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An Introduction to the RETS/REMP Steering Committee Greg Barley.

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1 An Introduction to the RETS/REMP Steering Committee Greg Barley

2 So, tell me again… Why is RETS/REMP important?

3 When you think that you know all the answers, then you need to find some new questions.

4 Members l Ken Sejkora, Entergy l Greg Barley, Progress Energy l John Doroski, Dominion l Bill Eakin, Dominion l Claude Flory, Dominion l Steve Sandike, Entergy l Doug Wahl, Exelon

5 Purpose l Workshop Oversight l Information Sharing l Position Papers

6 Workshop Oversight l Scheduling l Format l Guidance for Host Utility

7 Information Sharing l “Gray Hair University” l Clearinghouse for Questions and Issues l RETS l REMP l ODCM l Meteorology l Etc, etc, etc…

8 Position Papers l Question Presented to Committee Member l Committee Agreement to Develop Position l “Volunteer” Chosen l Poll Committee, Industry Peers l Consult With NRR, Inspectors

9 Position Papers (Cont’d) l Draft Position and Obtain Committee Comments l Present Draft Position at Workshop l Incorporate Comments l Final Committee Approval l Post Position to Website

10 Committee Meetings l Minimum Once per Year (Workshop) l More Often, if Necessary w Telephone, Email

11 Items for Consideration l Plant Transient Effluent Sampling (in progress) l Guidance for Sampling of 3 Types of Broadleaf Vegetation l Guidance for Use of Long-term Annual Meteorology w Frequency for review of data w Criteria for when to change inputs to dose calculations

12 Items for Consideration (Cont’d) l Dose Projections: ODCM vs. Tech Spec w ODCM 31-day dose projection w Tech Spec quarterly and annual dose l Air Sampling Guidance w Collection efficiencies (e.g., charcoal cartridges) w Corrections for STP? w Collection outside doghouses in REMP field sampling

13 Items for Consideration (Cont’d) l Guidance on Washing/Processing of Vegetation Prior to Analysis l Standardized Counting Methods w Gross beta decay times l C-14…???

14 Questions, comments?

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