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Fall Semester 2013 Faculty Meeting August 16, 2013 Dean’s Report.

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1 Fall Semester 2013 Faculty Meeting August 16, 2013 Dean’s Report

2 Appalachian State University’s mission is to prepare students to lead purposeful lives as engaged and productive global citizens. A constituent institution of the University of North Carolina, we complete our mission within the higher education framework of instruction, research, and service, and by combining the best attributes of a small liberal arts college with those of a large research university. Our location in the distinctive Appalachian mountain town of Boone, North Carolina, profoundly shapes who we are and what we do. We bring people together in places and in ways that inspire them to acquire knowledge, to grow holistically, to develop character, to care for one another, to display passion and determination, to embrace diversity and difference and to become well-rounded members of society. It happens in a multitude of ways. Academic learning occurs in a wide range of undergraduate programs and selected masters, intermediate, doctoral, and professional programs offered on campus, at off campus sites, and online. Rich environments are created in which students learn within formal and informal instructional settings, in co-curricular programs that enrich classroom experience, in multidisciplinary educational formats, and through outreach to the local community and beyond. Research and scholarship conducted by faculty and students improve the human condition by advancing knowledge and cultivating the arts. A spirit of inclusion inspires students, faculty, and staff to form strong relationships that extend well beyond graduation. All of these experiences prepare students to think critically, to communicate effectively, to make local to global connections, and to understand the responsibilities of community membership. Fundamentally, our responsibility for creating a healthy, just and sustainable society guides us in honoring our heritage and values while equipping students to live with knowledge, compassion, dedication, loyalty, humility, and dignity.








10 Draft of a Vision Statement and Mission Statement The College of Fine and Applied Arts advances inventive interdisciplinary education, scholarship, and service to contribute to a healthy, just and sustainable world. Students are prepared to be creative and effective leaders in local to global communities. We value a diversity of approaches integrating creative theory and practice to prepare students to address real world challenges. Mission Statement: The College of Fine and Applied Arts strives: To provide for varied interests, desires, needs, and abilities of students To provide a liberal education for all Appalachian students which helps them think critically/creatively, communicate effectively and be responsible community members To expand cultural horizons and develop appreciation of ethical and aesthetic values To prepare students for certain professions To prepare students for entrance into certain professional schools To prepare students for graduate study and research

11 Questions: Vision Statement and Mission Statement What ties us all together? What is our vision of the college for the future? What is our mission? How can we tie ourselves to the new vision and mission statements of the university as well as the new strategic plan? How can we elevate our programs, research and service to support the framework of sustainability which will be the foundation of the new strategic plan?

12 Enrollment by Department Based on Degree Major DepartmentFall 2010Fall 2011Fall 2012 Art568518474 Communication699 19 Distance Ed 738 30 Distance Ed 759 27 Distance Ed Sustainable Development 198245284 Theatre & Dance155 1 Distance Ed 150129 Technology & Environmental Design 1,000 6 Distance Ed 957 6 Distance Ed 934 1 Distance Ed FAA TOTAL2,224 26 Distance Ed 2,543 36 Distance Ed 2,296 28 Distance Ed FAA totals do not reflect Sustainable Development.

13 Enrollment by College CollegeTotal Arts & Sciences6018 College of Business2661 College of Education2584 Fine & Applied Arts2379 Health Sciences2780 School of Music526 University College505 GRAND TOTAL18,505

14 Total “Courses,” Student Credit Hours, Enrollment DepartmentTotal “Courses”Total SCHTotal Enrollment 10-1111-1212-1310-1111-1212-1310-1111-1212-13 ART28728030112,65812,15012,4324,2274,0614,170 COM28727026414,97814,45914,3275,0034,8344,833 MSL343331571552517578542509 SD7665673,3173,4813,8831,2961,3391,513 TD1901972099,0529,3569,3783,3953,5273,500 TED41642238819,00818,13616,9776,8186,4855,915 FAA TOTAL1,2141,2021,19356,26754,60853,63120,02119,94918,927 FAA totals do not reflect Sustainable Development.



17 New Performance and/or Funding Measures Retention Graduation Rates Degree Efficiency Student Credit Hour Production Standardized Class Size Redundancy Course Offerings Space Utilization

18 What will be our response? 1.Remember budgets will not increase. This is the first time in the history of NC that the state was in the black and they still cut education. 2.Remember we have to look at the broader picture instead of “my class” and “my program.” We must zoom out. 3.Remember that we must be proactive and not reactive. If we do not plan for the future, the “powers that be” will decide our future for us!

19 What will be our response? What can we do to ensure we maintain quality while addressing low enrollment/low graduation rates/lower than average class size. Can we repackage or reconfigure programs to look differently to data-minded decision makers? What programs would you stop offering at ASU? What programs would you consolidate? In what programs would you increase class size? In what programs would you increase enrollment/graduation rates? How? What programs would you cut the number of hours, and thus, time to degree? What programs would you enhance to become destination programs for the campus? What programs are central to ASU’s mission and sustainability values?

20 Food for Thought The following is not meant to lead us down a certain path, but to encourage us to look at and think about the larger picture. 1.Is there a way to offer combined Intro classes or other classes that we have in common across the college so that we could centralize labs/technology/space? 2.Do we have other space/technologies that we could more efficiently use if we consolidated programs/courses? 3.How could we restructure the college to create better space utilization, decrease cost of technologies, increase collaboration, etc.? 4.Are there degree programs that could be consolidated? 5.Are there departments that could be consolidated?

21 What’s in a name? Does Fine & Applied Arts represent our programs as well as another name could/would? Recent years have seen attacks on the arts at the K- 12 level and a general atmosphere of animosity toward the “liberal arts education.” Do we have an opportunity to rebrand ourselves with a name that more accurately represents our programs and is not such an easy target for those wishing to supplant liberal arts education?

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