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Geary Corridor Improvements: Phase 1 Public Outreach Meeting March 3, 2004.

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1 Geary Corridor Improvements: Phase 1 Public Outreach Meeting March 3, 2004

2 Geary Overview Priority corridor, with 50,000 daily passengers Prop B/K funded Geary study will address longer- term improvements on entire corridor Downtown Streets Management group working on transit issues on Inner Geary The “Valencia Epiphany” Emphasis on incremental, low-cost, short-term improvements Phase 1: a one-year project coordinated with repaving

3 Geary Phase 1 Phase 1 project area: Geary and O’Farrell from Van Ness to Market Extensive data collection found: –Reliability: high travel time variability –Speed: locals average only 5.8 mph –Rider experience: bumpy and crowded Goals of project: improve transit while enhancing business vitality and neighborhood livability

4 Issues on Inner Geary 1.Sub par transit-only lane -Width -Obstructions: double parking and right turns -Location 2.High dwell time -Local/limited bunching -Local stop spacing 3.Traffic signal delay

5 Project Design Improve transit-only lane –Widen and straighten –Distinguish more clearly –Reduce double parking by facilitating deliveries Reduce dwell time –improve stop spacing to conform to Muni standards –Bus bulbs at local/limited stops Reduce signal delay Improve traffic flow with wider lane and turn pockets Better parking management

6 Project Element: Reconfigure Lanes Proposed 9’3 – Parking/Right Turns 13’6 – Transit-only 10’0 – Traffic 12’0 – Parking/Turn Pocket/Traffic Current 8’0 – Parking 9’0 – Transit-only/ Right Turns 9’0 – Traffic 9’9 – Parking/Traffic 9’0 – Traffic

7 Project Element: Improve Stop Spacing Current – 19 stops Proposed – 14 stops Van Ness Taylor Larkin Leavenworth Powell Market 1927 19 Stockton PolkHyde JonesMason

8 Project Benefits Transit: faster and more reliable Pedestrians: bus bulbs, calmed traffic Deliveries: improved access Traffic: no significant impact, fewer conflicts with buses Parking: improved daytime parking management, minimal impact on nighttime parking

9 Project Benefits for Transit Increased reliability in this segment helps improve reliability on entire route Average travel time reduced 15% in Inner Geary, 10% between Transbay and 33 rd Avenue Better, smoother rider experience Improved safety Reduced conflict with traffic

10 Project Benefit: Improved Reliability & Speed Current Target Geary O’Farrell 7:00 18:00 7:0018:00 m = 12:24 (SD = 135s) mph = 5.3 m = 10:14 (SD = 70s) mph = 6.3 m = 8:00 (SD = 49s) mph = 7.5 m = 9:28 (SD = 69s) mph = 6.3

11 Public Outreach Muni public meetings Door-to-door outreach to businesses Presentations and outreach to Supervisor Daly Supervisor Peskin Supervisor McGoldrick District 1 Town Hall Meeting Geary Merchants Association Union Square Association Small Business Commission SPUR Rescue Muni Tenderloin Futures Collaborative North of Market Planning Coalition Planning Association of the Richmond Senior Action Network Muni Accessibility Advisory Committee San Francisco Bike Coalition MTA, TA, Geary CACs

12 Next Steps Continue public outreach Secure capital funding ~$400,000 Finalize design Expedite legislative process – MTA and BOS approval of Phase 1 improvements package expected in April-May 2004 Construction expected to be complete by the end of 2004 Before/after study to identify candidate streets for similar treatment

13 Geary Corridor Improvements: Phase 1 Peter Straus, Javad Mirabdal, Jay Primus,

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