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Internet 101 Neil Reisner Florida International University.

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1 Internet 101 Neil Reisner Florida International University

2 OR

3 “Once in awhile you can get shown the light in the strangest of places......if you look at it right. Robert Hunter

4 First Things First

5 Google is the It makes us lazy. Is it the best source? What about: Devil  Telephone-Assisted Reporting  Almanac-Assisted Reporting  Encyclopedia-Assisted Reporting  Reference Librarian-Assisted Reporting

6 Google is an A grand, unified source of information if… Angel  You know what you’re seeking  You focus your search  You know it when you see it

7 The Web is part of your beat!  Surf around  Treat it like your beat  Bookmark the ones that work for you  Don’t search, ORGANIZE

8 But Remember…  Most records start out on paper  The “Document Frame of Mind”  There’s a record out there and I’m going to find it!  The intersection of government and citizens  How does information flow?

9 Have a Strategy  Know the law  Know the records  Know where to get the records  A primer

10 Your new best friend…  Records Retention Schedules Records Retention Schedules Records Retention Schedules  Rules for records disposal  Inventory of all records an agency keeps  Make it your first record request

11 Main Entrances  NICAR `Net Tour  Reporter.Org: http://www.reporter.org  Reporters Desktop:  Power Reporting:

12 Utility Sites  WHOIS: Who owns that site?  Portico: Asset locator, property records, more.  FedStats: Portal to government statistics.  FirstGov: Portal to federal and local governments.

13 More Utility Sites  Census Bureau: Numbers and much more.  CIA World Factbook: International info.  More International info:

14 People Finders  Argali: Phone numbers, addresses, reverse directory. Download required.  Backgrounding John Doe: Where to find the paper. Where to find the paper.  Freeality: Metasearch phone directories.

15 Public Records Search Engines  Search systems: Public records search engine. Slower, more variety and choice.  Pretrieve Better organized, faster, less variety and choice

16 When you have to search  Google: Broad search, ranks sites, but still not complete. Less organized.  Yahoo: Google-like interface.  Invisible Web: Deeper search, hits sites others don’t.

17 When you have to search (cont’d)  Mrsapo Search engine portal.  Topix News portal  Article Search If you don’t have Lexis/Nexis.

18 More Google  Google advanced:  Academic/professional works:  Pictures/documents  Nearby businesses

19 Even More Google  Be notified about a story/source:  What Google’s working on:

20 Lurking Dangers  What do Yogi Berra, Niels Bohr, Samuel Goldwyn, Dan Quayle and Mark Twain have in common?  According to Google results, they all are responsible for the saying, “Prediction is difficult, especially about the future.”

21 More Lurking Dangers   / / /

22 Finding government audits  Government Accountability Office reports: ndex.html ndex.html  Federal Audit Clearinghouse Database of audits of all non-federal entities that receive federal money each year.

23 What the government publishes  Government Printing Office ml ml ml

24 Everything else  Quick Reference: What you used to keep on your desk – almanacs, dictionaries, thesauri, etc. Run by Matt Drudge’s father Bob.


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