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SoundStructure Channel Sales Training

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1 SoundStructure Channel Sales Training

2 Agenda SoundStructure in action
How SoundStructure can help your customers Solution overview What is SoundStructure Target customer profile Example installations Competitive overview Finding more information

3 SoundStructure In Action
“We have just successfully installed our first SoundStructure in our CEO's meeting room and have purchased several more units to go into the main boardroom. The sound quality and acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) on the product is outstanding so I can see this becoming our standard for larger VC rooms.” - Large Global Financial Services Company “I have helped commission a couple of systems where a competitor’s system failed at AEC. The SoundStructure C16 worked superbly, in one installation the customer could not believe that we got a usable system because the other vendor’s system was completely unintelligible!” - Polycom Channel Partner

4 What is SoundStructure?
SoundStructure is an audio conferencing solution for medium to large rooms when the experience or application requires the integration of speakers, microphones and telephony into a single audio system. Multiple speakers, multiple microphones (analog and / or digital), telephony requirements for adding telephone participants via either an analog or VoIP connection. SoundStructure is ideal for those environments where the audio requirements exceed the capabilities of a video codec or a conference phone.

5 How SoundStructure Can Help Your Customers
End customer is purchasing an experience High quality scalable audio experience in any room environment for local and remote participants to ensure more productive meetings End Customer knows they have a problem and need to improve audio experience Users will have complained that room doesn’t work or doesn’t sound good or is not usable Customer may have a room they “don’t know what to do with” Want to enhance the audio performance of their video system Have rooms that require more than a conference phone

6 Advantage of SoundStructure for Large Rooms
SoundStructure offers excellent coverage for rooms that are too big for standard conference phone Add microphones where you need them for best coverage Excellent voice pickup Conference Phone Usable voice pickup SoundStructure & 12 Table Mics

7 SoundStructure Solution Benefits (Customer)
High quality, immersive audio conferencing experience for local and remote participants improves collaboration Seamless integration with RealPresence Room solutions for an outstanding video conferencing experience Easily configurable for any application or room layout Compatible with any telephony environment from narrow-band analog to HD Voice VoIP to adapt to your needs Flexible dialing and control options

8 SoundStructure Solution Benefits (Integrators)
Easy to create designs Flexible processing options Modular telephony options Easily scales from 8x8 to 128x128 Simple to control Seamlessly integrates with Polycom room systems and microphones Ultimate audio conferencing performance and capability

9 SoundStructure Solution Elements
Conferencing AND Sound Reinforcement Accessories Ceiling Microphones Direct digital connection C8 8 inputs VoIP Interface Native SIP C12 12 inputs C16 16 inputs TEL1 & TEL2 PSTN Lines SoundStructure has an extensive product portfolio. There are three SoundStructure rack-mounted devices that provide both sound reinforcement and conferencing functions. The SoundStructure C8 has eight inputs and eight outputs, and is used for the smallest applications. The SoundStructure C12 has 12 inputs and 12 outputs, and the SoundStructure C16 has 16 inputs and 16 outputs. There is enough digital processing behind each input to support full echo cancellation and noise processing for analog or digital inputs. When the specific application requires more inputs, any combination of up to eight SoundStructure devices can be linked together. SoundStructure can be scaled from a small conference room to the largest applications. Another SoundStructure device is the SR12. The SR12 is used when only sound reinforcement is needed, and there is no need for conferencing. It can also be used as an add-on to a C-series SoundStructure device. The SR 12 has 12 inputs and 12 outputs. As a standalone system, it can’t be used for conferencing applications because it does not support acoustic echo cancellation. Polycom offers a number of SoundStructure accessories such as: HDX microphones, which have a direct digital connection to the SoundStructure device for the highest quality audio input, A VoIP interface, for native SIP integration, PSTN telephony interfaces for single or dual-line telephony for support of analog phone lines, A desktop phone headset adapter, and The Polycom Touch Control. A SoundStructure solution will also include third-party components such as amplifiers, loudspeakers, or other styles of microphones, In addition, equipment such as assistive listening devices for the hearing impaired or recording and playback devices can be easily added to a SoundStructure system. Sound Reinforcement Headset Adapter Digital Phone interface SR12 12 inputs Polycom Touch Control

10 Polycom SoundStructure Solution Example
Microphones Playback/Record HDX Ceiling Mics Amplifier SoundStructure Conference Link PSTN or VoIP Speakers Start – one SoundStructure and 4 ceiling mics with Amplifier and speakers Add VVX 500 Add HDX and RPP and Touch Control Add second SoundStructure plus mics Add third SoundStructure w/mics – multipurpose with podium mics, etc… Add recorder Group Series or HDX Video System Polycom Touch Control VVX 500 or 3rd Party Control System Polycom RealPresence Platform

11 How Do I Know My Installation Will Be Successful?
Broad-based deployment experience Over 50,000 rooms worldwide Installations across many industries SoundStructure and RealPresence Room systems designed to work seamlessly together Digital link to Polycom codecs and microphones Knowledge and tools you need to be successful SoundStructure Studio design tool with built-in intelligence that generates a complete baseline configuration file Comprehensive training and best practices guides Design, review and commissioning services available Polycom product support and expertise

12 Who Are the Decision Makers / Influencers
Build / design integrator End user who ‘owns’ conferencing technology AV consultant representing the end user in large opportunities SoundStructure is typically used in large rooms or rooms where there are special requirements such as local in-room reinforcement or room combining, or other applications that stretch beyond just conferencing. There are also other rooms where audio quality is most important and getting microphones close to the participants is important or where wireless microphones are important to use, etc.

13 Target Customers Any organization with geographically dispersed teams that need to collaborate Energy Education Financial Services Government Biotech Technology Healthcare Entertainment Consumer Goods Manufacturing Retail Media

14 Use Your “EAR” to Find Opportunities
Experience Rooms where voice quality and clarity are critically important Leadership rooms, collaboration spaces, conference rooms, general assembly Application Custom solution to enable their collaboration More mics for better room coverage Different types of mics - ceiling, gooseneck, push to talk, wireless, etc. Reinforcement of local audio in the room Combine/split rooms to efficiently use space Room size Medium to large rooms, board rooms Class rooms, training rooms, court rooms, auditoriums, etc. SoundStructure is typically used in large rooms or rooms where there are special requirements such as local in-room reinforcement or room combining, or other applications that stretch beyond just conferencing. There are also other rooms where audio quality is most important and getting microphones close to the participants is important or where wireless microphones are important to use, etc.

15 “EAR” Sales Questions Experience Application Room
“ Do you have rooms that are mission-critical and great audio performance is mandatory?” “ Do you have teleconference rooms where people have trouble understanding what is being said?” “ Tell me about the rooms you use for training and classroom learning… “ Do you sometimes reconfigure the furniture? “ Is it always easy to hear the presenters? “ Do you use hand-held or lavalier microphones? “ Is there other media played in the room?” “ Do you use installed voice in any of your conference rooms?” “ Do you have any conference rooms that hold more than a dozen people?”

16 Case Study: Technology
Challenge High performing teams with very interactive participation from members Expectation that everyone needs to hear and be heard Existing audio solution was inadequate for their expanding needs and their desire to add video Past experience had shown that audio quality was critical to connecting distributed teams Usage Local collaboration rooms for small project teams Larger rooms for training, distance learning, webinars and seminars that span the organization Solution Deployed hundreds of Polycom installed audio systems Installed video endpoints and infrastructure Large deployment of SoundStructure VoIP Interfaces Technology Results Enhanced audio experience for meeting participants Improved the broader collaboration experience across the company 16

17 Case Study: Small Multi-National Financial Services Firm
Challenge Build video conference rooms to provide a life-like, face-to-face conferencing experience for users who historically did not like conferencing Previous room utilization rates less than 15% Users complained that they couldn’t understand the people on the other end Users found it easier to pick up the phone or travel to the other sites for collaborative meetings Usage Multimedia video conferencing and collaboration Solution Polycom SoundStructure C-Series audio processors and HDX video codecs Simple to control Easy to integrate with their multiple room configurations Financial Results Conference room utilization increased to better than 50% and is still increasing. They have plans to add more conference rooms The complaints about not being able to understand the people on the other end have stopped A recent project was completed 3 weeks ahead of schedule due to increased communication between remote teams Customer They have multiple offices in the US and 1 office each in London, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Project Summary Install 8 conference rooms using HDX High Definition video and SoundStructure multi-channel positional audio to provide a life like conferencing experience. 17

18 Case Study: Large Global Financial Services Firm
Challenge Design a system using a single platform that can work in 8 different styles of conferencing and collaboration environments Must be easy to install and use a fixed standard wiring scheme to enforce worldwide standards across installations Must use common 3rd party control system code which doesn’t require any customization or modification for each room type Usage Multimedia collaboration rooms Audio and video conferencing systems Solution Polycom SoundStructure C-Series systems Virtual channel naming approach and SoundStructure Studio design tool made it simple to support multiple room designs without changing the control system implementation Financial Results Created standard site files that can be loaded by any contractor requiring minimal field configuration Provided consistent quality and user experience worldwide Customer - With over 1200 offices in 27 countries around the world. Project Summary Design a standardized audio system to work in multiple configurations of conference rooms that include multimedia collaboration, audio conferencing and video conferencing which is controlled by a 3rd party control system. 18

19 Case Study: Large Internet Company
Challenge To improve sound quality and interactivity between conference participants in HDX video conference rooms Add audio only participants through existing Avaya VoIP desktop phones without using 3rd party control systems No training of users required to use new capabilities Usage Daily communication for internal and external meetings through video and telephone Executive and administrative meetings/operations Solution Polycom SoundStructure C-Series added to existing HDX systems Deployed over 200 SoundStructure devices and headset interfaces worldwide Service Provider Results Worldwide users were able to take advantage of the new system capabilities upgrade without retraining Audio, video and telephony participants benefited from improved sound quality 19

20 Case Study: Large New York Business Law School
Challenge Provide an interactive learning environment that does not require the lecturer to manage a system No AV person required to run the room Audio based camera position must operate automatically once call is connected Usage Interactive distance learning Lecture and presentation Solution Polycom HDX 8000 and SoundStructure C16s connected to third-party push-to-talk desktop mics Deployed Polycom SoundStructure connected to HDX codecs with CLink2 Used the GPIO to control preset recalls for the camera based on which student mic was being used Education Results Allowed any lecturer or professor to use the facility without having to learn how the system works Helped an understaffed AV department on a large multi-building campus to provide high quality learning experience 20

21 Case Study: Biotech Challenge Usage Solution Biotech Results
Customer had an installed audio solution deployed that was not working properly Solutions did not deliver full duplex audio and did not handle room noise effectively Competitive solution did not perform well with the room layout and local participant distance from microphones resulting in poor voice quality at remote sites Usage High level sales and marketing meetings Distance learning Drug development team collaborative sessions Solution Replace approximately 200 competitor’s units with Polycom installed audio solution Ultimately replaced all video endpoints as well Biotech Results Improved audio experience for meeting participants Accelerated transition to visual communication 21

22 SoundStructure Surpasses the Installed Voice Competition
Major Installed Voice Competitors Polycom Installed Voice Advantages Never runs out of processing power Stereo capabilities for immersive conferencing on all inputs Feedback elimination on all inputs HDX video codec integration HDX ceiling microphone integration Most flexible telco options (field-installable VoIP and PSTN) SoundStructure Studio design expertise built-in ClearOne Converge Pro Biamp Nexia/Audia Reference competitive charts at back of deck for detailed side-by-side competitive comparisons with ClearOne and Biamp products. “ I have helped commission a couple of systems where a competitive system failed. The [SoundStructure] C16 worked superbly. In one [installation] the customer could not believe that we got a usable system because the competitor’s [audio] was completely unintelligible!” —Polycom Channel Partner

23 Product Training Streams

24 Sales Tools Available Customer presentation, FAQs, Accessory Guides & more on our product pages: PPC: C-Series | SR12 SoundStructure Design Guide Contains example applications undStructure_Design_Guide.pdf Product Bulletin #1328 for Professional Services Streamlined pages to make navigation easier For questions please contact your Channel Account Manager

25 Thank You

26 Benefits For End Users Benefit Enabling Features
Immersive audio experience improves collaboration Stereo echo cancellation supports many different applications such as stereo playback or audio from the video codec from the front of the room and telephony audio from the ceiling Full crosspoint matrix makes it possible to send audio where it's needed High quality conferencing experience for local and remote participants Robust and fast acting independent echo cancellation and noise cancellation on all channels means that the system provides natural and transparent interaction Flexible input and output capabilities allow you to put microphones where you need them, and distribute loudspeakers throughout the room Feedback elimination supports reinforcement of local audio into the room for improved intelligibility by local participants. Advanced audio processing can improve the overall audio quality through equalization, dynamics processing, and more. Integrates seamlessly with HDX video conferencing systems CLink2 allows HDX and HDX microphones to be digitally connected into SoundStructure with shared mute and volume control

27 Benefits For End Users Benefit Enabling Features
Easily configurable for any end-user application Scalable from 8 inputs to 128 inputs to meet the needs of even the largest systems Extensive audio processing including sound reinforcement and feedback elimination for PA and conferencing applications Powerful logic and events engine to support room combining and advanced applications Different styles of microphones – table, ceiling, wireless - can be mixed and matched Flexible telephony options including native SIP integration Modular telephony options make it easy to support changing telephony requirements Solutions for single or dual line analog telephony and SIP telephony Uses same industry-leading, open standards-based UC software as SoundStation and SoundPoint IP telephony products Broad SIP partner interoperability through VIP and VFV partner programs Multiple dialing and control options Powerful SoundStructure API makes it easy to program the desired functionality Supports AMX/Crestron style control systems Polycom Touch Control can be used with or without HDX to control mute and volume and dial HDX or telephony interfaces of a SoundStructure system

28 Benefits for Integrators
Enabling Features Flexible processing options Stereo echo cancellation and noise cancellation on all inputs makes it easy to have 16 microphones with only one device Sufficient DSP power to turn on all input processing such as equalization, feedback elimination, dynamics, and delay, as well as all output processing including equalization, dynamics, and delay Customizable automixer performance with chairman modes and support for different microphone priorities Full crosspoint matrix makes it easy to send audio where it's needed Up to 16 submixes per device for additional routing, volume control, and processing Ultimate audio conferencing capability Robust and fast-acting independent echo cancellation and noise cancellation on all channels means that the system provides natural and transparent interaction between users Monaural or stereo echo cancellation creates opportunity for partner differentiation with immersive audio Advanced audio processing can improve the overall audio quality through equalization, dynamics processing, and more. Easily scales from 8x8 to 128x128 OBAM designed to create a single matrix regardless of the numbers of inputs and outputs in the system SoundStructure Studio design wizard makes it easy to reuse systems with different hardware configurations

29 Benefits for Integrators
Enabling Features Easy to create designs SoundStructure Studio’s ease of use makes it simple to create, customize, and upload a design to SoundStructure devices Preset recorder saves time when building sophisticated systems Virtual channel definitions make it more efficient to work with monaural and stereo audio sources Offline emulator allows you to configure and test the system without requiring SoundStructure hardware Easy to control Use of channel names in the API commands allows for control system code to be easily re-used even if the physical wiring is different Groups of channels can be easily controlled with the group name SoundStructure API is easily understood and coded Events and logic inputs and outputs provide an unrivaled ability to customize the behavior Polycom Touch Control provides a simple control solution Full support by AMX and Crestron control systems Easy to integrate with HDX codecs and microphones CLink2 digital connection allows HDX codecs and microphones to be digitally connected Shared mute and volume control over CLink2 digital connection Multiple telephony options Plug-in card architecture simplifies adding, removing, upgrading telephony. No extra rack slot is required Solutions for single or dual line analog telephony and SIP telephony

30 Competitive Differentiation – End Users
Feature Benefit / Why a Differentiator Polycom ClearOne Converge Pro Biamp Nexia / Audia Multi-channel echo cancellation Having the audio come from the direction of the talker increases intelligibility and talker identification/recognition to improve overall meeting. Common applications are video participants’ audio coming from the front of the room and telephone participants’ audio from the ceiling. Feedback elimination on all inputs Improves performance of conferencing and sound reinforcement. Gives presenters more freedom to present from anywhere in the room and re-enforces the audio so everyone can hear clearly. •  Flexible Telco options Can start with analog telephony today and easily upgrade to VoIP in the future with very minor system and software updates. Requires equipment change in the rack VoIP only in Audia systems Simple dialing option Touch Control provides a low cost alternative to AMX and Crestron systems for dialing SoundStructure telephony systems.  • iPad and iPhone app  Seamless multi-box bussing with OBAM Makes it easy to reuse components and expand a system as needs grow. Direct digital HDX codec integration Easily expand the codec to add more microphones to the system. HDX mic integration Allows great audio pick up with a low visual profile. Flexible positioning and easy to add more microphones with additional SoundStructure units. Robust echo cancellation High quality performance makes the room sound quality significantly better for remote participants. Reduces costly service calls. Programmable events Makes it easy to customize the solution to meet the requirements of the end user including split and combine rooms, push to talk microphones, taking advantage of customizable logic inputs and outputs.

31 Competitive Differentiation – Integrators
Feature Benefit / Why a Differentiator Polycom ClearOne Converge Pro Biamp Nexia / Audia Multi-channel echo cancellation Allows the integrator to build a better system for the end user and allows the integrator to differentiate themselves from other integrators who may be selling alternative products Mono only  Feedback elimination on all inputs Minimizes the number of devices and the system integration effort required to set up a sound reinforcement system that has robust performance. Limited by processing capability  Flexible Telco options Does not require an extra rack slot and allows for easy upgrade to other telephony solutions Requires equipment change in the rack VoIP only in Audia systems Simple dialing option The Polycom Touch Control can be used as an inexpensive option for dialing SoundStructure audio conferencing systems. Easy to pair with a SoundStructure system. Physical dialer iPad and iPhone app Seamless multi-box bussing with OBAM Easy to build large systems efficiently without worrying about how to get signals from one device to another. All signals are available across the OBAM bus Limited number of channels  Control system code reuse Controlling the channels by name saves time and minimizes programming efforts. Also allows in-field system changes without having to change the control system code. Direct digital HDX codec integration Digital connection of the codec does not use any of the inputs and lowers system integration cost. HDX mic integration Saves time. Easy to cover large spaces with fewer microphones, simplifies configuration and cabling for a cleaner appearance Robust echo cancellation More robust echo cancellation makes the system easier to set up. Programmable events Makes it easier to build systems that the end customer requires. Ethernet interface Simplifies setup of equipment and remote management

32 Where is SoundStructure Suitable?
Conference Rooms Classrooms Presentation Rooms Court Rooms

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