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RAE online campaign media and creative brief 11 August, 2008.

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1 RAE online campaign media and creative brief 11 August, 2008

2 Agenda 1.Objectives 2.Audiences 3.Languages 4.User message 5.Project approach 6.Tactics 7.Campaign timing 8.Budget 9.High level schedule

3 Objectives Raise programme awareness –2008 Rolex Awards Laureates announcement –Develop visibility for the programme –Leverage the depth of content available Generate traffic on website –Generate traffic on the redesigned RAE website

4 Audiences Geography Global campaign: North and South America, Europe, Asia, Middle East - all geographies are important it really depends on the opportunity and messaging within. Open to recommendations on how regional coverage will be met through varied tactics based on the audience and relevance in the region. Important to have some synergy with offline print messaging online in select regions.

5 Audiences Include Academic targets Discipline targets will surround the 2008 Laureates ie. –Technology enthusiasts –Scientists –Cultural heritage –Environment activists

6 Languages In English and possibly in Arabic –Arabic version –Project in Jordanian

7 Message Message 1: –Be inspired by our 2008 Laureates and their projects Message 2: –Rolex supporting enterprising individuals for 30 years.

8 Project approach Instead of having “massive” media buy focusing on a short period we are pushing for a “Content Forward” approach to get an impact over time. Identifying & reaching out potential networks of influencers Leave a permanent trail for those browsing later to follow A new website with different level of engagement Blogs - comments - sharing - video distribution – get involved

9 Selection of 2008 LAUREATES (confidential)

10 Talal Akasheh – Jordan - Conserve ancient Petra from the ravages of time and Tourism

11 Talal Akasheh – Jordan Summary Petra, a 2,500-year-old city in Jordan, is one of the world’s most revered cultural sites. But time and tourism are taking their toll of its monuments, carved into sandstone cliffs. Chemistry professor Talal Akasheh, who has devoted 26 years to documenting Petra scientifically, is set to complete a knowledge system that will underpin the city’s future conservation.

12 Tim Bauer – United States - Reduce pollution from motorized tricycles in Asian cities

13 Tim Bauer – United States Summary In Asia, the ubiquitous motorised tricycle with its two-stroke engine is a major cause of air pollution. Working in the Philippines, American mechanical engineer Tim Bauer and his team have developed a kit to reconfigure these machines, drastically reducing their noxious emissions. He now plans to install thousands of kits, greatly improving air quality and providing tricycle drivers with a way to boost their income.

14 Rodrigo Medellín – Mexico Save endemic and endangered bats through habitat protection and education

15 Rodrigo Medellín – Mexico Summary Superior pollinators and insect predators, bats are, with a few exceptions, valuable assets to mankind. Yet these flying mammals are reviled and killed. Rodrigo Medellín’s passionate advocacy of bats through conservation and education is dispelling harmful myths and bringing about harmony between these animals and their human neighbours.

16 Selection of Past Laureates

17 Past Laureates - Brad Norman and Rory Wilson Geneva, June 17 2008 Scientists join forces to uncover secret life of world’s biggest fish The strange bounding underwater “flight” of the mightiest fish in the ocean has been revealed for the first time through a remarkable scientific collaboration…

18 Past Laureates – Cristian Donoso Five-month expedition reveals wonders of western Patagonia Chilean explorer Cristian Donoso has completed an ambitious expedition to one of the most inhospitable and least known places on earth, the labyrinth of fjords and islands of western Patagonia.... “The expedition has provided a unique window into the region that will help Chileans and others appreciate the wonders of Patagonia and encourage them to support protection of one of the earth’s natural treasures.

19 Selection of Print Ad insertions (draft)

20 Print Ad (draft)



23 Tactics for consideration

24 Email comms –RAE Opt-in list, Rolex internal Paid search Media –Social media/display/other Video aggregators –Branded Channel: iTunes. VEOH –YouTube, Google, Tudou, Dailymotion Site cross links – Laureate sites,

25 Email communications

26 Are your summer thoughts of staying healthy and outdoor activity in far-away places? Get Inspired Tibetan medicine has been practised for more than 1,000 years in Ladakh, in India’s far north. The very survival of this complex system of healing, ritual and belief – known as Amchi medicine – was threatened by the 20th century’s huge social changes. Remarkably, Laurent Pordié – a soft-spoken person who, in 2000, at the age of 29, became the youngest-ever Rolex Awards Laureate – has put in place a process that should ensure the Amchi tradition will long survive in Ladakh. Get Involved Go trekking in India and contribute to the activities of this Laurent Pordié: Itineraries-2008.html Itineraries-2008.html

27 Email communications Says Donald Perry, 1984 Laureate: Get Inspired "All over the world, tourist businesses are designed to take wealthy foreigners into nature to fish, white-water raft, or bird-watch. These expeditions are too expensive for the majority of local people. So the people who desperately need to be educated about the value of nature are the ones excluded from learning. This is a kind of vacationer’s imperialism. Locals learn to view nature as the wealthy man’s playground. When they can’t afford to belong to the exclusive club, onlookers harbour an attitude that breeds contempt for nature." Get Involved Ride on a Rain Forest Tram that he invented with the help of Rolex:

28 Paid Search

29 We have an opportunity to spend approx. $29,000 per month (includes paid+content+tech fees) on a paid search program covering the following countries: –Australia –Thailand –UAE (Dubai) –Singapore –South Africa –India –UK –US

30 Social Media

31 Social Media: Leverage depth of content

32 Social Media: Brad Norman & the Whale Shark (1)

33 Social Media: Brad Norman & the Whale Shark (2)

34 Social Media: Brad Norman & the Whale Shark (3)

35 Video Aggregators

36 Video Aggregators -

37 Campaign timing November 19 – mid-December 2008 This can be reconsidered for Search since users will be searching prior to the event in Dubai. Related events: October 1 st - New RAE website launch November, 18 - New Laureates announcement at Dubai

38 Budget We need to think simple and smart $300’000 - Media buy $ 30’000 - Creative, production, reporting

39 High Level Schedule Aug 12 – Creative briefing Aug 15 – Internal creative ideas review Aug 18/19 – Refine ideas Aug 20 – Presentation compiled Aug 21- Present to Rolex Institute team


41 New RAE Website






47 Selection of sites

48 Targeting Enthusiasts


50 Targeting Scientists / Technology Fans


52 Targeting Bloggers

53 Targeting Decision-makers (Online spirit)

54 Targeting Decision-makers – (Mainstream spirit)

55 Targeting New Consumers


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