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Indiana Turnaround Committee October 2014 CSUSA INDY.

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1 Indiana Turnaround Committee October 2014 CSUSA INDY

2 Putting Students First - Review of Policy Refinement The primary focus of any policy refinements should be unwavering dedication to Academic Success for the students being served. Three foundational elements are key to ensuring sustainable academic improvement: 1.Enrollment stabilization. 2.Early intervention. 3.Financial sustainability.

3 Putting Students First - Review of Policy Refinement The law and policies for its implementation need to be refined to clearly articulate three things: 1.The status of the buildings 2.The long term future of the school 3.Role delineation and oversight

4 Putting Students First - Flexibility and Freedom To expand or reconfigure grades served To creatively use underutilized facilities space To implement comprehensive k-12 solutions To use mutually agreed upon accountability metrics that take into consideration other factors for years 1 & 2

5 Putting Students First - Feedback and Communication Feedback should be provided directly to SBOE from the operator (no intermediary) A transparent process for timely, 2-way communication between operators and SBOE should be developed

6 Putting Students First - Governance/Oversight Oversight and decision making authority should be centralized All operators should have the same structure, regardless of location Expectations should be aligned with the contract

7 Putting Students First - CSUSA: The Proposal

8 Putting Students First - Component 1: 5 Year Contract Extension with SBOE Provides continuity and stability for students Allows for better talent acquisition, recruitment/retention of the best educators Creates opportunity for continued academic progress Gives time to show the turnaround work to be a successful intervention (only 3 years of operations will have been completed at decision point otherwise) Generates time to develop a final transition plan for the schools (whether/how to convert to charter, etc.) v Addresses concerns about disruption to students’ education and uncertainty for the state, the city and the operator.

9 Putting Students First - Component 2: Allow Expanded Grade Levels (k-12) beginning SY ‘15 Establishes a feeder pattern Creates comprehensive k-12 system for CSUSA academic model to be fully implemented Aids in building culture Responds to needs of families (calendar, transportation) Leads to better academic outcomes Offsets financial loss from SIG reduction by creating opportunity for increased enrollment and long term sustainability.

10 Putting Students First - Component 3: Allow Flexibility to Re-configure (grade levels served in each building) Could fundamentally change the EMMA 65% turnover rate Establishes a feeder system Allows for more efficiencies and innovative use of space Opportunity to maximize resources Creates a more fluid transition pathway elementary-middle/high Addresses underutilization of space and the EMMA issues specific to a stand-alone 7-8.

11 Putting Students First - CSUSA: Solutions

12 Putting Students First - Arlington CSUSA would be willing to discuss taking over management of Arlington if: The SBOE believes that CSUSA would best serve students and families There were flexibility to re-configure grade levels served (Create a k-12 Community School) A new 5-year contract was put in place

13 Putting Students First - CSUSA: Great by Choice.

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