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2 Why was the Network Created? To get to know Drug and Alcohol Program Staff in the Bay Area To meet and share program challenges and successes To review NPRMs and develop comments for submission to the FTA for consideration To solve problems and share best practices

3 When and How was the Network Established? The Bay Area Drug and Alcohol Task Force was established in April 1997. A list of Drug and Alcohol contacts for each organization was developed. An agenda was developed along with a meeting notice and sent to each contact on the list.

4 Members of the Task Force The original members of the Task Force:  John Cave, AC Transit  Linda Crow, AC Transit  Ann Malone, AC Transit  Barbara George, BART  Margaret Saget, BART  Barbara A. Conway, SF MUNI  William “Reggie” Smith, SFMTA  Betty Condor, Golden Gate  Gil Basaldua, SAM TRANS  James Brown, SAM TRANS  Jacquelyn Adams, VTA

5 Members of the Task Force Lita Jamerson, AC Transit W. Helen Jones, BART William “Reggie” Smith, SFMTA Nicholas Dominquez, SFMTA Kathryn Mitchell, Golden Gate Christopher Childress, SAM TRANS Jacquelyn Adams, VTA Vickie Moreno, VTA

6 TOPICS ADDRESSED FROM 1997-2014 FTA Final Rule clarifying the definition of “maintenance” for the purpose of determining safety-sensitive positions under FTA regulations Testing of Non Safety-sensitive employees MRO ruling on adulterated specimens Drug and Alcohol Program Management Software, “HEIDI” Part 40 Proposed Changes

7 TOPICS ADDRESSED (continued) Monitoring and Oversight of Contractors and Service Agents Observed Collections Program Audits by State and Federal Oversight Agencies (FTA, CPUC, CHP) Shy Lung and Shy Bladder Protocols Terminations vs. Arbitration Decisions Drug Free Workplace Act Requirements

8 TOPICS ADDRESSED(continued) Rx and OTC Policies and Procedures DOT Interim Final Rule: Federal Drug Testing Custody and Control Form Preparing RFPs for Service Agents Drug and Alcohol MIS Reporting FMCSA Rule re: Clearing House Proposal Employee and Supervisor Training Programs Drug and Alcohol Professional Development Opportunities

9 Selection of Laboratory Service Agent: A Collaborative Effort SFMUNI, BART and VTA shared their Request For Proposals for a Laboratory Service Agent. Each organization distributed their RFP for proposals, received the responses, reviewed and selected a certified laboratory. The three organizations, VTA, BART and SFMTA selected the same service agent and entered into a contract.

10 FMCSA PROPOSES DRUG AND ALCOHOL CLEARINGHOUSE FOR COMMERCIAL TRUCK AND BUS DRIVERS March 12, 2014 FMCSA announced a proposed rule to establish a drug and alcohol clearinghouse for all national commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders. The clearinghouse would help improve roadway safety by making it easier to determine whether a truck or bus driver is prohibited from operating a commercial motor vehicle for failing to comply with federal drug and alcohol regulations including mandatory testing. The Bay Area Drug and Alcohol Task Force generated a list of questions and submitted them to the FTA for a response. The questions were also submitted to the FMCSA.

11 THANK YOU. Bay Area Drug and Alcohol Task Force

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