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WITSML in Real Life Applications and Case Studies Zach Barfuss Knowledge Systems May 15, 2008.

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1 WITSML in Real Life Applications and Case Studies Zach Barfuss Knowledge Systems May 15, 2008

2 Agenda Introduction to Knowledge Systems Value and technology WITSML case studies Real-time center environment Summary and conclusions

3 Who is Knowledge Systems? Knowledge Systems is the world’s leading provider of geopressure and geomechanical analysis software and services –Our technology is the most widely used software for pore pressure estimation, geomechanics and real-time surveillance –Our consulting team provide office and well site services globally –100+ people

4 Knowledge Systems - technology Advanced geomechanics and geopressure technologies Relational database used to store, manage and share pressure-related data

5 Drillworks ConnectML Retrieves WITS or WITSML industry standard data for real-time pore pressure and geomechanical analysis. The data browser allows you to: Retrieves LWD and surface logging data from any vendor system Transmits real-time data over the Internet for global access Provides quick, easily accessable data using Drillworks applications

6 Link pre-drill studies with drilling activity Updating pre-drill models in real-time –Improves results –Decreases uncertainty Two ways –Synchronous – continuous monitoring and updating (analyst deployed to rig) –Asynchronous – periodic updates once or twice a day (remote monitoring)

7 Reasons to use Drillworks ConnectML Reduce non- productive time Reduce uncertainty while drilling Create a high quality wellbore

8 Drillworks ConnectML Workflow

9 WITSML - case study #1 Deepwater well offshore Trinidad Significant uncertainty in subsurface environment High potential for unscheduled events related to uncertainty Need for real-time geomechanics modeling Operator domain expert is not offshore deployable resource Unplanned requirement ~ low budget & short fuse

10 WITSML - case study #1 WITSML used to communicate LWD data from offshore Trinidad Received into Knowledge Systems Geostress WBS application in Houston Geomechanics expert performed analysis, then transmitted data back to the rigsite analyst

11 WITSML - case study #2 LWD Vendor replaced on rig Scenario typically causes multitude of data transfer issues Requires significant work on both sides to regain connections WITSML provided seamless hookup to new vendor Did not affect data transfer or remote modeling operations

12 WITSML - case study #2 Schlumberger installed WITSML v1.2 server <10 minutes to reconfigure system –IP Address, User Name, Password, Configuration for server connection –Configure Drillworks data links to ConnectML –Expert began modeling using real-time data –Expert activated WITSML server to make interpretation available to rig

13 RTOC Physical Layout

14 Real-time center environment Provide collaborative atmosphere –Sharing project data among analysts –Distributing information to the stakeholders Connections to all corporate data –OpenWorks, Geoframe, Recall, Finder –Facilitates data gathering and browsing Robust interface to rig All based on web services and WITSML

15 KSI RTOC Strengths Diversified experience on part of team members (drilling operations, MWD/LWD, directional, petrophysics, geomechanics, drilling fluids) Have experience with real-time monitoring/surveillance Has a reputation for competence in pore pressure, fracture gradient, wellbore stability analysis; has some depth of experience and academic expertise in these areas. Has good software tools for PP-FG-WBS analysis

16 Statoil workflow - before Direct connection between engineer and rig Isolated from corporate data Non- collaborative environment

17 Statoil workflow - after Improved connectivity –WITSML connections from the rigs –WITSML connections to corporate data Delivers increased collaboration among analysts and stakeholders

18 Summary and conclusions KSI is using WITSML technology everyday in conventional ways –Remote data transfer –Improve collaboration between rig and office We are also using WITSML technology in unconventional ways –Connect to corporate databases through a standard protocol

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