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The College Application Process For State College High School Class of 2012 September 2011 Mrs Devecka - Mrs Lyke – Mrs Wolanski.

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1 The College Application Process For State College High School Class of 2012 September 2011 Mrs Devecka - Mrs Lyke – Mrs Wolanski

2 Have you taken the SAT or ACT? Do you have a list of schools? Have you visited some of the schools? Have you looked at the websites & researched application procedures? Have you registered with NCAA Clearinghouse if you plan to play sports? If you are completely overwhelmed by these questions, then read your College Planning Booklet and start with 1 application.

3 How to Apply to College Three main types of applications Penn State/Schreyer Honors College Common Application Other applications (on-line and paper)

4 Complete on-line application Bring in the School Report form---Mrs. Wolanski Sign a Transcript Request form--- Mrs. Wolanski Must choose a school and a major or DUS Fall admission vs. summer admissions Campus Choice College Prep Math 1-3= (Alg. 1, Alg. 2, & Geometry) Trig. / Business, Engineering, Science, IST Foreign Language requirement Complete application by Oct. 31 st to be safe. SAT & ACT scores: YOU NEED to have them sent directly from College Board. It takes 2-3 weeks. PSU will not process your application without SAT scores.

5 Complete regular PSU application on-line Indicate that you want to complete the Schreyer on-line application. Complete Transcript Request form w/ Mrs. Dodson in the Counseling Office. Reminder: Have your counselor’s and teachers’ emails handy for requesting recommendations. Recommendations need to be requested 3 working weeks before due date—Green Sheet must be complete at that time for recommendation to be written by counselor.

6 Go to each College Website before applying and check for supplements. The info is on the Common Application website as well. Read all directions regarding Common Application. Get teachers’ permission before submitting their names as recommenders. Waiving your right-to-privacy is strongly recommended. Print out a hard copy for your records. Complete a Transcript Request for each Common Application School – See Mrs Wolanski. Complete Green Sheet information for counselors—must be into Counseling office 3 working weeks before due.

7 Can be on-line or paper. If there is a choice we recommend the on-line version. Make sure you print out all forms for teachers and counselors and give them to the appropriate people. Each application is a bit different, follow the directions and take your time. If you bring in your entire application to be mailed you need to bring in a large envelope with 4 stamps and addressed. Sign a Transcript Request form for each college.

8 Many colleges require an essay. Seek help from your English teacher. Read the College Planning Book about the essay on pages 15-19 or go to or or use resources in counseling office. Schreyer Honors College of PSU requires three essays - begin them now! Have at least one person proof your essay. Make sure that you are coming across the way you intended.

9 PSU does not require recommendations, with the exception of Schreyer Honors College. Teacher recommendation—any 9 th through 12 th grade teacher may write a recommendation. Some colleges will require specific subject teachers. Counselor recommendation –Mrs Devecka/Mrs Lyke/Mrs. Campbell/ Mrs. Donovan/Ms Herrmann, or any counselor you have been working with. If you need a letter of recommendation you will need to fill out the Green Sheet packet and have 4 teachers fill out white evaluation sheets.

10 Some colleges want to receive all recommendations and transcripts together. If this is what the college requires, then all documents must be sent from the counseling office. Other colleges that require recommendations state that teachers and counselors may mail recommendations separately. Waive your right to read the recommendation.

11 If you need a counselor recommendation for any college you are applying to, make sure that you have completed these forms at least 3 weeks before the recommendation is due College Application To-Do List Information For Letter Of Recommendation In – House Evaluation Forms (4)

12 Apply online if possible. Apply to at least one “safety” school that is both academically and financially safe. Try to limit your applications to 5 or 6 colleges. The average application fee is $50 per application. Apply as early as possible to get maximum consideration. Make a detailed checklist for each college application.

13 Wonderful People * Treat them well *


15 You must complete a transcript request form for each college with Mrs. Wolanski in the North Counseling Office in order to have your transcript submitted. Make sure your request is in at least 3 weeks before it is due.

16 Early Decision Agreement Mid Year Report College Specific Financial Aid Forms FAFSA—January 1 st, 2012 Athletic Supplement Arts Supplement Final Report/Transcript

17 Paper Applications 9x12 envelope, addressed with 4 stamps Transcript only/Mid Year Report Regular legal size envelope, addressed with 1 stamp

18 Rolling admission Early decision Early action Regular decision Note: For both transcript and recommendations, make sure that you give the counseling office and your counselor at least 3 weeks notice. Example, if the deadline is December 1 st have all your requests in by November 9 th. Look at the bottom of your purple sheet to see our deadlines.

19 Complete the Free Application for Federal Student AID (FAFSA) soon after Jan 1st, 2012. Fill Out CSS Financial Aid Profile if required by the college. Become familiar with the financial aid process. Read the financial aid section in the College Planning Book - pages 23-31. Visit for a preliminary financial aid estimate. Attend financial aid nights: - PHEAA – December 7 th, 2011 -Penn State Financial Aid – January 4 th, 2012

20 Comprehensive Scholarship Information - Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency - State High Senior Scholarship Book – late Feb 2012 Resources in North Counseling Office Employment/religious affiliations/military Many colleges give out hefty merit financial aid

21 High school counseling office – Admissions Rep’s visits to school. Individual college websites

22 Grades in college prep courses Standardized test scores Grades in all courses Essay Counselor recommendation Teacher recommendation Special talents and abilities Work/extracurricular activities Interview Alumni relations Subject tests Demonstrated interest Ethnicity Ability to pay State of residence

23 You apply to a college and never come to the counseling office to request your transcript to be sent from our HS to the college. You apply to a college and forget to send your SAT/ACT scores to the college. You apply to college and forget to download all the necessary forms. You miss a deadline. You forget to ask for teacher and counselor recommendations. You forget to hit the submit button.


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