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Welcome to Auburn Riverside High School Home of the Ravens.

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1 Welcome to Auburn Riverside High School Home of the Ravens


3 Our goal today; To introduce you to Auburn Riverside High School To give you an Auburn School District catalog (Name) To help you learn how to register for classes next year

4 The counseling Center Staff Mr.Hartt A-Fa Mrs. Holloman Fb-K Mr. Polley L-Rn Ms. Brown Ro-Z Mr. Mead Career Center Mrs. Schadel, Office Assistant Mrs. Muxen, Registrar

5 Career Center Steve Mead - Career Counselor »Mr. Mead helps students with scholarships and NCAA clearinghouse registration. »Go in and check out our resources and vocational testing when you are at Riverside.

6 Ways in which counselors assist students: Help students stay on track for on- time graduation Personal issues; friends, family, school Crisis intervention and support, mediation Academic support and guidance

7 How does high school differ from middle school? Non attendance impact grades significantly Treated as a young adult responsible for actions and decisions The teacher/student relationship is a partnership. You need to talk to your teachers Less drama and rumors. Fighting and “drama” are considered immature Transition; Freedom, Opportunity, Self-Respect

8 Freedom and Responsibility More independence with choosing classes Choosing career path Personal choices - Peers, work habits Special events, Dances Clubs / Activities Sports Tech Prep classes Running Start

9 Advice from Counselors Take the most rigorous classes you can (it looks good to colleges when you challenge yourself) Maintain highest grades possible (transcript) Get involved (sports/clubs) Develop clear goals for your future Begin networking with your teachers, counselors, coaches, etc…

10 Advice from counselors continues... Cell Phones and Time Management Reminders and alarms are some of the most useful tools on a cell phone, but they are also the least appreciated. Most cell phones come with a scheduler to allow you to set an alarm at a certain time of day or on a certain date. You can set alarms to remind you of an established daily homework time to keep you from chatting right through your work time. You could also use calendar reminders to notify you when projects and assignments are due. These reminders can be set up weeks and months ahead of time. Once you get into the habit, you'll find it very effective.

11 School Demographics Total Staff: 128 – (Teachers, Counselors, Administrators, Support Staff, etc.) Students: o 9 th 394 o 10 th 428 o 11 th 394 o 12 th 374 o Total1590

12 ARHS Structure Traditional Comprehensive High School 6 period day/ 6 classes per day-approx.55 min. each 5 minutes passing time 2 lunches determined by 4 th period class Lockers are available Student driven scheduling process Multiple AP courses PLC Mondays – staff collaboration, students arrive one hour late Average class size: 27 students

13 Examples of Language Arts Honors LA9, Regular LA9 Basic LA10, LA10, Honors LA10 Basic Am Lit, Am Lit AP Language & Composition AP Literature Newspaper, Journalism, Debate Creative Writing, College Writing, Sports Literature, Communicative Arts, Shakespeare, Societies of the Future

14 Social Studies World Studies & AP Human Geography (9) US History & AP European History (10) AP US History (11) Civics (11) Global Issues(12) AP Government and Politics (12) Sociology, Economics, Psychology, AP Psychology

15 World Languages Choices You need a minimum of 2 years for college admission Spanish French German Japanese American Sign Language

16 Science Classes Science Links Biology (Everyone will have to take Biology and must pass EOC or comprehensive NGSS test) Chemistry Physics AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics AP Computer Science (in conjunction with Microsoft) Marine Biology, Astronomy, Environmental Biology

17 Health and PE.5Health and 1.5 PE Health, Preventive Medicine, Human Survival, Nutrition and Wellness Coed PE Aerobics, Walking Field Sports, Racquet Sports, Basketball, Volleyball Conditioning & Weightlifting

18 Career & Technical Education – Fine Arts Visual Communications, Yearbook, Digital Photography Jewelry Drawing, Graphic Design, AP Studio Art Ceramics, 2D Art

19 Career & Technical Education – Marketing & Manufacturing DECA classes Sports Entertainment Marketing Woodworking & Design Electronics Computer Systems Engineering PET Drafting – new name…

20 Career & Technical Education – Health & Family Culinary Arts Food Science Interior Design Independent Living Fashion Careers with Children Anatomy & Physiology Sports Medicine

21 Performing Arts Band Choir Orchestra Drama

22 Advanced Placement Biology Chemistry Physics Language & Composition Literature Human Geography European History US History Politics & Government

23 Course Catalog on our school website (Name)

24 Graduation Requirements Class of 2018 Minimum Graduation Requirements 4 credits Language Arts 3 credits Social Studies 3 creditsMath ½ creditHealth 1 ½ creditsPE 2 creditsScience (Biology 1.0) 1 creditOccupational/CTE 1 creditFine Arts 6 ½ creditsElectives -22.5 TOTAL CREDITS

25 Box Page 2018 credits requirements

26 Typical classes for 9 th grade Language Arts OR LA Honors Language Arts OR LA Honors Math; Alg 1 &2 or Geometry 1&2 or Adv Alg Trig 1 &2 Math; Alg 1 &2 or Geometry 1&2 or Adv Alg Trig 1 &2 Orientation OR AP Human Geo World Studies OR AP Human Geo Science Links OR Biology 1Biology 2 ElectiveHealth Elective

27 Lets look at the Registration Sheet If you fall in the category of ELL or Special Ed please write that on the top of the page

28 Registrati on page Teacher Signature must be done on this page of your registration

29 9 th Grade Requirements 1 st Semester2 nd Semester Honors LA9 or Regular LA9 Algebra, Geometry, or AAT World Studies or AP Human Geography Orientation or AP Human Geography Science Links or BiologyBiology or Elective ElectiveHealth Elective

30 State Testing Requirements Class of 2018 English Language Arts MathScience 10 th grade ELA Exit Exam based on the Common Core or 11 th grade Smarter Balanced ELA Test Must pass 1 of the following: Algebra EOC Geometry EOC EOC Exit Exam based on Common Core 11 th grade Smarter Balanced Math Test Biology EOC or Comprehensive NGSS test HSPE not administered after Summer 2014 Common Core tests not available until spring 2015 Math EOCs not administered after Winter 2015 Common Core tests not available until spring 2015 Next Generation Science Standards not yet adopted by Washington State, when they are, then test will switch from Biology EOC to NGSS *Requirements subject to change as a result of Legislative decisions

31 Specifically Athletics:

32 Sports Offered 2014-2015: Fall—begins in August. Girls’ Swim/Dive, Football, Volleyball, Girls’ Soccer, Cross Country, Boys’ Tennis, Boys’ Water Polo, Golf Winter—begins in Nov. Boys’ Swim/Dive, Gymnastics, Basketball, Wrestling Spring—begins late Feb./March. Baseball, Fastpitch, Track/Field, Girls’ Water Polo, Girls’ Tennis, Boys’ Soccer, Cheer tryouts for next year NEW in 2015: Boys’ and Girls’ Lacrosse

33 Are you eligible? To be eligible incoming freshman need: – A valid annual athletic registration form – Current Physical dated after June 1 st (This physical will be good for two years) – Academic eligibility – Student Body ASB card – Resident of Auburn School District

34 Activities Program Considering all the things that happen at a school, involvement in Student Activities enhances and improves classroom learning most directly and positively. (Clubs and sports) – from the National Federation of State High School Associations.

35 Activities Program Activities/athletics support the academic mission of Auburn Riverside. Students who participate in activity programs tend to have – higher grades – better attendance records – lower drop out rates – fewer discipline problems With over 50 clubs, general student council meetings, ASB, assemblies, events, and athletics, Auburn Riverside has a host of opportunities. We see new clubs start up every year.

36 ARHS Community & Culture ASB – 0 period class Raven Crew Breaking Down the Walls Senior Raven Walk Caring Staff Spirit Days Noise Boys Pancake Breakfast Hat Days We Scare Hunger Winter Wishes High 5 Zone Shout Outs Texting Contest Game of the Week

37 Registration for 9 th grade Counselors will collecting registration forms on the following dates: Please remember to talk to your parents and teachers (teacher signatures) Mt Baker picking up 3/6

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