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1 What The Future Holds – The Boeing Perspective John Craig Boeing Company Chief Engineer, Cabin and Network Systems.

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1 1 What The Future Holds – The Boeing Perspective John Craig Boeing Company Chief Engineer, Cabin and Network Systems

2 2 What the Future Holds Cabin complexity Consumer electronics The next generation airplane What’s after the next generation?

3 Copyright © 2005 Boeing. All rights reserved. 3 777-200LR Worldliner world record flight These systems need to add value to our customers

4 4 Boeing Vision 19701980199020002010 Overhead Video/ Audio Systems Telephony/Fax Broadcast In-Seat Video Interactive In-Seat Video In-Seat PC Power Satellite TV Video On Demand Email/ Intranet* Internet* Video Surveillance* Cell Phones “Simplify the Cabin” Wireless PDA Media Players

5 5 Cabin Complexity

6 6

7 7 Costly to our customers –Difficult to maintain –Challenging to reconfigure Costly to Boeing –Build time –Configuration variability Seat-to-seat cabling* –1/2 mile laid end to end –700 lb –85 different part numbers Complexity Becomes Expensive * full cabin 777-300

8 8 What we’re doing Wireless IFE Plug and Play power. Simplified Passenger Service Units Standards… –TSO 127A –ARINC 628 –Other

9 9 Separate bundles for separate systems Integrated “generic” power and simplified data Data wires eliminated What can we do about power wires? Seat to Seat Cabling

10 10 Simplified Passenger Service Unit switch light Each seat group / PSU pair is a wireless network Factory build Reconfiguration

11 11 Consumer Electronics

12 12 Consumer Electronics $Billions invested annually Wireless connectivity New wireless applications Plug & play IP networking solutions Home AVOD Open source software Security

13 13 Home Networks Home networks evolving from standalone to integrated platforms –Televisions –Camera’s –Wi-Fi/Wireless –Portable media –Digital Video Recorders In the next few years these devices will merge into a common infrastructure

14 14 Integrated Devices Mobile TV (Satellite DMB) Kodak “Wireless” e-Home

15 15 What’s in the News… (Seattle Times – Sunday May 28, 2006) $4.99? Stores are now selling 1-2 GB memory at unheard of prices. 4 GB devices are arriving. Technology predictions.

16 16 The Next Generation Airplane

17 17 Landscape camera Plug & Play seat power LED enhanced lighting Dimmable window Ethernet based cabin services system Connexion by Boeing Cell phones Wireless IFE Smart Signs Flight deck entry surveillance camera Personal Devices The Next Generation Airplane

18 18 Wireless IFE System Covers Entire Cabin Wireless in-seat and overhead distribution Passenger connectivity Service interface - reading light, attendant call Full AVOD Broadcast audio & video Seat power and PC power Other IFE functions

19 19 Wireless IFE

20 20 2 nd Generation Cabin Networking 3 rd Generation Wireless Today Future Simplified Power

21 21 Current Wired IFE End Head VCC HDDA CFS ZIU ADB ZIU ADB Misc. EE Bay Cabin Equipment Center Seat Electronics Boxes (SEB) Seat Power Boxes ADB = Area Distribution Box CFS = Cabin File Server HDDA = Hard drive disk array PESC = Passenger Entertainment System Controller VCC = Video Control Center ZIU = Zone Interface Unit

22 22 Seat Power Boxes Simplified Power Cabin Equipment Center EE Bay Fiber Backbone AP 1 AP 2 AP 3 Simplicity of Wireless IFE

23 23 New Systems Enable Dramatic Improvements

24 24 Eliminating Seat-to-Seat Data Cables Benefits all Stakeholders Flexibility for customers Easily move aircraft between markets/customers –Scalable functionality –Seasonal configuration changes Adds to the residual value of aircraft Simple configuration and installation Reduces cost of custom configurations Allows late stage customization Easy upgradeability (e.g. servers, monitors) Minimizes the effects of obsolescence Simplifies maintenance Fewer part numbers Little or no wiring to damage Quickly move, remove and replace seats

25 25 What’s After the Next Generation

26 26 Cabin Complexity We need to focus on simplifying these systems. –They may do more, but seem much more complex… Wireless IFE and the “Simplified Cabin” are Boeing’s strategy to eliminate installation complexity. –This needs to translate into passenger and maintenance as well. Portable devices will need to factored in. –TV’s now come with memory card slot’s built in.

27 27 “Generation neXt” Today’s flying public always had entertainment provided… (all three channels!) The children and young adults of today take what they want, where they want... As an industry, are we prepared?

28 28 The industries role We must add value to the customer. –Who is the customer – airline or passenger? –What is the value proposition – providing or enabling? Sponsor and support industry standards –IFE system and IFE to airframe –IFE to consumer devices Simplify the systems –Move from hardware centric to software functional –Integrate functions as appropriate

29 29 Future Systems We must recognize significant demographic change. My 11 year old daughter is digital: –She manipulates my wife's cell phone better than my wife. –She caused me to transform my home network to stream audio –Wants video on her IPOD. People are expecting connectivity. –Cellular data services approaching broadband –Satellite broadband is on airplanes –Starting the migration of cellular phones onto airplanes People are bringing their own media onto airplanes.

30 30 Future System Scenario’s Scenario 1 – Evolution (providing) –IFE system evolves with new release media, functionality, and internet connectivity. Scenario 2 – Cable TV (providing) –IFE system with no media. All media delivered via airplane connectivity. Supplemented with passenger media. Scenario 3 – Standalone display’s (enabling) –No media provided. Flat panel displays with headset jacks, memory card readers and/or connectivity to the passengers PED. Scenario 4 – No IFE (enabling) –Portable display’s passed out by flight crews or brought on board. Connectivity to passengers PED.

31 31 Are we ready…

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