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WHAT ARE AGM BATTERIES? Presented By: Bruce Purkey President Purkey’s Fleet Electric.

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2 WHAT ARE AGM BATTERIES? Presented By: Bruce Purkey President Purkey’s Fleet Electric

3 NAFTA Battery Development Continues and Its Pace Increases as Electric Demands Increase Lead Acid Battery Invented 1860 20001980 1912 2002 2005 Cadillac Production of Electric Starter with 6 Volt Battery Charles Kettering and Dayton Electronic Lab Company Maintenance Free Batteries Calcium versus Antimony Absorbed (or Advanced) Glass Mat Batteries, Progressive Low Voltage Disconnect, Mechanical Load Disconnect 1968 Production of 6 volt Passenger Car Ends Add Distilled Water Era Future holds Lithium Ion 330 Volts +, Ultra-Capacitor and Fuel Cells Dual Purpose Batteries with Low Voltage Disconnect Silica Added to Create Deep Discharge Gel Cells 3+1 and 2+2 Designs for Driver Convenience

4 AGM BATTERIES AGM Batteries Were Invented In 1980 Introduced In 1985 For Military Aircraft

5 AGM BATTERIES Telecommunications/Electronics –Proven Technology Battery Backup Systems Alarm Systems Telephones Traffic Signals/Counters

6 AGM – Absorbed Glass Mat VRLA means it is a variant of lead acid –Not a wet cell, but a sealed lead acid or maintenance free type Slight pressure inside to improve the recombination process –Valve Regulated means there is a pressure relief valve V alve R egulated L ead A cid

7 Why the move to AGM batteries now? New engines are harder to start –Generally tighter when dry to eliminate oil leaks for emissions (closed crankcase) –Cold temperatures accentuate the tightness of the engine –AGM batteries have low internal resistance, especially at time of starting engines Replacing Gel cells since they provide good discharge for driver comforts –Can be discharged to lower levels of State of Charge –Less sensitive to charge voltage than Gel cells –Recharge faster Safest lead acid battery –Will not spill or leak –Little chance of explosion or corrosion Store very well losing only 1% to 3% of charge per month –Do not tend to sulfate or degrade Withstand shock and vibration better

8 State Of Charge Comparison % Charge Flooded AGM 100 12.6512.8+ 75 12.4012.60 63 12.3012.45 50 12.2012.30 25 12.0012.00 0 11.8011.80 AGM batteries give the driver a little more energy CURRENT LVD SETPOINT WITH FLOODED CELL: 12.3 V / 63% State Of Charge WHAT LVD SETPOINT WITH AGM?

9 650 - 600 - 550 - 500 - 450 - 400 - 350 - 300 - 250 - 200 - 150 - 100 - 50 - 0 - #OFCYCLES#OFCYCLES FLOODED 925 CCA FLOODED 700 CCA DUAL PURP. AGM 925 CCA J-2185 CYCLES

10 AGM BATTERIES Advantages –Cycles 1.5 Times More Than Flooded Cell Comparable –Vibration Can Withstand Severe Vibration –Efficiency Recovers Faster Recharges To A Usable Point Faster –Non-Spillable Can Be Mounted In Any Orientation

11 AGM BATTERIES Disadvantages –Acid Starved –More Susceptible To Overcharge –Cost

12 AGM BATTERIES Different Batteries For Specific Applications –Starting / Dual Purpose –Dual Purpose / Deep Cycle

13 IMPLEMENTATION OF AGM BATTERIES AT MY FLEET Presented By: Carl Tapp, CDM/E Vice President of Maintenance P.A.M. Transport, Inc.

14 Why Am I Here?

15 New Tractors Came With AGM Batteries As Standard Tractor OEM is requiring AGM starting batteries with a specific engine. No “Change Order” required.

16 Asked Questions At Last TMC Has anyone trained your fleet or dealership on AGMs? Has anyone justified a $100 per battery upcharge? Has anyone justified the added weight? Are you ready to upgrade or replace your testers? Are you ready to modify or replace your chargers? Have you modified your jumpstart procedures? Have you modified your in house and over the road battery replacement procedures?

17 Educated Myself Research Asked A Lot of Questions

18 Comparing Battery Types on Average Engine Cranking Speed – Cable Resistance 0.0008 ohms, 5W30 Oil, 4000 CCA Flooded Starting3200 CCA AGM2800 Flooded Dual Purpose RPM 9085 67 -20 Deg C ( -4 Deg F )

19 Comparing Engine Oil with 4X1000 CCA Batteries, Cable Resistance 0.0008 Ohms RPM


21 NO START DUAL PURPOSE (700 CCA) BATTERY PACK -3°3°3°23° 5W30 15W40 10W30 Current with 15W40 at 23° is 2600 amps. Current with 10W30 at 3° is 2200 amps. Current with 5W30 at -3° is 2000 amps.


23 NO START 5W30 15W40 10W30 HIGH CCA W/ 5W30HIGH CCA W/ 10W30HIGH CCA W/ 15W40 TEMPERATURE Regardless of what oil is being used, there is not a significant difference between a dual purpose (700 CCA) battery pack and a high CCA battery pack. DUAL PURPOSE W/ 5W30DUAL PURPOSE W/ 10W30DUAL PURPOSE W/ 15W40

24 Now It Is Time To Implement Changes

25 Train Technicians and Road Rescue How to identify How to handle them properly and safely How to test How to recharge if needed

26 INVENTORY Double inventory –Must now carry flooded cell and AGM batteries

27 Testing Tester Must Be Compatible With AGM Batteries Software Changes May Be Necessary New Test Equipment May Be Required Tester reprogram or recalibration to include AGM

28 Shop Charging Many Common Chargers Are Not Fully Compatible With AGM Batteries Some Chargers May Produce Severe Battery Damage in Only A Few Hours

29 Multi-Channel Smart Charger Micro-controller added to each channel of the charger to limit the maximum allowed charging voltage, eliminating the chance to damage the battery. AGM COMPATIBLE

30 Roll-A-Round Charger Reconfigure the charger to limit the maximum allowed charging voltage, eliminating the chance to damage the battery.

31 Summary New or reprogrammed testers New or reprogrammed wall chargers New or reprogrammed roll-a-round chargers Train technicians and road rescue New Procedures New Signs

32 Bring on the AGM batteries….we are ready!


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