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CribMaster™ ProStock 560.

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1 CribMaster™ ProStock 560

2 CribMaster Support Options Videos - Technical Support CRIB-CMS CribMaster Support portal –

3 ProStock Specifications
Dimensions - 83”(Tall) x 35.2”(Wide) x 38” (Deep) Europe cm (Tall) x 89.5 cm (Wide) x 96.6 cm (Deep) Add 5.9” (15 cm) for pallet height Weight – 900lbs Un-stocked (409Kg) with pallet Power Requirements – VAC 60 HZ and VAC 50 HZ Temperature Range – 40 Degrees to 140 Degrees (5 to 35 Celsius) Humidity of 20% to 80% RH Non-Condensing Item Weight – 35lbs (15.87Kg) (Evenly Distributed per Carousel) Medium to High Security (except for ProStock Lockers)

4 ProStock Pallet and Ramp

5 ProStock Keys

6 Major Components

7 Computer Connections

8 Computer Connections - Dongle

9 Drawer Components

10 Drawer Controller Card

11 How to Configure a Carousel
Remove Carousel Locate bin to change and remove plugs Insert bin divider guide Insert bin divider

12 How a Drawer Opens (Solenoid)

13 How a Drawer Opens (Actuator)

14 ProStock Drawer Naming (Chained, Slave or Aux)

15 ProStock Ports

16 ProStock Bin naming Bin Naming Format <Crib #>-<Carousel #>-<Slot #> Ex: is located in Crib 10, Drawer 128, Slot 56

17 ProStock Locker Configurations

18 ProStock Locker L06 L05 L04 L03 L02 L01

19 Locker naming Locker Naming Format <Crib #>-<Carousel #>-<Locker #> Ex: L01 is located in Crib 10, Drawer 128, Locker 1 Locker Numbers work from right to left.

20 Prostock item allocation
For CribMaster Client versions prior to 9.6 there is a bin allocation utility (not embedded) called the “ProStock Bin Creator”. (This version does not import automatically.) Within the CribMaster 9.6 Client there is “ProStock Management” (embedded) which allocates items into bins and imports automatically. Both versions achieve the same goal of allocating items. (Next Slide)

21 Item allocation Both allocation methods start with a CSV file derived from the CheckList. The data is the same however column order is not. Use this CSV format for the ProStock Bin Creator Use this CSV format for the ProStock Manager. Delete the header row before loading. (Red Arrow)

22 Item allocation – ProStock Management
Click SYSTEM; Click Db Utilities; Click ProStock Management

23 ProStock Management – Item Preview
After you have ASSIGNED BINS, click the PREVIEW CONFIGURATION button to view a graphical report. This report is beneficial when physically pulling bin dividers.

24 ProStock Bin Creator Program

25 Bin Creator Program Output File

26 Benefits of using prostock management
Saves you hours and hours of time. Output file is ready for import. ProStock Management imports automatically. Removes much of the potential of human error.

27 Item Reconfiguration or reallocation
Determine how much space you need. Determine how much space you have available. Could slots be re-arranged to fit. Would it be better to re-arrange the entire crib? Are there empty slots? Can a larger empty bin be split into smaller bins? Is the machine full or almost full? If you need to add a large item(s) is there enough contiguous bin space? (Item reduction and total re-configuration?)

28 Item Reconfiguration Solutions to Add Items
Replace same size items. (Equal slots) Split larger empty bins into smaller bins If machine is full remove items to add other items. (Reconfigure with ProStock Manager Bin creator?)

29 ProStock Utilities and Troubleshooting

30 Transmission Error Check carousel for a jam.
Product sticking out of carousel Door mechanism bent Plastic Divider inserted up-side down Rubber-band underneath carousel

31 Drawer Assignment Drawer Board must be assigned (flashed) to the board. (Open Drawer)

32 Calibration Go to Admin  ProStock Diagnostics  Calibration

33 Calibration Video Reasons to Calibrate

34 Spin Test

35 Nexiant Protocol Tester

36 ATR Options Screen Crib(s) Machine(s)

37 Prostock options

38 ATR Machine Options CarouselLightsOn – False
CommandTimeOut – Timeout in ms between sending and Receiving a Command ComPort – COM1 LockerLightsOn – TRUE (They Look Cool) MaxDoorTries – Number of times to try to open the door. RecordTransactionOnJam – Book a Transaction if the door failed = True SpinTimeOut – Seconds to stop Spinning a Carousel

39 ATR Options Screen - Default Options ftp://ftp. ecribmaster
ATR Options Screen - Default Options 9/ATR Options.pdf

40 ATR Default Options Default Employee – Must enter a Default Employee.
WebServiceURL – Enter Web URL to download ATR updates. Allow Card View – True activates Images Support on ISSUE screen. Allow Carousel View – True activates Image Support on ISSUE screen. BadgeGoodAsPin – False forces screen to ask support badge and PIN. ListByItem – Collapses ISSUE list to display by Item instead of Bin. ShowLoginList – Displays “Please Scan your Badge” before login. SiteFiltering – Must be TRUE for CribMaster Advantage Timeout – Time in seconds that ISSUE screen will logout with no activity.

41 ATR Options Screen – Crib / Machine Options
Prostock Diagnostics will only work using COM1

42 Best Practices Use the “ProStock Bin Creator” or “ProStock Management” to allocate items. Use ProStock Lockers for larger items when you can. Use rubber-bands to hold items inside. Assume you need rubber-bands until you find out different. When calibrating, spin test several different bins. Once is not enough.

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