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Sept 8, 2010 FT. SAM HOUSTON, TEXAS JBSA Sustainable Energy Innovation Center.

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1 Sept 8, 2010 FT. SAM HOUSTON, TEXAS JBSA Sustainable Energy Innovation Center

2 Purpose of Meeting 2 Review the concept of a JBSA Sustainable Energy Innovation Center: mission, roles & operations Include input and advice from stakeholders and participants Determine follow-on actions

3 Background of Concept 3 JBSA Energy Workshop June 9 reviewed AF energy goals and objectives as well as current and proposed actions for JBSA. JBSA’ s combined energy use makes JBSA CPS’s largest single customer and one of DOD largest energy users. Community resources can contribute to help JBSA accelerate achievement of goals. Improved communication can help define requirements and identify solutions to AF issues. Concept of a focused Innovation Center/Information Clearinghouse suggested by attendees to support JBSA requirements. Recent reviews and studies by groups such as Center for Naval Analysis (CNA) suggest formation of DOD Operational Innovation Center.

4 CNA Military Advisory Board 4 CNA is a Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) for the Navy and Marine Corps. The Center also provides research and analyses services to other military and government agencies to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of U.S. national defense efforts. A recent report of the CNA Military Advisory Board explored role of DOD in supporting innovation and commercialization of renewable energy for national security and American competitiveness.  Powering America’s Economy : Energy Innovation at the Crossroads on National Security Challenges July 2010.

5 CNA Recommendations 5 U. S. Government should take bold and aggressive action to support clean energy technology innovation…. DOD and DOE should more closely align energy related research and development activities…. The DOD should partner with private sector innovators and establish an Operational Energy Innovation Center. DOD should require widespread sharing of energy information in its research and development enterprise. The DOD should include acquiring clean energy technologies as a priority in its installation acquisition strategy.

6 CNA Operational Energy Innovation Center 6 Receive input from all innovators even the smallest Cultivate partnerships Collaborate with DOE Consider DOE Innovation Hub Model Could be funded through a competitive Operational Energy Innovation Fund

7 Given 7 The challenges and opportunities for collaboration and innovation in sustainable energy for JBSA presented at the June 9 Workshop. The results of the CNA report and other recent DOD directives and guidance. San Antonio and Texas have a number of energy innovative organizations including the business, academic, research and local government activities available to support collaboration.

8 Then 8 The San Antonio Community and JBSA should consider establishing a JBSA Sustainable Energy Innovation Center to meet the DOD challenges and take advantage of the funding and opportunity to capitalize on the new energy initiatives

9 JBSA Center Activities 9 Demonstrate solutions for achieving energy improvement goals for JBSA Accelerate assessment and implementation of new technologies that foster JBSA energy goals Provide clearinghouse for evaluating new technology and methods and their effectiveness and limitations Maintain a searchable database of ideas, technologies and solutions for JBSA to accelerate adoption Solutions will address all aspects of the efficient supply, storage, transmission, management and use of energy. Focused on military installations. Lessons learned from the military and the community will be shared, which will leverage activities and accelerate adoption of the best available solutions

10 10 Innovation Center Connectivity

11 Organization 11 The JBSA Center would be a project of the DTI (Defense Transformation Institute), a single member LLC of the Texas Research and Technology Foundation. The initial agreement would be by MOU between JBSA and DTI. Subsequent agreements could include Cooperative Research and Development Agreement, Partnership Intermediary Agreement or other agreement forms. DTI would establish agreements with other local and national innovation collaborators by a variety of agreement forms. DTI would establish an advisory board to provide guidance, oversight and advice to DTI and JBSA. The JBSA Center would be governed by a management committee that will be made up of designees from JBSA and AETC leadership and DTI representatives to coordinate the scope of priorities and work to be performed.

12 Partners (partial listing) DTIJBSA LAFB, FSH, RAFB, Camp Bullis INNOVATION CENTERCoSATEESUTSACPSState of TEXASSwRIBusinesses JBSA / DTI Innovation Center 12

13 San Antonio Research Collaborators 13 Texas Center for Applied Technology(TCAT)/Texas Engineering Experiment Station -- TAMUS UTSA Sustainable Energy Research Institute(SERI) San Antonio Water System Southwest Research Institute CPS Energy Others

14 Community’s Sustainable Efforts 14 CoSA’s Mission Verde initiatives MVC TEES - Energy Regional Innovation Cluster UTSA’ s SERI SwRI Alamo Colleges CPS new solar project and windtricity SAWS methane plant Build San Antonio Green (BSAG) Solar SA Southwest Sustainability Alliance

15 15 Mission Verde Center

16 DTI Supporting Organizations 16 HQ AETC HQ Army Installation Management Command AFCEE USAA Valero Rackspace Zachry Holdings HEB Texas Military Preparedness Commission State Agencies

17 Leveraging San Antonio Outcomes JBSA as the Innovation Center’s Partner 17 Value proposition for JBSA  Access to internationally-known sustainability experts to assist JBSA in its energy sustainability challenges  Exposure to new R&DDD  Provide and gain feedback in the R&DDD loop, thus creating products/processes that have immediate impact Value proposition for San Antonio and Innovation Center  Actual deployment bed to insert new technologies/processes  Validation of new products/processes by measurement and verification (quantitative, behavioral)  Open forum to discuss sustainability, especially based on lessons learned

18 Suggested Early Stage Work Plan 18 Hold series of working meetings with JBSA to learn requirements Set up clearinghouse and communications systems(web site ?) Develop the searchable database Hold series of workshops Bring lessons-learned to JBSA Presentation of regional assets and ideas (magazine) Vendors showcase (sourced Nationally)

19 Create the Center in Phases 19  Formalize concept with JBSA/DTI MOU  Utilize existing regional capabilities for a no-cost start  Leverage current regional assets for a quick start Mission Verde Center – Training/Demonstration/Evaluation of sustainable technology, A&M’s Sustainable Urban Center for the Advancement of San Antonio (SU CASA) UTSA’s Texas Sustainable Energy Research Institute CPS Energy – Blue Wing Solar San Antonio Water Systems – Dos Rios Water Recycling Center Biogas recycling Southwest Research Institute - Smart Grid communication Build San Antonio Green (BSAG) – residential sustainable building thru Builders Assn. Solar San Antonio San Antonio Clean Tech Forum

20 Input and Advice 20 Comments ??

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