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Class of 2015 Welcome to your SENIOR CONFERENCE 1 1515 1515 Presented by the Cass Tech HS Guidance and Counseling Department: Ms. McCalep-Edwards Ms. Johnson.

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1 Class of 2015 Welcome to your SENIOR CONFERENCE 1 1515 1515 Presented by the Cass Tech HS Guidance and Counseling Department: Ms. McCalep-Edwards Ms. Johnson Ms. Kimbrough Ms. Moffitt, Mr. Rogers Ms. Sanders Ms. Sims Mr. Stevenson Mrs. Stroughter, Assistant Principal

2 Today's conference is posted online at: GuidanceandCounseling Click on the link for "Senior Conference" Seniors please study the procedures at your leisure. You are responsible to know and follow all procedures precisely. 2

3 SENIOR CONFERENCE TOPICS → Senior Calendar → College Selection → Procedure to visit with a college recruiter → Procedure for submitting College Application (Paper) Procedure for submitting College Application (Web) Early Admissions – Early Decision – → Early Response Letters of Recommendation "On- The-Spot" College Application Procedure College Scholarships → Financial Aid → SAT/ACT → Senior Year Budget Graduation Requirements Career Planning → NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse → Fee Waiver Procedure for College Apps and/or SAT or ACT 3


5 SEPTEMBER 2014 ● Register to take or retake the ACT and or SAT if necessary. Check Test Date Schedule for Deadlines. ● Attend Senior Conference with parents/guardians on September 26 th. ● Meet with your counselor for Counseling Group Senior Conference (CGSC) and carefully complete and return all paperwork. ● Study your transcript (given to you in CGSC folder) and report any error immediately to your counselor. ● Complete college applications following CT Procedures, paying close attention to deadlines (especially for Early Decision or Early Action or Early Response) ● Get off to a strong start academically. ( Oct 2013 through June 2014 will be discussed in the counselor session) 5

6 COLLEGE SELECTION There are many places waiting for you and will be a "good fit" for you. There are 2,190 colleges and 1,653 community colleges in the United States. There are 60 colleges and 33 community colleges in Michigan. Find a strong correlation between... -your academic record and- admission requirements - your intellectual interests and - the degree programs available - your personality and- the college setting You accomplish this by doing research and by asking questions Do not consider cost initially! 6

7 COLLEGE SELECTION Continued Important things to consider when choosing a college: Majors and Minors offered Public vs Private Population (HBCU or not)/Gender (males/females/ratio?) Size: -small = less than 2K -medium = 2K - 15K -large = more than 15k - or no preference Location (city or state or region or no preference) 7

8 8 Distance from home Cost to the family Student population (gender? ethnicity?) Housing Athletics Activities and special programs ‘Gut' feelings COLLEGE SELECTION Continued

9 An excellent website to focus in on colleges is Click on "Find your match" 9

10 Questions to ask when meeting with College Recruiters What is the academic profile of the average entering freshman? What support services are there for students who are undecided on a major? What is the average size of freshman level courses? What percentage of students receive financial aid? What percentage of freshman return for their sophomore year? What percentage of students graduate within four years? five years? What are the graduate school or job placement statistics for your major? What support and/or special interests student groups are available? 10

11 How Do Colleges Accept or Reject Applicants ? Grades/Overall GPA (many schools recalculate the GPA using core academics only ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Global Language); Rank (where you stand in your class; e.g. 128 out of 491); The rigor of your academic coursework, including courses you are taking this year; Standardized test score (ACT or SAT); First senior report card (they also study all senior grades on final transcript after a student has been admitted to see if they still should be admitted. Many schools require a mid-year (January) grade report); 11

12 12 The quality of writing in your essay (if required); Recommendations Uniqueness (extracurricular activities, special interests, aptitudes, recognitions/awards) How Do Colleges Accept or Reject Applicants? Continued

13 1.Decide whom you want to visit (see list posted on teacherweb.) 2.Secure a pass from the Counseling Department. 3.Have your pass signed by your teacher then report to 216. 4.Show your pass to the secretary in the guidance office before you enter the career center. *If the bell rings and you need more time you must go to your next class and get another pass and return. Do not get yourself in trouble with your teacher by assuming you can miss class to talk with a recruiter. Ask for a pass! Procedure for College Recruiter Visitation 13

14 1.Get college application (college website) and request a transcript from docufide. 2.Complete the application and all requirements per the application. 3.Submit the application to your counselor 4.Get the application back from your counselor per your counselor's process (which will be explained in your counselor session). 5.Mail the completed application and a check or money order (for the application fee) to the college or university. Transcripts are free but must be submitted through Docufide. Mail your application at least 5-7days before the application deadline. Allow at least 6 weeks to hear back from the college. Seniors must request a final transcript be sent to the college they will attend. This request is made through Docufide and must occur before senior finals in June. There is no cost for this transcript. Procedure for Submitting A College Application (Paper Version) 14

15 Procedure for Submitting A WEB-BASED College Application (We encourage students to apply electronically) 1. Have a credit card ready. Go to the college website. 2. Click on the link to complete your application online and follow all instructions. Often you will be asked to register first. This sign on and password is usually good for one year. 3. If there is a counselor page that must be mailed, then print this page and submit it to your counselor, along with the CT Transcript Request Form. 4. Follow the process for submitting a Transcript Request through Parchment the same day because the college will be looking for it in order to complete your online application. 15

16 WRONG! WRONG! WRONG ! Do NOT: Mail application without a check, money order or fee wavier enclosed. Apply online without requesting a transcript Bring partially completed applications to your counselor (unless you need help completing) Drop off your application to your counselor and not return to pick it up. Apply past the deadlines Have anything mailed to Cass Tech on your behalf!!! Reminder: The last day to submit college apps before Christmas break is Dec. 12, 2014. We will resume on Jan. 5, 2015 16

17 Fact: Approximately 400 colleges out of the 2,200 four year colleges in the U.S. offer an early plan. U-M calls theirs “Early Response” ED applicants Apply early (usually by November 1) to first-choice college Receive an admission decision from the college well in advance of the usual notification date (usually by December) Agree to attend the college if accepted and offered a financial aid package that is considered adequate by the family May only apply to one college for early decision May apply to other colleges under regular admission Must withdraw all other applications when accepted by ED Usually must give a nonrefundable deposit by March Early Decision (ED) - Early Admissions (EA) – Early Response (U of M) 17

18 18 EA –ER applicants Apply early Receive an admission decision early in the admission cycle (usually in January or February) Do not have to commit to an EA college May apply to other colleges under regular admission plans Must give the college a decision no later than the May 1 national response date Applying to an ED or EA plan is most appropriate for a student who: Have researched colleges extensively Is absolutely sure that the college she is applying to early is a first choice Has found a school that is a strong match academically, socially, geographically etc. Meets or exceeds the admission profile for the school for ACT/SAT scores, GPA, and class rank Has an academic record that has been consistently solid over time

19 First, find out if the schools to which you are applying require letters of recommendation. Some do many do not. If a school does not require recommendation letters you may still include them with your application. The most influential letters come from teachers who have worked directly with you everyday for a semester or two. They can write specifically about your academic work. Remember, each teacher/counselor has their own process Give the writer a week or two to complete LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION 19

20 Pre-Qualifications 2.9 or higher overall GPA A recorded SAT or ACT score Procedure: 1.Find out what colleges are coming for "On-Site" by looking on the monthly flyer. 2. Complete a college application electronically, forward any counselor or administrative recommendations to your counselor, request a transcript through Docufide and see Ms. Kimbrough for your appointment time. 3.Check the front door of the counseling suite or for your appointment time (usually posted at least three days before the interviews). 4.Come at your appointed time dressed appropriately for an interview. On-Site College Admissions Procedure 20

21 COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS CT Counselors post all scholarships we receive at: andCounseling Paper copies are kept in the career room file cabinet. Hundreds of other scholarship applications (which do not come directly to Cass) can be secured through various companies, clubs, organizations, or churches. The internet is often a good way to find out about such scholarships. If you are awarded a scholarship, then please bring the proof to your counselor. 21

22 College Scholarships Most are often awarded directly from the college after the student is accepted, has completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and has signed a letter of intent to attend or paid the housing deposit. This occurs in the spring (April/May). 22

23 College Scholarships A "word to the wise" Several For Profit companies offer scholarship search services for a fee ($30 - $700). It is suggested you thoroughly investigate any search service before submitting a fee. Protect yourself from becoming the victim of a scholarship scam. You should never have to pay for scholarship information. 23

24 College Scholarships Most student aid comes in the form of federal education loans and grants from colleges. Look into large national scholarships such as Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), Gates Millennium, Intel Science, Coca-Cola, and Robert Byrd. Remember, organizations of all types and sizes sponsor scholarships. Many large companies offer scholarships or tuition programs for children of employees. 24

25 25 Employers like fast food chains, department stores, and supermarkets often give scholarships. Awards related to student employment can come from unexpected sources. For example, there are a number of excellent scholarships for golf caddies. Many free scholarship search companies collects information on hundreds of awards and compares your characteristics with scholarship restrictions. Based on your answers to a questionnaire, you will receive a list of possible scholarships. It is up to you to decide which ones you will try for.

26 FINANCIAL AID Apply online at fafsa.ed/gov for a student and parent pin NOW. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) after Jan 1 and before Feb. 15 th The FAFSA is completed online. Financial Aid Night is December 3, 2014 at 6 PM Last year's financial aid presentation is still posted at: CSS/Financial Aid Profile Some colleges/universities and scholarship programs (approx 600 of them) use the information collected on the Collegeboard CSS PROFILE to help them award nonfederal student aid funds. For example, the University of Michigan requires the Profile. Cost = $9 registration fee (done online) and $16 for each college to receive your info. Learn more at 26

27 SAT/ACT Please refer to the your packets for ACT/SAT test dates. First time test takers or those retesting should complete a paper registration packet (Guidance Office) or register online (credit card needed)ASAP. IMPORTANT FACT: If you have qualified for a free or reduced lunch you qualify for a free ACT (2 times) and free SAT (2 times). Each time you use a waiver for the ACT or the SAT you qualify for three college application fees to be waived! Register online at or The Cass Tech High School code (also called the CEEB Code) is 230850 The NCAA code is 9999 27

28 SENIOR YEAR EXPENSES College application fees: Senior dues Homecoming Dance: Pictures Senior Ice Breaker Prom Class Ring Senior Pinning 28

29 CHOOSING A COLLEGE MAJOR /CAREER Your Career Lab is Room 216 If you have time in school use the lab or the media center to research information about careers, colleges, majors, scholarships, financial aid, ACT/SAT, and job Opportunities. Explore the sites suggested on the College and Career Related Internet Sites sheet in your senior packet. Discuss your plans with others; your parents, your counselor, your grandparents, etc. Complete an interest inventory. 29

30 NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse To practice, play and get an athletic scholarship at a division one (D1) or division two (D2) school you need to: Graduate from high school Complete a minimum of 14 core courses (D2) or 16 core courses (D1), Have a minimum GPA in those core courses, And have a qualifying test score on either the ACT or SAT (Use code "9999" when registering for the ACT or SAT) See Ms. Sims for more info. 30

31 NCAA - What do I do first? Register with the Clearinghouse by going to www.eligibilitycenter. For a list of the approved CT core courses go to tml (School code = 230850) tml For information on your Clearinghouse status For questions about whether your transcript, student release form, etc. were received, or about when you will be cleared, call the automated system at 877/861-3003 (toll free in the USA) or 319/339-3003. (You will need your Personal Identification Number [PIN] and Social Security number.) Customer Service: 877/262-1492 (toll free in the USA) All students playing a D1 or D2 sport should see Ms. Sims for help. 31

32 NCAA There is a $60 fee to register with NCAA (yes, everybody seems to want your money!), but do not pay anyone to help you with the clearinghouse. CT counselors are well trained to help you for free!! If you received a fee waiver for the ACT or the SAT then your NCAA registration fee of $60 is also waived! Check the box that indicates you have received a ACT or SAT fee waiver (if you have) and tell your counselor to send the verification to the NCAA. 32

33 FEE WAIVER PROCEDURE How to secure a waiver for the cost of taking the ACT, and or SAT, and or College Application Fees : 1. Complete a “Supplemental Services Survey". Surveys are in the counseling suite. Ask the secretary. 2. Return the completed Survey to the Office of Student Affairs and wait one week for the survey to be processed. 3.Your name must be on the school approved verification roster before you can receive a fee waiver. 4. Only 2 SAT and ACT waivers per student can be obtained in a school year. Note: There is a limited supply of waivers. First come first served. 33

34 QUALIFICATIONS FOR COMPACT FUNDS Four Year College Requirements 95% Attendance Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher ACT score of 21 or better No major violations of the Student Code of Conduct (class 2 or3) Meet requirements for college admission Complete Financial Aid Form ( after January 1 st every year Two Year Community College transition to Four Year College 95% Attendance Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher ACT score of 18 or better No major violations of the Student Code of Conduct Complete application process for admittance Complete (FASA) Financial Aid Forms 34

35 Detroit Compact Scholarship Program – COLLEGE LIST Michigan Public Institutions Central Michigan University Eastern Michigan University Ferris State University Grand Valley State University Michigan State University Michigan Technological University Oakland University University of Michigan-Ann Arbor University of Michigan-Dearborn Wayne State University Western Michigan University Michigan College Foundation Adrian College Albion College Alma College Andrews College Aquinas College Calvin College Hillsdale College Hope College Kalamazoo College Madonna College Marygrove College Northwood University Olivet College Siena Heights University Spring Arbor College University of Detroit Mercy 35

36 36 The majority of the funding for scholarships comes from the universities themselves. Participating in-state private schools may work with students on an individual basis but DO NOT guarantee that all tuition and fees will be covered, although they typically put together very generous aid packages. Private institutions do not accept transfer student. Community College & Job Training Programs Focus Hope Machinist Training Institute Wayne County Community College Henry Ford Community College Oakland Community College Macomb Community College Schoolcraft College Transfer Students Students will have the opportunity to transfer to a four-year participating university upon completion of an associate’s degree with continued Compact assistance. Please note each four-year college/university has its own policies regarding Detroit Compact transfer students.

37 Please complete and submit to your counselor before you leave. Senior Questionnaire Signed Audit Sheet Senior Conference Card Diploma Card 37

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