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Clinical Guidelines in Acute Seizure Management

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1 Clinical Guidelines in Acute Seizure Management
William C. Dalsey, MD, FACEP, MBA Department of Emergency Medicine Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital New Jersey

2 How Do You Begin to Create a Clinical Guideline for Seizures?
Selecting the Topic Selecting Members of the Committee Process for Evaluating the Literature Process to Create Clinical Guideline

3 Critical Questions How do you evaluate and treat a patient with a seizure? Complicating Factors: Status Epilepticus? Hypoglycemia, Febrile Seizures, Alcohol Withdrawal, Trauma, Eclampsia

4 What is best? Efficacy of Treatment? Safety?
Complications? Side Effects? Route of Administration? Costs? Society/Ethics?

5 Are There Existing Practice Guidelines?
AMA Clinical Guidelines Clearinghouse Cochrane Library

6 Asking the “Right” Questions
The need to be specific Identification of inclusion/exclusion criteria Searching the Literature Metanalysis and Nonrandomized Trials

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