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SENIOR PARENT NIGHT Making the College Application Process Easier

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1 SENIOR PARENT NIGHT Making the College Application Process Easier
MONROE TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT WELCOMES YOU TO SENIOR PARENT NIGHT Making the College Application Process Easier Presented by the MTHS College and Career Counseling Department Michele Critelli – District Guidance Supervisor Nicholas Cano– Guidance Counselor Damaris Domingues– Guidance Counselor Cathy Ielpi – Guidance Counselor Diane Peterson – Guidance Counselor Michele Rockoff – Guidance Counselor Brooke Yudell – Guidance Counselor

2 Let us help you… Okay, let’s get started!
First, breathe. Know that it will all get done. Next, get organized. Then, breathe again. Okay, let’s get started!

3 create a college application calendar
. September Meet with your guidance counselor to talk about your college plans and review your transcript. Finalize your list of colleges. The list should include “safety,” “probable,” and “reach” colleges. Decide if you are going to apply regular admission or earlier (Be cognizant of your deadlines). There are different types of admission. a. Regular Admission b. Early Decision: Binding c. Early Action: Nonbinding d. Rolling Admission: Admission decisions are made as applications are received Check the guidance website to complete appropriate forms in order to process your applications. a. Senior Brag Sheet b. Parent input form c. Resume **Resumes will be helpful to counselors/teachers when writing recommendation letters October Ask your counselor, teachers or employers, etc. for letters of recommendation. Give them plenty of time to meet your deadlines. If you take the SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and/or ACT, make sure your scores are sent to each of your colleges. (Logon to or for information about sending original score reports) Work hard at completing your college essays. Seek out help when proofreading them for mistakes. The Writing Lab is open Monday – Thursday, 2:15-3:15PM, Room G303. November Submit early decision and early action applications on time. Follow up to ensure that letters of recommendation are completed on time to meet your deadlines. Send applications as early as possible. Attend our Financial Aid Information Session here on November 10 at 6:30pm

4 College application calendar (Cont’d)
December Try to wrap up college applications ASAP. Follow up with the financial aid office at the colleges to which you are applying to see what financial aid forms they require. January Midyear grade reports will need to be sent to the colleges that require first semester grades by the College and Career Counseling Center (CCCC) February and March Continue to perform well in school and don’t get “senioritis;” colleges want to see strong second semester grades. Read carefully any admission decisions that arrive; all will require action on your part. April Review admission decisions and compare the financial aid award letters that arrive this month. Make a final decision, and mail the enrollment form and deposit check to the college you select before the May 1 enrollment deadline (for most colleges). Correspond with institutions that you will NOT be attending to notify them of your decision. If you are on a waiting list, contact the admission office and let them know your continued interest in the college; update them on your spring semester grades and activities. May If you take AP exams, make sure your AP score report is sent to your college. Study hard for final exams. Most admission offers are contingent on your final grades. June The CCCC will send your final transcript to your chosen college.

5 How many college applications?
When creating your final list, identify colleges that have: Educational programs you need A campus life that offers you the opportunities you want Apply to a Range of Colleges Create options by applying to a diverse range of schools, and be realistic about the strength of your application Although there is no magic number, it is recommended that you apply to 3-6 schools. Remember that all applications take your time, energy, and money. Try to avoid sending too many applications. Applying to too many schools can be expensive; each one has an application fee (Between $25 and $75) Quality is better than quantity when it comes to college applications; there are many steps and each one must be done carefully If you apply and you’re really not interested in attending, you may be taking a spot away from another applicant who really wants to go to that college

6 Completing the Application
Completing the application can be confusing, overwhelming, and tedious. However, it must be done in order to ensure consideration of your child by his or her desired post secondary institution.

7 Some things to keep in mind:
Common Application vs. College Application: The Common Application, was designed to expedite the application process. Numerous colleges are included in the Common Application, but to ensure that there are no mishaps, double-check that your child’s chosen schools are on the list before committing to using it. Most, if not all, applications can be done on line. **A benefit of applying online is that it is easier to correct a mistake on an electronic application than it is on a paper version. It can also save you money; some colleges waive the application fee if you apply online.

8 Application Information: Typically, the information requested on an application includes:
Personal identification information (name, address, etc.) Academic profile – GPA, standardized test scores, and courses taken in high school Extra-curricular activities, employment, and community service Special awards, honors, or accomplishments Possible major or program of study Essay(s) School Code – **In most cases, you should only submit the information requested by the college. However, if you feel it is critical that you provide additional material, consult with your guidance counselor or the college directly.

9 Application Processing Fees: Don’t forget to include a check made out to the college or university with the application. If the application is being completed on line, credit card information will be requested. Application Packet: Once the application is completed, students MUST log on to Naviance and select “Colleges I Am Applying To” in Edocs in order for your counselor to upload the documents to support your application. Seniors can check Naviance to see the status of their respective applications.

10 DEADLINES, DEADLINES: Check each school for respective deadlines
DEADLINES, DEADLINES: Check each school for respective deadlines. Be cognizant of early action, early decision, and priority deadlines. ***Rutgers Application Deadline is the December 1, 2011****

11 IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING THE SAT/ACT: Students MUST contact College Board/ACT directly in order to have official SAT/ACT scores sent to respective colleges or universities. Go to

12 If your son or daughter would like to take a standardized test/subject test this fall, here are the upcoming test dates. SAT ACT Oct. 1, 2011(standby only) Oct. 22, 2011 Nov. 5, Dec. 10, 2011 Dec. 3, 2011 On line registration must be done by logging on at or ***Be sure to check all registration deadlines. Our School Code is ****Most students take a standardized test twice – once in the spring of junior year and once in the fall of senior year.

13 SCORE CHOICE Score Choice is an SAT Score reporting policy designed to reduce student stress and improve the test day experience. This policy gives students the option to send SAT scores by test date in accordance with a particular college’s score-use practice. Score Choice is optional, and if students choose not to use it, all scores are sent automatically. Each college, university, and scholarship program has different score-use practices. The College Board has designed an easy-to-use process that provides students with score-use practices of participating institutions. Students are responsible for following an institution’s practice, and colleges and universities will only receive the scores that students send them. Please log on to for more information.

14 SCORE CHOICE If a student opts for score choice it will cost $10.50 per school to have your scores sent. The other option is not to use score choice and you are able to have your scores sent to four schools for free at time of registration.

15 naviance Naviance creates and supports a college-going culture by encouraging all students to explore post-secondary education options. Students and parents are given valuable insight into the college admissions process with college search, scattergrams, college visit information, scholarship opportunities, application statistics and much more. Naviance increases collaboration and engagement with both students and parents. Students can track their college applications and clearly see what still needs to be done, make sure they are meeting their deadlines, and even make requests for important documents like transcripts and teacher recommendations. Counselors and teachers will be able to manage the college advising process and assist students with planning, preparation, and eventual enrollment in post-secondary institutions. Counselors can track applications, teacher recommendations, record transcript requests, track student milestone completion, and personalize communications. They can send transcripts and teacher recommendations to over 1,000 colleges online. Naviance will be instrumental in creating a college-going community by keeping students engaged throughout the process of planning for post- secondary education options.

16 Naviance E-Docs….

For the Aspiring College Athlete You must submit your SAT scores directly to the Clearinghouse. The Clearinghouse code is 9999. You can register online through your Naviance account. For more information about participation in college athletics please logon to IT IS THE STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO COMPLETE ALL FORMS!

18 Financing a college education:
Possibly the most challenging aspect of the application process can be finding the money to pay for it all. Through scholarships, grants, loans, and financial aid, a college education is possible.

19 We will be hosting a Financial Aid seminar on November 10, 2011 and a “Hands – On” workshop on February 8, 2012 (Snow date Feb. 9, 2012). The November event will include a presentation by a financial aid representative from HESAA. The February workshop is designed to assist you with the completion of financial aid forms. If you plan to attend the Hands On Workshop, it is imperative that you bring all supporting documentation so that the financial aid officer can facilitate the FAFSA with you.

20 Scholarship opportunities are regularly updated on our department website and kept on file in our office, as well, ready to be accessed by you and your child. There are many scholarship clearinghouse websites, such as that can assist you when trying to locate credible scholarship information.

21 Some helpful websites are only a click away to make the financial guessing game less stressful and less confusing. This is the official website for the FREE Application for Federal Student Aid. The FAFSA form must be completed on line and can be sent beginning January 1, The application must be filled out each year that your child attends college. **Never, ever, pay for an application. It is FREE. Go to this site before January 1st to sign up for a required PIN number for you and your child(ren). This will be needed when you file your FAFSA form. This is the New Jersey higher education student assistance authority website. This agency is particularly helpful when wading through state aid. This website can help in explaining the terminology and options of financial aid. This website lists 1000’s of scholarship opportunities available to college bound students.

22 Please log on to our website at www. monroe. k12. nj
Please log on to our website at and click on the guidance link for more college information. We are always available to assist you and your child. We hope this presentation has been helpful.

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