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AGENDA: Welcome PTO Video/Student Panel Presentation C2-Prep – The new SAT *As A 9 th Grader I Wish Video*

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1 AGENDA: Welcome PTO Video/Student Panel Presentation C2-Prep – The new SAT *As A 9 th Grader I Wish Video*

2 Tracey Winkler A-B, ESOL Jennifer Ciaccio C-Gof Allison Leja Gol-Mar Erica Waters Mas-Rop Allison Rinehart Ros-Z Registrar : Claire Upchurch Counseling Secretary: MaryMargret Jordan

3 Individual Counseling (Personal, Social) Academic Counseling College/Career Support Academic Achievement Intentional Guidance Classroom Guidance IF Lessons Assemblies Parent Information Programs

4 To see a counselor students should stop by the office to fill out an appointment pass. If we are able to see the student at that moment, we will. WE ARE HERE TO HELP! Reasons to see a counselor: Struggling academically and need help coming up with a plan Questions about college/career planning Questions about four year plan for graduation Help with personal issues Just want to meet your counselor! PARENTS….we want to partner with you as well and encourage you to make an appointment with us if the need arises!

5 4 English credits (9 th Lit and Amer. Lit) 4 Math credits 4 Science credits (Biology, Physical Sci. or Physics) 3 Social Studies (W. Hist., US Hist., Gov/Econ) 3 Career/Fine Arts/For. Lang. Health/Per. Fit 4 additional electives **Must pass GA High School Writing Test If you are planning to enter/transfer into a 4 year college/university you must take a minimum of 2 credits in the same world language

6 Fine Art/Technology Pathway Culinary Arts Family Consumer Science Cosmetology Engineering Marketing Business Computer Science Technology Communication Technology Fine Art **Academic Pathway Courses in a selected pathway Enhance the educational experience Provide skills/insight for future careers/jobs Allows for self exploration

7 Grading Weights Semester 1 = 50% 75 % Summative 25% Formative Semester 2 = 50% 75 % Summative 25% Formative Semester 1/Semester 2 averaged together for final grade.

8 Normal Grading Scale:AP Grading Scale: 90 -100 A 4.090- 100A5.0 80- 89B3.080 -89B4.0 70- 79C2.070 – 79C3.0 Report Card 9 weeks Work Habits: 1: Does Not Meet, 2: Meets, 3: Exceeds Responsibility Participation Assignment Completion Interpersonal Skills

9  How many credits are required to be in the 10 th grade? 5 credits need to be earned by the start of the 2014/2015 school year for you to be in the 10 th grade.  How many credits are required to be in the 11 th grade? 11 credits need to be earned by the start of the 2015/2016 school year for you to be in the 11 th grade.  How many credits are required to be in the 12 th grade? 17 credits need to be earned by the start of the 2016/2017 school year for you to be in the 12 th grade.

10 Failed courses can be made up through:  Summer School (FCS Math Academy and/or Forsyth Academy) $  Accredited on-line programs ex. (GVS, BYU, American School)$  APEX Recovery Program at WFHS (not guaranteed as priority given by grade level) **an F earned in a course will always be averaged into a GPA and will always be posted to the transcript**

11 Be registered for Selective Service (males only) Meet Georgia residency requirements HOPE = percentage of total tuition, ZELL = 100% tuition 3.0 CORE GPA (HOPE), 3.7 CORE GPA (Zell Miller) CORE GPA includes the following: Eng., Math, Science, Social Studies, For. Lang. For Zell Miller only: SAT score = 1200 CR + M (in one sitting), ACT score = 26 Composite & automatic qualification for High School Val/Sal AP quality pts. (only.50 given for AP and Dual Enrollment Courses, nothing above a 4.0) Middle school credit is not calculated in the HOPE GPA All calculations are done by the Georgia Student Finance Commission, and not by WFHS or Forsyth Co. Schools. HOPE GPA is not rounded up, so 2.99 does not qualify. RIGOR Requirement (Class of 2018 / FOUR rigor Courses)

12 ENGLISH 10 th Lit Comp. or Honor 10 th Lit Comp. SCIENCE Env. Science, Earth Science, Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, AP Biology, Oceanography HISTORY World History, AP World History MATH Analytical Geometry, Acc Analytic Geo B/Adv Algebra, Acc Pre Calculus, Math Support (elective) WORLD Spanish II, Spanish III, French II, Latin II LANGUAGE **Courses in blue count toward HOPE Scholarship Rigor Requirements

13 Covers a percentage % of tuition (based on Lottery Funds) Award Amounts: $$$ varies and depends on the type of institution you are attending. Students attending Georgia public colleges receive a HOPE Award amount based upon a per hour rate at the institution he or she is attending.

14 **Did you know that if you graduate from high school with less than a 3.0 GPA, you could still earn HOPE once you enroll in college? At 30, 60, or 90 hours, if a once ineligible student earns a 3.0+, they become HOPE eligible. **This does not apply to Zell Miller. Students have to be eligible for Zell Miller upon graduating from high school, to receive the award at any point in college.

15 Pays a percentage of tuition at all Georgia Technical Colleges Graduate from a Hope-eligible high school NO GPA requirement Technical College System (based on 12 hours) $1,500 (HOPE) and $2040 (Zell)

16 HOPE Scholarship (Enrolled Full-Time) $3,708 per year award ZELL MILLER (Enrolled Full-Time) $4,000 per year award

17 View your HOPE average and Rigor Requirements (summer of 10 th grade) Go to and login to your account. There is a link titled calculate my HOPE For Additional Information on HOPE Contact Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC) 770-724-9000 or

18 NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse If you are planning on participating in intercollegiate athletics at an NCAA Division I or II institution you must register with the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse Access the registration materials by visiting the NCAA website When taking the SAT/ACT, enter 9999 for scores to be sent to NCAA Students and parents are responsible for determining NCAA eligibility to Division I and Division II schools Counselor’s are neither responsible nor allowed to determine eligibility

19 If a college or scholarship program inquires about honor code violations or discipline, we are obligated to report this information. Also, inquiries on a student's integrity may also be affected if the student has a documented out of school suspension or honor code violation. Acceptance to college is provisional and the colleges hold all of the rights. Colleges reserve the right to rescind admission or put you on immediate probation.

20 Making certain they have a conducive study environment ITS Learning Student/Parent Portal provided insight on progress, homework completion, grades, summative/formative Promote attending weekly help sessions Encourage to ask questions in class Continue to ask questions about your student’s day and stay connected.......

21 Re-write or type class notes (simplify material) Make Note Cards/Flash Cards (terms, vocab, formulas, dates, places, events etc.) Read notes into tape recorder (auditory) Study buddy to quiz and go over material Find a place free of distractions to study Read for understanding (highlighter, notes/flash cards) Use mnemonics/acronyms as a fun tool for understanding

22 Every student is different……. Getting involved at school will contribute to academic success. There are over 75 different clubs/organizations. FIND SOMEWHERE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

23 General Resume West Forsyth High School 4155 Drew Road Cumming, GA 30040 Telephone: 770-888-3470 Fax: 770-888-3472 default.aspx?domainid=2060 CEEB School Code: 110929

24 General Resume

25 PSAT Recommended for college-bound students Wednesday, October 15 th Registration in Counseling Office Cost $14 1 st Annual Keys to the Dawghouse Will be held on November 4 @ 6:30 in WFHS Auditorium

26 GACollege411 ( Big Future( Career Cruising (

27 Everything you needed to know about the new SAT Test

28 Visit the WFHS Counseling website! Follow us on Twitter @WFHS_HS THANKS SO MUCH…… Please take the following survey. Your feedback is important to us!

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