICK) and performance that our clustering delivers while still being prepared for an appliance failing. In fact (CLICK) 100% of the customers we surveyed in Beta agreed saying they wanted to be able to run an HA par in a cluster. (Click) Once the cluster is set up, Capacity can then be added as needed. The cluster of NetScaler’s appear and act as one powerful unit (click) with a Scale-Out capacity all the way to 32 units. ( (CLICK) Efficiency is significantly increased as passive standbys become fully operational eliminating idle resources. (CLICK) The cluster can be designed to cope with the loss of one or more members so it is a powerful alternative to HA pairs CLICK) You can eliminate the major disruption of forklift upgrades and easily achieve zero downtime as you simply add and go. (Click) one configuration, one system image, through a single IP – the power of Citrix TriScale technology! ACTIVE PASSIVE

11 Single Policy View for the whole Cluster
Cluster Master - CLIP The way it works is that a netscaler cluster of 2 to 32 appliances all appear as one logical unit under control of a Cluster Master. This cluster master has an IP address, the CLIP, for unified monitoring, configuring etc. Should the cluster maser fail, another unit in the cluster automatically takes over. Config Prop Config Sync Unified Configuration Unified Monitoring Unified API Aggregates Logs Aggregates Stats Aggregates Trace NetScaler Cluster

12 What Can I Cluster? TriScale Clusters can be built with:
ACTIVE TriScale Clusters can be built with: Same Platform Type (e.g. all MPX appliances) Identical Capacity per Appliance Same Feature Set Software Edition License Option Feature Licenses TriScale Clustering Supports The Most Commonly Used Features ACTIVE ACTIVE ACTIVE TriScale clusters can be built with the same platform, capacity and feature set. The first release will support all the commonly used features with any gaps being filled in after the first release. Load Balancing SSL Compression L4 DoS Protections Responder Content Switching Routing Rewrite Cache Redirect HTTP Denial-of-Service Protection (HTTP DoS) * Integrated Caching * DNS Caching * * Single Node Support

13 Customers Love Active Active
100% Customers agree TriScale Clustering Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree The ability to increase capacity without needing to reconfigure is an advantage as our DataCenter grows 57% 43% 0% The ability to scale without a forklift upgrade will save us time and money 14% 86% The increased capacity and performance of having all boxes active is a great 71% 29% The ability to do high availability with Active Active and without the need for passive standbys Being able to scale out without worrying about any reconfiguration or downtime Customers love the clustering and in particular the active active alternative to an HA pair (CLICK) 100% of customers agree that clustering is great. As you can see, not a single one of our beta responses disagreed or was neutral. (CLICK) (read out a couple of the rows), emphasize the highest agreement was on not having idle resources sitting in a passive standby as part of an HA pair Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute

14 NetScaler TriScale Competition
No competitive ADC vendor provides TriScale capabilities F5 Networks No software Pay/Grow or Burst Packs-only chassis based scale to 4x No cluster support on appliances; limited cluster capability on Viprion Limited virtual instance support; not fully isolated and max of 16 instances/unit. No instance clustering. A10 Networks Claim cluster support to 8 nodes (no supporting documentation to-date) No Pay/Grow or Burst Packs No true instance virtualization-only role based administration Radware Several Pay/Grow models; No Burst Packs and no clustering Cisco Limited Pay/Grow options of ACE appliances; Hardware (chassis/blade) upgrades with minimal functions No clustering or instance virtualization

15 NetScaler 10 Action Analytics
Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute

16 Introducing NetScaler Action Analytics
Integrated, easy-to-use application analysis and policy control solution Complements NetScaler AppFlow with real-time insight into full web application and SQL environment, with: Real-time monitoring with Granular statistics Adaptive policy control Need real-time monitoring to grow out of NetScaler like paper out of a printer Same with CLI dump Maybe use policy cogs for adaptive control

17 NetScaler Action Analytics Real-time Monitoring
Built-in capabilities for monitoring application traffic Top URLs requested for entire site Top URLs requested for each application Top application users (clients) Top URLs requested for entire site (CLICK) Top URLs requested for each application (CLICK) Top application users (clients) (CLICK)

18 Customer Use Cases Perform statistical analysis of real- time data to gain deeper insight into overall application environment: How much bandwidth is being consumed by the Top N users to a specific application URL What are the response times for the most popular web pages. Do I need to add server resources or further optimize my application for better performance? How many users are accessing my top web pages at any point in time? What are the most popular referring sites to my application. I want to understand how users get to my site/page

19 NetScaler Adaptive Policy Control
Application data can be automatically fed back into the NetScaler policy engine to optimize application delivery in real-time Specific client or application traffic can be targeted to change or create policy including: Rate limiting when certain peaks occur Redirection – redirecting requests from the top clients to a different site or data center transparently Enhanced acceleration (e.g. compression and/or caching data) Failover to backup vserver based on depth of surge queue 策略更改 行为分析 引擎 自适应 策略控制引擎

20 Customer Use Optimize my application delivery policy dynamically:
Cache Top N most hit web pages (during specified interval) to offload back-end servers and improve application responsiveness Compress web servers responses for the most requested content to improve user experience and optimize NetScaler resources Increase service to the Top N clients by moving them to a faster backend server SCREEN PLACEHOLDER

21 NetScaler 10 DataStream Enhancements
Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute

22 Citrix DataStream Technology
Bringing ADC Benefits to the Data Tier Web/App Tier DB Tier Microsoft SQL Server Just read from slide If first time presenting, bring in slides from DataStream sales kit NetScaler Built-in SQL intelligence delivering advanced traffic and connection management to improve database scale, availability, performance

23 What’s New in DataStream?
The DataStream Advantage Feature Result & Benefit Offload SQL connections from database servers Advanced traffic and connection management Improves database scale, availability, performance Intelligently load balance SQL traffic Token-based Load Balancing Database servers can make better use of local cache - resulting in better overall end user experience Improve the scale and performance of databases SQL Caching Faster response times without taxing the database server. Higher scale, faster response to end user SQL traffic analysis AppFlow support Visibility of SQL transactions in 3rd party management tools. New Top line is what we have, next three are new New New

24 Best XenDesktop Support – Bar None
Web Interface on NetScaler Enhancements

25 Enhancements in Web Interface on NetScaler
Configuration Wizard Further streamlining of WIonNS configuration wizard Addition of UI Client Address Mode configuration Native support for Mobile Receivers and Wyse Xenith Enable case insensitivity for all Site Paths Greater Customization Ability to directly edit WebInterface.conf parameters via the GUI with Search and Match capabilities Default language selection Login page welcome message text branding Greater Performance 4X-8X more per-platform sustained sessions and support for up to 60K sessions Reduction in login response times when accessed through AGEE Support for utilization of Integrated Cache with NS Platform

26 Wizard Enhancements Web Session Timeout Default Client Address Mode
Client Address Mode Rules Direct Alternate Translated GatewayDirect GatewayAlternate GatewayTranslated Single checkbox to enable support for all mobile receivers Set site path case sensitivity Web Interface on NetScaler is a clear competitive advantage against F5 and it just keeps getting better There are a whole load of wizard enhancements Web Session Timeout – Sets the amount of inactivity (browse, launch, options, etc…) before a session times out and users must return to login page Default Client Address Mode – Sets the default launch mode for the ICA client. Alternate and translated modes for Direct and Gateway are used when ICA Proxy session is traversing a Nating Firewall or XA/XD servers are located in a different routing subnet Client Address Mode Rules - Can specify different Client Address Mode behaviors based on Client source network Single checkbox to enable support for all mobile receivers – automatically adds the re-write rules previously required to support all mobile receivers and Wyse Xenith thin clients which are not supported by default in the JSP version Set site path case sensitivity – makes JSP version behave more like Windows. Hard-coded site paths on clients no longer have to be altered for a migration to WIonNS. Adds Rewrite rules required to deal with site paths to make them case insensitive Post-Kos Management Enhancements Client Deployment management Support for Pass-through authentication to WIonNS Support for SmartCard Authentication to WIonNS SAML Consumer support for WIonNS SSO Ability to leverage AAATM with WIonNS

27 Customization Enhancements
New Site Wizard Set Login Page Title Text Set Default Site Language

28 Site Configuration & Administration Enhancements
Configuration File Search and Highlight Tool added to GUI Delegated Admin NS-owned elements are hidden from UI Editor Prevents inadvertent changes made when directly editing WebInterface configuration files WI now supports delegated administration Any changes would be overwritten upon reboot by directives in ns.conf Override would require manual copy of configuration file post-init from /var or external location

29 Even Better Performance and Scale
VPX Xen NS‐VPX MPX 5500 MPX 7500/9500 MPX Max Web Interface Sites 10 (3x) 10 (+3x) 50 (2x) 100 (4x) Login Response Times < 2 sec < 2 sec (2x) Max. Sustained Sessions 2,000 (8x) 10,000 (4x) 20,000 (4x) Web Interface Requests/Sec 580 540 (+60%) 824 (+40%) And finally, there are

30 Westwood TCP: Enhanced Congestion Control
Rapid growth of mobile devices accessing public facing websites drive the need for Westwood TCP Significant performance improvement for long distance, high bandwidth links Modified standard TCP Congestion and Control Algorithm ensures faster recovery and effective congestion avoidance Designed to handle noisy mobile links (sporadic losses due to overlapping radio channels) It is well known that TCP has a limitation on performance when it is used for data transfer over long distance and high bandwidth network, called “Long Fat pipe” implementation. The current Standard TCP implementation rely on packet loss as an indicator of network congestion. The problem in TCP is that it does not possess the capability to distinguish congestion loss from loss invoked by noisy links. As a consequence, Standard TCP reacts with a drastic reduction of the congestion window. In wireless connections overlapping radio channels, signal attenuation, additional noises have a huge impact on such losses. TCP Westwood (TCPW) is a small modification of Standard TCP congestion control algorithm. When the sender perceives that congestion has appeared, the sender uses the estimated available bandwidth to set the congestion window and the slow start threshold sizes. TCP Westwood avoids huge reduction of these values and ensure both faster recovery and effective congestion avoidance. It does not require any support from lower and higher layers and does not need any explicit congestion feedback from the network. Westwood TCP is disabled by default on the system.

31 Click to Rule AppFw Appfw Relaxation rules can now be deployed from the logs The logs must be in CEF log format Convenient option to relax a rule blocking a legitimate request Click to rule app firewall is another big feature, which is all about how you can deploy the policy rules from logs. With the CEF logging enhancement, we got this benefit wherein using the CEF log formats, we can actually create an app firewall rule. Most of the time, it will be created to relax a rule blocking a legitimate request. You right click on the log method on the UI, say “edit and deploy” or directly say “deploy.” If you say “edit and deploy,” the dialogue box you get wherein you see the rule parameters. You have an associated comment as well, so you know where this rule was generated from.

32 Please send any feedback and suggestions to
Thank you

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