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Young Women in Engineering Program Kick-Off September 24, 2014.

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1 Young Women in Engineering Program Kick-Off September 24, 2014

2 Project Freeway: U.S. 60 Rogersville Interchange Design at Routes B/VV Interchange Design at Farm Road 253 Construction is scheduled to begin in mid-September on a project to upgrade U.S. 60 to a freeway through Rogersville. The project will convert Route 60 to a freeway between Greene County Farm Road 241 west of Rogersville and Peck Hollow Road east of Rogersville.

3 Project Freeway Highlights Build an interchange at Route 60 and Farm Road 253 Build an interchange at Route 60 and Routes B/VV Build an overpass over Route 60 at Farm Road 247 Build two-way backage roads with one-way outer road Widen Farm Road 253 between Route 60 and Center Street Reconfigure intersection of Route VV and Redbud Street Improve the intersection of Route VV and Johnstown Drive Add turn lanes on Route 60 at Chicory Road and at Peck Hollow Road

4 Ozark Regional Road Constructors (ORRC) Radmacher Brothers Excavating Company, Inc. -- Pleasant Hill, MO Reynolds, Smith & Hills, Inc. -- Jacksonville, FL CFS Engineers -- Kansas City, MO Palmerton & Parrish, Inc. -- Springfield, MO TREKK Design Group, LLC -- Kansas City, MO Hg Consult, Inc. -- Kansas City, MO

5 Project Freeway Timeline Fall 2013 -- The district prepares request for qualifications and request for proposal documents. December 2, 2013 -- An informational meeting for potential design-build teams interested in the project held. January through April 2014 -- Evaluation process for design-build teams and their proposals. June 2014 -- Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission awards contract. August 2014 -- A design public meeting will be scheduled. September 2014 -- Construction begins on the project. December 2016 -- Project is completed.

6 Project Freeway Goals 1.Deliver the project within the programmed budget of $35 million. 2.Convert U.S. 60 into a freeway between County Road 241 on the west and near Chicory Road on the east, providing two points of controlled access to U.S. 60 in the vicinity of Greene County Farm Road 253 and Webster County Route B/VV. 3.Engage stakeholders and the community to develop and deliver the project while minimizing impacts. 4.Impress our customers through innovative traffic control solutions that conveniently, efficiently and safely move drivers through the project during and after construction. 5.Create a new model for purchasing right-of-way on a design-build project. 6.Complete the project by December 2016.

7 Young Women in Engineering Project Team Kimberly Robinett, E.I. – Managing Partner, TREKK Sabin Yañez, P.E. – Senior Vice President, CFS Sabin Yañez, P.E. – Senior Vice President, CFS Rose Parmeter – Public Involvement/Marketing Coordinator, CFS Rose Parmeter – Public Involvement/Marketing Coordinator, CFS Courtney Kindsfather, E.I., Design/Traffic Engineer, TREKK Courtney Kindsfather, E.I., Design/Traffic Engineer, TREKK Sean Matlock, P.E., Route 60 Design Build Project Director, MoDOT Sean Matlock, P.E., Route 60 Design Build Project Director, MoDOT Greg Chapman, P.E., Deputy Project Director, MoDOT Greg Chapman, P.E., Deputy Project Director, MoDOT

8 Program Goals MonthClass TopicsPresenter September 24, 2014 Program Kickoff – Engineering and Transportation Project Planning Process Kimberly Robinett, E.I. October 22, 2014Design-Build - Process & Collaboration Sabin Yañez, P.E. MoDOT Representative November 19, 2014Communicating with the Public Melissa Thomson Rose Parmeter December 17, 2014 Right of Way Issues – Following the Uniform Act MoDOT Representative January 21, 2015Survey (Field Workshop) Kimberly Robinett, E.I. Survey Crew February 25, 2015Processing Survey Courtney Kindsfather E.I. March 25, 2015Utility Coordination Kim Pemberton, P.E. Angelo Mannino, P.E. April 22, 2015Roadway & Drainage Courtney Kindsfather E.I. May 20, 2015Lighting, Signals, Signing & Striping Kimberly Robinett, E.I. Andrew Robertson, E.I. June/July 2015SUMMER BREAK – NO SESSIONS August 26, 2015Safety in Construction MoDOT Representative September 23, 2015Simultaneous Task Coordination & Scheduling OCCR Representative October 21, 2015Phasing in Construction MoDOT Representative OCCR Representative November 18, 2015Roundabout & Interchange Construction MoDOT Representative OCCR Representative December 16, 2015Construction Observation Katie Schleicher January 20, 2016Bridge Construction MoDOT Representative OCCR Representative February 24, 2016Construction Maintenance of Traffic MoDOT Representative OCCR Representative March 24, 2016Construction Quality Control & Management OCCR Representative April 21, 2016Engineering Education Diane Heckemeyer, P.E. May 19, 2016 Opportunities & Leadership for Professional Engineers Kimberly Robinett, E.I. Becky Baltz, P.E. June/July 2016SUMMER BREAK – NO SESSIONS August 2016 Course/Project Completion – Celebration Project Team Immerse You in the Rogersville Design-Build Project Expose You to the Broad Spectrum of Career Choices Allow You to See Your Possibilities for Your Future!

9 is the application of science to the needs of humanity. This is accomplished through the application of knowledge, mathematics and practical experience to the design of useful objects or processes. "To create things, to actually see them being built... it's very rewarding to see the results of what you saw on paper. It gives you a lot of personal satisfaction,“ Andrew Herrmann, former president of the American Society of Civil Engineers “ Engineering You can be creative in anything - in math, science, engineering, philosophy - as much as you can in music or in painting or in dance. Ken Robinson, Author There's nothing I believe in more strongly than getting young people interested in science and engineering, for a better tomorrow, for all humankind. Bill Nye the Science Guy Engineering stimulates the mind. Bruce Dickinson, VP Boeing Engineering is a fantastic base for any career. Chris Liddell, CFO GM

10 Engineering Disciplines Civil engineering focuses on how to make structures sound under pressure Chemical engineering is focused on the manufacturing industry and in environmental engineering issues Electrical engineering focuses on anything with an electrical current from a city power grid to a microprocessor Petroleum engineering focuses on determining where oil is located and the best method of extraction. Mechanical engineering is involved with almost any nonliving item that has moving parts Aerospace engineering is the study of how objects move through space.

11 Civil Engineering Civil engineering is a profession that offers plenty of visual payoff. Take a look around, and you'll see the work of civil engineers everywhere – from buildings and bridges to roads and reservoirs. Who Employs Civil Engineers? Governments Federal State Local Private Sector Consulting Firm Construction Firm Civil Engineering Professionals design and oversee the construction and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure such as highways, tunnels, rail systems, airports and water supply and sewage systems. The job includes: Analyzing, especially in planning stage Studying survey reports and maps Breaking down construction costs Considering government regulations Evaluating potential environmental hazards Testing soils and building materials Providing cost estimates for equipment and labor Using software to plan and design systems and structures Career Path Options: Structural/Architectural Development Environmental Hydraulics Water resources Transportation Traffic Geotechnical engineering Construction

12 “What’s Your Dream Future?” Picture your life at 25…30… – Where Do you Want to Live? – What is your profession? – Do you have a family? Married? Single? – What Hobbies do you have? Want?

13 What Goes into Choosing the Right Field for You?

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