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Edna Karr High School CLASS of 2017

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1 Edna Karr High School CLASS of 2017
Freshmen Parent Night

The mission of Edna Karr High School is to teach all students to be independent, life-long learners and achievers through the involvement of all stakeholders.

3 Mr. Patrick Tubbins (H-N)
COUNSELORS Mrs. Judy Lee (A-G) Mr. Patrick Tubbins (H-N) Dr. Sundy Barjon(O-Z) Ms. Amanda Lu College Advisor

4 Thanks go to… 9th grade sponsors
9th grade teachers and other faculty in attendance Tonight’s “servers” (Karr Administration) Cafeteria staff You! Parents and students Thank you for attending this evening and making a difference in the life of a student!

5 Where to find presentation?
Tonight’s presentation and other related information can be found on under: Departments Counseling Additional posts may be found on

6 Edna Karr Student Philosophy
Both the classroom environment and our professional focus are: student-centered and focused on guiding our students toward purposeful postsecondary options

7 How to have a successful school year
Work hard in all your classes Complete your home work on time Do not be afraid to ask for help Communicate with your teachers and counselor when having difficulty Attend tutoring as need

8 What is a block schedule?
4 classes/semester = 8 classes/year Aug - December = one semester (18 weeks) January - May = one semester (18 weeks) More opportunities for classes throughout high school Fewer classes to focus on at a time

9 INFO FOR 9TH GRADE Unit of Credit- the successful completion of a semester of a course (18 weeks on a 4X4 block) 9 weeks of school on a 4X4 block ½ credit will be earned Example: (Health ½ and PE I ½) GPA- Grade Point Average TOPS GPA- Grade point average on the 19 TOPS CORE Courses ONLY (does not include all subjects) End of Course Testing- Students must take and pass end of course test in state mandated courses in order to graduate and earn a state diploma.

10 EOC (End of Course Test)
Students will be required to pass THREE End-of-Course Test in the following categories: 1. English II or English III 2. Algebra I or Geometry 3. Biology or American History

11 5 Year Educational Plan (IGP) Individual Graduation Plan
All students will plan their courses annually using this Plan. They include all courses required for graduation. Parents, Students and Counselors will approve these plans with their signatures each year. These plans will include: Beginning Date the student enters high school Name Area of Concentration Career Cluster Diploma Endorsements EOC (End of Course Test Results)

12 LA Core 4 Curriculum Graduation Requirements
4 units of English 4 units of Math 4 units of Science 4 units of Social Studies 1.5 units of Physical Education and ½ unit of Health 2 units of Foreign Language 1 unit of Fine Arts or 1 unit of Art, Band or Theatre 3 units of electives 24 Totals Units of Credit Required

13 Louisiana Core 4 Curriculum ENGLISH-4 Units
English I English II English III English IV 13

14 Louisiana Core 4 Curriculum MATH- 4 Units
Algebra I ; Algebra I part 1 & part 2 Geometry Algebra II Math Essential, Financial Math Advanced Math I-Functions or Advanced Math Pre-Calculus, Calculus 14

15 Louisiana Core 4 Curriculum SCIENCE- 4 Units
Physical Science Biology Chemistry Physics, Biology II, Biology II AP, Environmental, Anatomy and Physiology 15

16 Louisiana Core 4 Curriculum SOCIAL SCIENCES-4 units
World Geography Civics; American Government AP US History; US History AP World History or European History AP Law Studies/Psychology-Sociology 16

17 Louisiana Core 4 Curriculum FOREIGN LANGUAGE-2 Units
Two units in the same language English is not considered a foreign language 17

18 Louisiana Core 4 Curriculum Physical Education 2 Units
½ unit of Health 1 ½ units of physical education 18

19 Louisiana Core 4 Curriculum Arts Elective- 1 Unit
Fine Arts Survey Visual Arts Music Theatre 19

20 Louisiana Core 4 Curriculum Electives- 3 Units
Education for Careers-required 11th grade (ACT prep/Speech) 2 additional units Total =24 for graduation 20

21 GPA Is calculated by averaging course final grades
A (4quality points) 92-85 B (3 quality points) 84-75 C (2 quality points) 74-67 D (1 quality point) F (0 quality points)

22 Regular Honors / Pre-AP Gifted AP
GPA Weight Regular Honors / Pre-AP Gifted AP A= A= A= A=4.48 B= B= B= B=3.36 C= C= C= C=2.24 D= D= D= D=1.12

23 TOPS Taylor Opportunity Program for Students
TOPS is a program of state scholarships for Louisiana residents who attend: LA Public Colleges and Universities Schools that are a part of the LA Community and Technical College System Louisiana approved Proprietary and Cosmetology Schools or Institutions that are a part of the LA Association of Independent Colleges and Universities There are 4 different award components.

24 Tops Core Curriculum (High School Graduates of 2014 and thereafter)
4 Units of English 4 Units of Math 4 Units of Science 4 Units of Social Studies 2 Units of Foreign Language (must be the same) 1 Unit of Fine Arts or 2 Units of a performing art Total of 19 Units MUST HAVE 2.5 UNWEIGHTED GPA on the TOPS CORE

25 TOPS REVIEW Un-Weighted GPA of 2.5 or Higher on
19 units of specific courses 20 or above on the ACT or the equivalent score on the SAT Start Now in 9th grade building a strong foundation of skills and grades!!!

26 TOPS Tech 2.5 GPA and 17 on ACT Funds for technical school or a technical program at a community college Includes cosmetology school 2 years of tuition

27 College Prep Testing Info
EXPLORE- 9th Grade practice for ACT PLAN- 10th Grade practice for the ACT PSAT- 11th Grade practice for the SAT SAT- 11th - 12th college entrance exam ACT- 11th -12th college entrance exam

28 Why Take EXPLORE? EXPLORE shows you your academic strengths and weaknesses in English, math, reading, and science EXPLORE helps you search for careers and learn which ones might be right for you EXPLORE helps you choose high school courses that will prepare you for college and work Visual 2: Points of Emphasis There are many benefits to taking EXPLORE: EXPLORE shows you your academic strengths and weaknesses. This way, you will know which courses will be best to take to improve your skills or show you where you might want to get some extra help. EXPLORE is a great career exploration tool. EXPLORE not only helps you learn about more than 500 occupations, it can show you which of them are most likely to interest you. Every student should have the choice about whether or not they wish to go to college. Students who are not prepared are not likely to be successful in college. EXPLORE helps you build a high school plan that will ensure you are taking the challenging coursework you’ll need to be prepared for college-level work. EXPLORE includes College Readiness Benchmark Scores that show you whether or not you are on target to be ready for college-level coursework. If you score at or above the Benchmarks, you are likely on target for college. If you score below the Benchmarks, you still have time to improve in those areas if you take the right classes and work hard in them.

29 Your Estimated PLAN Composite Score Range
Visual 7: Points of Emphasis EXPLORE is one of three tests that measure your readiness for college. PLAN is a test usually taken by 10th graders and the ACT is usually taken in 11th or 12th grade. All three tests cover the same four subject areas (English, math, reading, and science). Used together, EXPLORE, PLAN, and the ACT can show you how your skills and knowledge grow over time. When you take EXPLORE you will receive an estimated PLAN Composite Score Range. The Estimated PLAN Composite Score Range tells you how other students scored on PLAN as tenth graders after achieving the same Composite Score as you received on EXPLORE. Based on your EXPLORE scores, it is likely that when you take PLAN, your score will be in this range. You may score higher if you improve your study skills and/or take challenging courses. Remember, this is not a guarantee. It is an estimate of your performance on PLAN based on your EXPLORE scores and assumes you will continue your current level of commitment to your coursework.

30 College Readiness Visual 11: Points of Emphasis
Your EXPLORE results give you an early indication of how likely you are to be ready for college-level work. While you have quite a bit of time before you will need to take college courses, the time to begin preparing for them is now. EXPLORE uses College Readiness Benchmark Scores to indicate whether or not you are on target to develop the skills and knowledge you need to be ready for college. The best way to get the skills you need is to take challenging, college prep courses in high school. This section shows whether you scored above, at, or below EXPLORE College Readiness Benchmark Scores for English, math, reading, and science. Students who meet the Benchmark Scores in English, math, and science are likely on target for success in entry-level college courses in these subjects. Students meeting the Reading Benchmark Score are likely developing the reading skills needed in all college subject areas. Are your scores at or above the Benchmarks? If so, keep working hard. This just means you are on target for success if you maintain your current focus. You will need to keep working hard to stay on track. Are your scores below the Benchmarks? There is still plenty of time to build your skills. Make sure you are meeting the recommended “Core” courses needed for college success. The information in the “Your Skills” section of the Score report can also help you. You may want to focus your attention on taking more courses in areas where you are not currently meeting Benchmark scores.

31 Your Skills Visual 14: Points of Emphasis
On Side 2 of your Student Report you will find information that you can use to improve your skills in each of the areas tested by EXPLORE (English, Math, reading, and science). Notice that each suggestion corresponds to specific content areas. For instance, in English, you will find suggestions for how to improve your skills in “Organization”, “Word Choice”, and other important areas in English. The suggestions you find on your Score Report will most likely be different from those for other students in your class who took EXPLORE, because they are based specifically on your EXPLORE scores.

32 Louisiana Connect
College and career planning web portal Resources to counselors, students, parents, educators Highlights include: IGPs (mandated five-year plan) EOC scores Track progress toward graduation College and scholarship searching and matching Career exploration and planning Students will create individual accounts. Counselors will standardize log in names.

33 NCAA Clearinghouse Students who wish to be college athletes must “register” and “cleared” by the NCAA Clearinghouse Transcripts, test scores sent to clearinghouse Sliding scale for minimum requirements to play college athletics (approximate) 2.5 core GPA requires a 17 ACT 2.0 core GPA requires a 22 ACT

34 Study Skills Checklist for Students
Set a regular time and place to study each day and throughout the week. Keep a daily “to do” list. Set goals for yourself. Do your reading assignments before the material is discussed in class. Pay close attention and take good notes in class. Prepare for tests during your regular study times instead of cramming at the last minute. Visual 18: Points of Emphasis Good study skills are important for success in all of your courses, now and in the future. As we have discussed throughout this session, taking challenging courses is important for college readiness. Just as important, though, is that you do your best to be successful in all of the courses you take. Teachers/Counselors: Reinforce the importance of these and other good study habits.

35 Important Dates Sept 25 Ninth Grade PARENT NIGHT
Oct 10 End of 1st Quarter Dec EOC (End of Course Exams) Dec Final Exams for First Semester Dec 19 End of 1st Semester (GRADES FINAL) Feb 6 Mid Quarter Progress Conference March 14 End of 3rd Quarter March 18 EXPLORE ASSESSMENT Apr 25-May 16 EOC- (End of Course Tests) May Final Exams for the 2nd Semester (GRADES FINAL) May Last of School

36 A Little Lagniappe… (a little something extra)
Three new laws for you regarding: Cyberbullying (online bullying) Cyberbullying (sending suggestive photos) Texting/talking on cell phone while driving

37 College Readiness Ms. Amanda Lu College Advisor

38 What can I do now to prepare for college?
Take a rigorous curriculum Get high grades Explore college programs and requirements Visit colleges (during holidays, summer) Attend recruitment events Attend sporting events, ect. At colleges (football games, greek shows)

39 What can I do now to prepare for college?
Take a rigorous curriculum Earn high grades starting now! = 2.25 cumulative GPA at end of 9th = 3.25 cumulative GPA at end of 9th Explore college websites to determine admission requirements (GPA and ACT scores needed to attend that college) Visit colleges during holidays, summer Attend recruitment events Get to Know UNO: Saturday, October 15, 10-2 Most colleges have an event like this for you! Attend sporting events, performances, on college campuses…exposure! G high grades Explore college programs and requirements Visit colleges (during holidays, summer) Attend sporting events, ect. At colleges (football games, greek shows)

40 Guiding the Way to Higher Education
Step-by-Step to College High School Curriculum

41 Have a productive and successful year!!

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