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Applying for College and StaffCaseload Ext. B. WilliamsonA-Combrenda.williamson4011741 A. DurrCon-HaAnita1.durrlowe4011732 C.

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1 Applying for College and More!

2 StaffCaseloadEmailExt. B. WilliamsonA-Combrenda.williamson4011741 A. DurrCon-HaAnita1.durrlowe4011732 C. DavisHb-McCheryl1.davis4011706 A. McKinleyMe-RoAshley.blount4011702 R. RamadanRp-ZRyan.ramadan4011717 P. Kritzer9 th GradeJames.kritzer4011721 B. McSwain, Registrar bridget.mcswain4011726 S. Schuch, Secretary shelley.schuch4011733

3  Connects students to work-based learning opportunities by providing job shadows, internships, and other special events that emphasize a wide range of industries with many career options  Facilitates the Youth Works program at Independence that helps students overcome barriers to their college and career aspirations  Provides lunch-n-learns to feeder middle schools in an effort to expose students to the opportunities both in high school and to begin having them think about college and career options 

4  Coordinate college recruiter visits to Independence  Coordinate the college and career fair  Facilitator of College and Career Promise at CPCC  Assist students in making critical decisions relative to their future  To contact Mrs. Wright,

5 CoursesCredits English (I, II, III, IV)4 Math (Algebra I (CC Math I), Geometry (CC Math II), Algebra II (CC Math III), and a higher level math – AFM, Honors Pre-Calc, Honors Discrete, etc. 4 Science (Earth/Environmental, Biology, Physical)3 History (World, Civics/Economics, US History)3 An extra science OR history (Psychology, Physics, African American Studies, AP Science, etc.) 1 Foreign Languages (at least 2 of the same)2 Health/PE1 Electives6 TOTAL CREDITS24

6  College Foundation of North Carolina  College Visits

7  Choose 3-5 colleges that you wish to apply ◦ 1- ‘Reach’ school ◦ 2- Where you would like to attend ◦ 3- If you can’t get in anywhere else, what you will take  Follow the directions on the application.  Be mindful of deadlines!!!  You can apply at the college’s website or through CFNC ( ;;

8  Coursework  Grade Point Average (GPA)  Class rank  SAT and/or ACT scores  Extracurricular Activities  Community Service  Recommendations, essays, and interviews (if required)

9  Private and independent colleges sometimes have more flexible entrance requirements. Check with individual schools for specifics.  Don’t let cost deter you from considering a private or independent college. They usually give great financial aid packages!!!

10  Early Action -is an admissions procedure to notify student of early admissions to the college. Students are not obligated to accept the college’s offer of admission and may file applications at other universities.  Early Decision -is a plan under which candidates may submit credentials early to one college, usually by Oct. 15 th of senior year. Applicants are notified of their status by December. As part of the early decision plan, students may be required to sign an agreement to withdraw other applicants if accepted.

11  Regular Admission – is the plan under which candidates submit credentials during November to February, depending on school deadlines. Check the deadlines for each individual school.  Rolling Admission – the plan under which candidates submit the credentials at their convenience through a certain date, usually late in the school year. They receive an offer of acceptance or denial within 4-6 weeks.  Onsite Admission – is an admissions option in which colleges visit students at the high school and make an admissions determination during a scheduled appointment with the student.

12  To qualify, you must have free or reduced lunch. Please provide your counselor documentation from Child Nutrition. ◦ 980-343-6041  SAT (2)  ACT (2)  College Application Waivers (4) – only used if you previously used an SAT or ACT waiver ◦ Please check with the college to see if they accept these waivers first!

13  Can be written for college admissions or scholarships.  Must turn in a ‘Brag Sheet’ firstBrag Sheet  Please give at least 1 week notice.

14  Official transcripts for college admissions: ◦ Free – If you order them online through ◦ Free – If you order them online through  All transcripts for scholarships and NCAA Clearinghouse are free!  Transcripts must be requested online through (scholarships and miscellaneous)  Please see Mrs. Schuch in the Counseling office.  Please provide at least 10 days notice.

15   Email: Student Id Number  Password: Student Id Number  Click Colleges  Click Colleges I’m Applying To  Click +Add to this List  (You can change your decision type if you like.)  Click Lookup. (You can search for the college you need by alphabet.)  Check the box that says transcript request.  Click the box that says I have submitted my application (ONLY do this if you have done this. Do not click if you have not completed your application.)  Click add colleges.  You are done.

16  Please visit  FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid – Must be completed starting January 1 st, 2015 for college beginning in 2015.   Merit-based aid is usually awarded by colleges and private sources for unique talents and achievement or for meeting other donor-specified qualification. Merit scholarships include academic, leadership, athletic, music, single parent and returning adult student awards.  Need-based aid – Eligibility for need-based aid is determined by an evaluation of your family's financial circumstances through completion of a need analysis application known as the FAFSA.

17  Athletes should have signed up in the spring of their Junior year.  Which courses count for Clearinghouse  How GPAs/SAT/ACT scores are calculated.  If you haven’t signed up yet, please do so ASAP. For more information, please see Mr. Ramadan.

18  CFNC College Application Week – November 18 th -22 nd.  Financial Aid Night – ◦ January 20 th – Independence HS at 6:00pm  FAFSA Day – February 28 th ◦ Locations will be announced.

19 Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! @indy_counselors


21 Petty Officer William High, US Navy

22 Tanya Davis, Representative

23 Admissions Representative

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