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1 HORIZONTE 2020 TOPICS CALLS 2015 – IDEAS PROYECTOS 19 Diciembre 2014

2 PPP FoF – FACTORIES OF THE FUTURE Topics Calls 2015 – Ideas de proyectos ortunities/h2020/calls/h2020-fof-2015.html FoF 8: ICT-enabled modelling, simulation, analytics and forecasting technologies [RIA & CSA] FoF 9: ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs (I4MS) [IA&CSA] FoF 10: Manufacturing of custom made parts for personalised products [RIA] IDEAS PROYECTOS FoF-10: 1.- The European Association of the Machine Tool Industries; 2.- DIL German Institute of Food Technologies; 3.- Munich University of Applied Science. FoF 11: Flexible production systems based on integrated tools for rapid reconfiguration of machinery and robots [IA] FoF 12: Industrial technologies for advanced joining and assembly processes of multi-materials [IA] FoF 13: Re-use and re-manufacturing technologies and equipment for sustainable product lifecycle management [RIA] IDEAS PROYECTOS FoF-13: 1.- Technische Universität Braunschweig. FoF 14: Integrated design and management of production machinery and processes, [RIA] IDEAS PROYECTOS FoF-14: 1.- Tecnalia; 2.- Univ. Noruega de Ciencia y Tecnologia, NTNU. MAS IDEAS DE PROYECTOS EN:

3 PPP SPIRE – SUSTAINABLE PROCESS INDUSTRY THROUGH RESOURCE AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY Topics Calls 2015 – Ideas de proyectos SPIRE 5 - 2014: New adaptable catalytic reactor methodologies for process intensification [RIA] IDEAS PROYECTOS SPIRE-5: ANDALTEC I+D+I. SPIRE 6 - 2014: Energy and resource management systems for improved efficiency in the process industry [RIA] IDEAS PROYECTOS SPIRE-6: Univ. Mälardalen, Suecia. SPIRE 7 - 2014: Recovery technologies for metals and other minerals [IA] IDEAS PROYECTOS SPIRE-7: Materia-Nova y BECROMAL, Italia. SPIRE 8 - 2014: Solids handling for intensified process technology [IA] IDEAS DE PROYECTOS SPIRE-8: Univ. de Nottingham. EE 18 - 2014: New technologies for utilization of heat recovery in large industrial systems, considering the whole energy cycle from heat production to transformation, delivery and end us [IA] IDEAS DE PROYECTOS EE-18: Tel-tek, Noruega. MAS IDEAS DE PROYECTOS EN:

4 PPP EEB – ENERGY EFFICIENT BUILDINGS Topics Calls 2015 – Ideas de proyectos EeB-05-2015 Innovative design tolos for refurbishing at building and district level [IA] EeB-06-2015 Integrated solutions of termal energy storage for buildigs applications [RIA] EeB-07-2015 New tools and methodologies to reduce the gap between predicted and actual energy performances at the level of buildings and blocks of buildings [IA] EeB-08-2015 Integrated approach to retrofitting of residential buildings [IA] EE-02-2015 Buildings design for new highly energy performing buildings [IA] IDEAS DE PROYECTOS EN:

5 NANOTECHNOLOGIES, ADVANCED MATERIALS AND PRODUCTION Topics Calls 2015 – Ideas de proyectos -Bridging the gap between nanotechnology research and markets: NMP 2: Integration of novel nanomaterials into existing production lines [IA] NMP 3: Manufacturing and control of nano-porous materials [IA] NMP 6: Novel nanomatrices and nanocapsules [RIA] NMP 7: Additive manufacturing for table-top nanofactories [RIA] -Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials for low-carbon energy technologies and Energy Efficiency: NMP 14: ERA-NET on Materials (including Materials for Energy), ERA-NET (COFUND) NMP 15: Materials innovations for the optimisation of cooling in power plants [IA] NMP 16: Extended in-service life of advanced functional materials in energy technologies (capture, conversion, storage and/or transmission of energy) [IA] IDEAS DE PROYECTOS EN:, y ver brokerage_NMP.pdf

6 NANOTECHNOLOGIES, ADVANCED MATERIALS AND PRODUCTION (CONT.) Topics Calls 2015 – Ideas de proyectos -Exploiting the cross-sector potential of Nanotechnologies and Advanced materials to drive competitiveness and sustainability: NMP 19: Materials for severe operating conditions, including added-value functionalities [RIA] NMP 22: Fibre-based materials for non-clothing applications [IA] NMP 23: Novel materials by design for substituting critical materials [RIA] NMP 24: Low-energy solutions for drinking water production [IA] NMP 25: Accelerating the uptake of NMP technologies by SMEs [SME Instrument (70%)] -Safety of nanotechnology-based applications and support for the development of regulation: NMP 29: Increasing the capacity to perform nano-safety assessment [RIA] NMP 30: Next generation tools for risk governance of nanomaterials [RIA] IDEAS DE PROYECTOS EN:, y ver brokerage_NMP.pdf

7 BIOTECHNOLOGIES Topics Calls 2015 – Ideas de proyectos -Cutting-edge biotechnologies as future innovation drivers: BIOTEC 2: New bioinformatics approaches in service of biotechnology [RIA] -Biotechnology-based industrial processes driving competitiveness and sustainability: BIOTEC 5: SME-boosting biotechnology based industrial processes driving competitiveness and sustainability [SME Instrument (70%)] -Innovative and competitive platform technologies: BIOTEC 6: Metagenomics as innovation driver [RIA] IDEAS DE PROYECTOS EN:

8 ICT- INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES Topics Calls 2015 – Ideas de proyectos Topic: ICT-04-2015: Customised and low power computing. Topic: ICT-08-2015: Boosting public sector productivity and innovation through cloud computing services. Topic: ICT-10-2015: Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainibility and Social Innovation. Topic: ICT-12-2015: Integrating experiments and facilities in FIRE+. Topic: ICT-16-2015: Big data – research. Topic: ICT-19-2015: Technologies for creative industries, social media and convergence. Topic: ICT-20-2015: Technologies for better human learning and teaching. Topic: ICT-24-2015: Robotics. Topic: ICT-25-2015: Generic micro- and nano-electronic technologies. Topic: ICT-27-2015: Photonics KET. Topic: ICT-28-2015: Cross-cutting ICT KETs. Topic: ICT-30-2015: Internet of Things and Platforms for Connected Smart Objects. Topic: ICT-36-2015: Pre-commercial procurement open to all areas of public interest requiring new ICT solutions. Topic: ICT-38-2015: International partnership building and support to dialogues with high income countries. Topic: ICT-39-2015: International partnership building in low and middle income countries. IDEAS DE PROYECTOS Y PRESENTACIONES EN:

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