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 Wylie East Raiders Class of 2016 Junior Guidance.

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1  Wylie East Raiders Class of 2016 Junior Guidance

2 Graduation 2015  EOC test requirements  College Readiness

3 2014 Changes  New Electives  Dual Credit Courses  Bell Schedule  Lunches

4 Your Counselor:  Mrs. Nuss: A-E  Mrs. Andrews: F-La  Mrs. Paul: Le-Ri  Mrs. Whittle: Ro-Z

5 Graduation Requirements (Recommended Plan)

6 Look online  The counselors will be putting lots of information and all forms on our webpage. 

7 Visit the Website!

8 Where to Start  Sign up to take the ACT and SAT ASAP!  Plan to take them BOTH (WEHS code: 447699)  Colleges accept scores from either test.  ACT website:  SAT website:


10 ACT Dates Test DateRegistration Deadline(Late Fee Required)

11 Tips about your tests  You must have College Board and ACT send your scores directly to each school you apply to.  Try to put each school down when you are registering. If you send scores after your test, it will cost you money.  Take each test at least once. Some schools super-score!

12 Rank and GPA Matter If your student wants to apply to a college with selective admissions, Rank and GPA matter! If your student wants to be competitive for many scholarships, Rank and GPA matter! If your student doesn’t “test” very well, Rank and GPA matter! For students who apply to college during the early admissions window in the fall, this semester’s grades will be the last ones posted on the transcript to be sent with the application

13 Requesting Your Rank/GPA  You must fill out a request slip with Mrs. Ragsdale in the counselor’s office.  She will return it to you within 24 hours.  Plan accordingly!  Rank and GPA are not updated until June  You may request this information over the summer using the online requests under the Registrar Tab

14 College Visits  You can take up to 2 days your junior and senior year to go and visit a college or university.  Request approval for a college visit in the attendance office or on the counselor’s webpage.  Fill out form and return to the attendance office BEFORE your visit.  Schedule your tour and make sure you get a letter from the college with your name on it with the date of your visit.  Return letter and note from your parent into the attendance office to for absence to be excused.

15 My College Visit Checklist (see handout)

16 Set up an account (out of state and private schools have alternate application requirements)

17 College Applications  Each student should plan to apply to 3-5 schools  1 Reach School: You may be just outside of the entrance requirements, but you’d like to go  2-3 Ideal Schools: You have all the requirements for admission and you’d be happy to attend any of them  1 Safety School: This is your Plan B or school you may end up going to. Could be a school close to home &/or Collin College. You are guaranteed admission to a community college.

18 Early Decision vs. Early Action  Early Decision (binding)  If you apply for early decision, you promise to go there if you are accepted. Don’t take this lightly.  You may only apply for early decision to ONE school.  Early Action (non-binding)  Early notification of acceptance.  Both deadlines are very early (usually around Nov 1 st )

19 Regular vs. Rolling Admission  Regular admission deadlines: date when everything must be turned in. Many Texas schools have these (UT, A&M). They will get all applications and then make decisions in the next few months.  Rolling Admissions: These deadlines are usually later in the year and they will make decisions as they receive applications.  The earlier you send in your application, the earlier you will find out.

20 Do your research!  Research the schools you’re interested in applying for and know their entrance requirements:  What score do I need to make on the SAT/ACT?  What does my GPA need to be for acceptance?  Do I need to write an essay?  Do I need recommendation letters?  When is the deadline?  Big vs. Small  Do they have your intended major (s)?  How far is it from home?

21 Sending your Transcripts  Transcripts must be requested to be sent directly from WEHS to the College or University!  A student or parent may NOT hand deliver an official transcript.  A student can print a form off from the Counselors webpage and turn the request in to Mrs. Lindsey in the counselor’s office.  Transcripts may take 24-48 hours to be sent so plan accordingly!

22 Time to Brag!  Get your resume together!  Write down everything you’ve done from 9 th -12 th grade year  Include:  School activities (sports, clubs, awards etc.)  Personal information  Education/Academics  Church activities and involvement  Part time job  Volunteer hours  Any leadership positions you’ve held

23 Essays  Check to make sure schools require  Be honest and truthful.  Colleges Admissions read ever single one.  Edit them! Read aloud and hear your mistakes.  Spell Check!  Ask an adult or peer to look over.

24 College is Expensive Cost estimates: Community College = $2,000+ /year 4-year public university = $16,000+ / year 4-year private university = $32,000+ / year

25 FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid  You will fill out every year you are in school.  Start application after January 1, 2015.  Even if you don’t intend to use financial aid, you should fill out.  We will have a Financial Aid/FAFSA meeting in the fall of your senior year.

26 FAFSA (continued)  You’ll send your FAFSA reports to each college you have applied to/been accepted to.  Their financial aid department will send you a report with the scholarships, grants and loans offered from their school.  Look over carefully before you decide what school you will go to.

27 Cost Calculator

28 Cost of Attendance Estimated Cost for 9 months 24 credit hours for Fall/Spring  Tuition & Fees($7084)  Housing ($9020)  Books & Supplies($992)  Miscellaneous($1475)  Transportation __($953)__ $19,524

29 Scholarships  Usually involves an application, essay, resume and sometimes an interview.  Do not pay anyone to help you find scholarships. It is a scam. Do the work yourself.  Check out the counselor’s webpage for scholarships and the popular website handout.  Make sure your counselor has your email address senior year so we can forward you any we receive.  Local scholarships open in February of your Senior year

30 Grants  This is money given to you either from the schools or government to pay for college.  In most cases you do not have to pay it back.  There may be specific guidelines to receive grant or renew annually.

31 Loans  This is money you borrow to pay for college.  You have to pay this money back.  There is usually interest added that you have to pay with.  Don’t take out more money than you need for school.

32 NCAA Clearinghouse  If you are an athlete and have the intentions of playing your sport in college, you must be cleared through the NCAA Clearinghouse.   You must create an account and send a transcript from schools attended to NCAA.  Work with your coach to access Core GPA (free online service)

33 Raiders Are Going Places!  When you receive your acceptance letters, bring them to the counselor’s office.  We will blow them up poster size and hang them up for everyone to see.  You should be proud of your acceptances. You have EARNED them!

34 Remind 101

35 Congratulations Class of 2015 Graduation June 2015!

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