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Lorna Borghese NE Region Newspaper Account Manager.

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1 Lorna Borghese NE Region Newspaper Account Manager

2 Plates and Plate imaging technology Non-Vendor Specific –General Discussion Hardware Considerations Current Plate Technologies –Violet –Thermal Technology –“Environmental” considerations –Viability as proper working tool

3 Technology Comparison Violet Lower equipment investment cost –More flexibility for redundancy High PPH to meet throughput needs Does not support true processless plate technology –Amber room lighting required –Small amount of effluent to dispose Thermal Higher equipment cost (incl. CSA’s etc) PPH depends on plate technology (wider range of mj/cm) Supports “true Processless” plate technology –No effluent

4 Violet Single Page speeds of 90-400 PPH, depending on budget and automation –Can needs be met with one device? –Need redundancy? Cost effective to buy 1 or 2 platesetter units, evaluate PPH throughput and redundancy needs Violet plate technology –“Lo-Chem” - one processing finisher (gum) based chemistry –no water rinse required

5 Violet Process Flow “Lo-Chem” Pre-press Press

6 Violet – Low Chem Interim Evaluation Method Existing processor modified for interim evaluation Allows for temporary evaluation and easy transition, if needed. –Little to no disruption to in-line plate benders, transport, sortation, etc Finishing Solution Fresh Water Rinse Finisher

7 Single Stage System Smaller footprint & easier maintenance –May need to reconfigure in-line equipment to accommodate shorter processor Simple system, 1 solution for development Replenishment not needed to maintain bath activity Eliminates: – Pre-wash water – Post wash water – Dedicated Finisher Pre-heat Dryer 1 Stage Finishing Solution only

8 Double Stage System Eliminates: –Pre-rinse water –Post rinse water –Dedicated Finisher section Pre-heat 1st Stage Dryer Finishing Solution only 2nd Stage Finishing Solution only

9 Violet Low Chem “Deliverables” Better environmental solution than traditionally processed plate Run length and resolution suitable for broadsheet and single wide market No need to control developer activity — simple, 1-step finishing solution Low replenishment — in some cases just top-up with water; to replace evaporation Improved chemical yield per unit Minimized waste amount (less total volume) No water for pre-wash, rinse No need for finishing gum Limited maintenance and cleaning efforts Same handling as traditional CTP plates Smaller footprint when using dedicated machine Hardware is cost effective for capital budget Reliable processing system, few moving parts, smaller footprint

10 Thermal Single page speeds of 70-300 PPH, depending on plate imaging speed, budget and automation –Can needs be met with one device? –Need redundancy? Cost effective to buy 1 or 2 platesetter units, evaluate PPH throughput and redundancy needs Thermal plate technology –“True Processless” –“Non-Process”

11 Thermal Process Flow – Process Free Plates Pre-press Press

12 Non-Process Operating Principle on Press Before Exposure Fountain Solution Applied Ink Applied

13 Basic Mechanism of Operation Step2 Step3 On-press “development” of non-exposed area Step 1 — Dispersion by permeation of dampening solution Step 2 — Reduction of adhesive strength Step 3 — Expulsion of thermo sensitive layer to start up paper Step1

14 Non-Process Plate, after press run Non-Process – Non-Process plate will have the same structure to deliver normal ink/water balance –Once “developed” by running on press with normal startup sequence, should run like a normal thermal Plate

15 A A Exp. Dev. Print Image after Exposure Plate inspection A Exp. Print Image after Exposure Ordinary Plate Non-Process Plate Image for Printing Plate inspection Plate Visibility Visibility okay for: Job number Crop Marks Text/Font Optical Bender (specific light ring may be required ) How to manage: Densitometry Screen Frequency Screen Angles

16 “To Ink” Technology Operating principle: Non-image area coating disperses when dampened by the fountain solution. Non-image coating releases from the the grained aluminum substrate due to ink tack/transfer The dispersed coating is moved by the ink to the plate, transferred to the blanket, then sheet and is then expelled out of the press in the start up waste sheets. Ecomaxx-T

17 Questions

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