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GUIDANCE OFFICE 2013-2014 Norma Buckner Bruce Morgan Donna Pickard Angie Fisher Beverly Stuckey, Guidance Secretary.

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1 GUIDANCE OFFICE 2013-2014 Norma Buckner Bruce Morgan Donna Pickard Angie Fisher Beverly Stuckey, Guidance Secretary

2 Met with every senior individually and in small groups Discussed graduation requirements Plans for after graduation ACT test College Applications Scholarships/FAFSA Community Service Senior Meetings

3 A college exploratory program for under represented youth preparing for college Met with the 9 students that qualified 6 students applied and were invited to participate in the program Miami Bridges Program

4 Took 16 students to the all day college fair Students attended sessions for study skills & financing college NKU Latino College Fair

5 3 counselors and 27 juniors and seniors attended the fair via bus There were over 100 colleges present for the students to obtain information 3 students volunteered at the fair and earned community service Miami Hamilton College Fair

6 Spoke with 15 students about this volunteer opportunity 6 applied and 2 were chosen as Freedom Center Docents Freedom Center Docents

7 2 under represented students attended the overnight visit to OU to explore the campus They met the charter bus at Princeton High School and rode with other local seniors Ohio University Multicultural Visit

8 Provided a hot dog and beverage for attendees 2 military & 10 college representatives attended Students completed a scavenger hunt pertaining to college information to promote the event Students were offered educational bonuses for attending Staff wore college attire Presentations included: Financial Aid, NCAA Clearinghouse, and Upward Bound Hot Dog I Am Going To College!

9 College/Career Online Assistance Common App College applications FAFSA  Counselors held 6 sessions after school in a computer lab to help students with college applications and FAFSA  Tech committee representatives also assisted

10 KeAndre Smith was recognized as Channel 9’s Student of the Month. Student of the Month

11 Prepared 5 bulletins (Oct-March) providing information on scholarships Distributed bulletins in senior English classes Informed students about 47 scholarships that were available Delivered specific scholarships to senior homerooms Notify Oaks students by email Scholarships

12 Provided food and Christmas gifts for over 100 families Over $2,000 was raised from the Jr/Sr High School Community sponsors all supported the Sharing Tree Sharing Tree

13 Counselors met with seniors at Diamond Oaks The Oaks came and presented to the sophomores in our auditorium 90 sophomores toured the Diamond Oaks campus. Currently 144 students attend the Oaks Processed 65 Oaks applications Great Oaks

14 Website has been updated Scholarship descriptions are available with links to the scholarships Calendar of important dates Guidance events Guidance Website

15 Calendars of current and next month important dates Community service opportunities Scholarship Bulletins College Representatives visits Bulletin Boards

16 Miami Hamilton representatives have provided classroom presentations to all seniors and juniors about what to anticipate at college, how to prepare, and the decision making process Miami University Presentations

17 A total of 16 college representatives came on different dates to meet with a group of perspective students A total of140 students met with these representatives College Representatives

18 Firefighter A firefighter from Cincinnati met with 5 students that are considering the profession He explained the requirements and other expectations.

19 Administered the PSAT to 30 students and the PLAN test to 180 students Sophomores were met with to explain test results. 80 juniors took the ASVAB test TESTS

20 12-15 seniors provide tutoring to junior high students during the school day Each mentor is placed with a junior high teacher to provide help. Senior Mentors

21 Academically struggling 7 th grade students were identified at the end of 1 st quarter 20 high school juniors were placed in the 7 th grade homerooms to assist these identified students They help to make sure homework is done, students are checking their progress book, and are prepared for the day of education Ambassadors meet on Fridays with counselor to plan for the upcoming week 10 failing grades have improved from first to second quarter Junior Ambassadors

22 A Power Point of students that have been accepted to college plays during lunch to congratulate them, as well as to encourage others to go to college Counselors update the Power Point Mr. Allen sets up daily Senior Acceptance

23 82 students have applied to 287 colleges 33 students have been accepted to 80 colleges 5 students are joining the Armed Forces Senior Acceptance

24 Miami Hamilton College Fair Santa’s Helpers Ronald McDonald House Mt. Healthy Alliance Food Bank Mt. Healthy Christian Home Mt. Healthy Historical Society Habitat for Humanity Northern Hills United Methodist Church Community Service

25 185 new enrollments at the high school 117 new enrollments at the junior high since August Met with and created schedules for new students, as well as made adjustments to existing students’ schedules There have been 216 withdraws from the Sr. High School and 125 from the Jr. High School Scheduling

26 Staff and students dressed for success to promote the Road To Your Future program Road To Your Future

27 Parents were encouraged to meet with Advisors to discuss their child’s schedule for next year 16 sessions were offered to help students and their parents prepare for their future Road To Your Future


29 Met individually with each 9 th -11 th grade students to input their requests in the computer Presented in all 8 th grade History classes Upcoming 9 th grade requests will be mailed home Scheduling for 2014-2015

30 Counselors work closely with coaches to ensure athletic eligibility for our student athletes 6 juniors and 10 seniors have applied to the NCAA Clearinghouse NCAA Clearinghouse

31 5 Students interviewed Sylvia Maldonado was chosen to represent Mt. Healthy She was recognized at a breakfast and will compete against area high schools for the designation as regional representative Northwest Student Exchange

32 Two sophomores, David Montgomery and Janee Rice attended a workshop on leadership given by West Point West Point Workshop

33 Over 200 8 th graders participated in job shadowing at 7 different businesses CarMaxPerformance Lexus Cincinnati MillsJungle Jim’s DeVry UniversityFifth Third Bank Megen Construction Junior Achievement

34 Fernside – Emergency grief counseling Coordinate referrals with therapists from Children’s Home Talbert House Camelot Mental Health

35 Lunch trivia every Friday in February Brought in step groups to perform at lunch Black History Month

36 Coordinated activities with Advisory Committee Created educational PowerPoints to inform students during advisory Credit check information Transcript review GPA calculation Dress for success Salary potential with college education Advisory

37 Tested juniors and seniors still needing 1 or more section of the OGT Assisted with Spring OGT with testing all sophomores and juniors/seniors still needing a portion of the test OGT

38 There were 10 visits from the Army, Ohio National Guard, and the Marines ASVAB test was given and will be interpreted Armed Forces

39 Met with 20 students to discuss the possibility of participating in the Post-Secondary Enrollment 2 meetings are scheduled to meet with parents to discuss PSEO Currently 3 students participate in PSEO. 2 attend Miami Hamilton and 1 attends Cincinnati State PSEO

40 Award ceremonies for grades 7-8, underclassmen, and seniors Oaks acceptances 8 th grade Oaks tour ASVAB interpretation AP tests Coordinating Council Scholarships Scholarship award letters Top 15 celebration Graduation Still to come…

41 We look forward to a great end of the school year! Guidance Counselors have been very busy.

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