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Oxnard School District

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1 Oxnard School District
Educational and Facilities Implementation Program Update Community Meetings May and June, 2013

2 Oxnard School District Goals
The Board has approved the following goals for the improvements it will make to its school facilities: Reduce overcrowding at elementary schools by adopting a K-5 educational strand and facilities program Convert existing intermediate schools to 6-8 middle schools that support an academy based instructional program Expand the K-8 instructional program and additional K-8 school facilities to increase parent choice Implement an extended day kindergarten program with improved facilities Increase enrollment capacity over time to accommodate projected growth in grades K through 8

3 Education Program Update

4 Educational Program Grade Reconfigurations
K-5 schools : Brekke, Elm, Harrington, Marina West, McKinna, Marshall, McAuliffe, Ramona, Ritchen, Sierra Linda, Rose Ave K-8 Schools : Soria, Driffill, Curren, Chavez, Kamala, Lemonwood 6-8 Middle Schools: Frank, Fremont, Haydock

5 Educational Program 6-8 grade Middle Schools Academy at each site
Facility needs for academy

6 Middle School Academies
Middle School Principals, staff, parents have discussed which academies they would like to focus on at their school site to support their children. There was a lot of preparation and work completed to decide on the future academies at the middle schools- Frank, Fremont, and Haydock. Facility needs were also discussed to support the academy focus at every site.

7 Academies For the Academies to be effective and offer choice, each school will have a strong focus that the other schools do not have. Every child will be taught the core curriculum. The academies are woven into the core curriculum and taught through the elective classes.

8 Academy Selection STEAM Science: Science and Engineering
Frank Middle School Academies STEAM Science: Science and Engineering

9 Academy Selection STEAM Science Environmental Science and Design
Fremont Middle School Academies STEAM Science Environmental Science and Design

10 Academies Arts: Visual and Performing Arts
Haydock Middle School Academies STEAM Arts: Visual and Performing Arts

11 Next Steps Academies Middle Schools will create a 3-4 year plan for the roll-out of the academies at each site. Science Labs will be built to support the Science Academy Curriculum, resources, budgets will be discussed and planned to support the academies.

12 K-5 Schools K-5 Schools Strand Focus Curriculum
Educational Strand Focus that is linked to the Academies at the Middle Schools. Curriculum Curriculum will be reviewed to focus on integration of strand focus.

13 K-8 Schools Community Meetings are being held to discuss the transition to K-8 and Dual Language Immersion: Driffill- April 22, 2013 Lemonwood- April 29, 2013 Curren- May 9, 2013 Chavez- May 20, 2013 Kamala- June 3, 2013

14 Technology Deployment
First Deployment to Students: August 2013 Rationale for 1:1 Engagement for students Learning never stops Accessibility to technology 24/7 Bridge the “Digital Divide” Environmentally friendly

15 iPads iPads (4th Generation)
Availability and type of Applications, over 350,000 Applications Equal Opportunity – Built in Accessibility Enhances the Opportunities for Learning in the Classrooms Collaboration among students and teachers increased Battery Life – 10 hours

16 Technology Deployment
Technology Proposals being reviewed Approximately 5-6 schools will be selected Deployment to students August 2013 Parent and Student Educational Meetings Acceptable Use Policy Child receives iPad

17 Facilities Program Update

18 Grade Reconfiguration - Science Labs
Chavez, Curren, & Kamala (Project 1) Reconfigure (3) existing classrooms into (2) larger labs Fremont & Haydock (Project 1) Modernize existing science labs Reconfigure existing class and tech lab into additional science lab and performing arts classroom.

19 Grade Reconfiguration – Extended Day Kindergarten
Conversion from A.M./P.M. Kindergarten program to an Extended Day Kindergarten at all K-5 and K-8 school sites For those sites programmed to be scraped, identify adequate Kindergarten classrooms on an interim basis

20 Facilities Projects Underway
Project 2 – Driffill Kindergarten Extended Day KG Project 3 – Lemonwood New school const. on existing site Project 4 – Harrington Acquisition Projects New Elementary School Site New Middle School Site

21 Input on Reconfiguration Plan
Please provide input on the Educational and Facilities Reconfiguration Plan for August 2014. Please use the cards and turn in at back door.

22 Thank you for your support with the Reconfiguration Plan for August 2014 School Year

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