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1 NTIS Focus on Science, Data and Access: Building Community through Value-Added Databases June 11, 2013 Wayne Strickland National Technical Information Service

2 National Technical Information Service NTIS Mission To promote progress (Technology Transfer) by serving as the Federal Government’s central means of making science (all federally funded science research) and technical information perpetually and widely available (greater availability means more open access). “Maintain a permanent archival repository and clearinghouse for the collection and dissemination of nonclassified scientific, technical, and engineering information.” (Guidelines for Federal Agency Repositories) 15 USC 3710(d)(3)

3 National Technical Information Service Vision Ensure easy and perpetual availability of the most comprehensive collection of Federally-funded scientific, technical and engineering information (STEI) in support of the nation’s economic growth and opportunity. Assist other federal agencies in accomplishing the information needs of their constituencies with repository development support. Provide this public good at a high level of quality and on a self- sustaining basis.

4 National Technical Information Service

5 S&T Repository Landscape: 10 Years Ago Who? Large agencies who “do” science Overarching aggregators such as NTIS and GPO Collectors, such as the federal and corporate libraries What? Focused on agency output or mission Mixture of metadata and access to full text Often discriminated by format or document type – data in data centers, technical reports in information centers Little connection between the various types of content provides federated search across multiple public repositories National Technical Information Service

6 Then Came Open Access Directive from OMB in February 2013 Establishes open public access as the default for government data Defines data broadly Includes commercially published literature funded by the government Requires agency plans by August 2013 Ultimately includes the full information life cycle Followed by additional memo in May 2013 Treats government information as a public asset Data must be human and computer usable No proprietary formats - XML is the most likely approach National Technical Information Service

7 Operating UnitProjectStatus Estimated / Actual Completion NTIS Making Five Years of Bibliographic Data Searchable ( Released Jan. 2010 Regular Updates NTIS National Technical Reports Library (NTRL) Online access to an electronic library of over 2 million bibliographic records (dating from 1964) Links to over 700,000 corresponding full-text reports Coverage from the late 1890’s to present (most reports date from the 1970’s to present.) Search engine capabilities: content upgrades Release 1, 2009 Release 2, 2011 Release 3, 2012 Release 3.1, 2013 Content continuously added; software upgrades periodically NTISFederal Science Repository Service (FSRS) The FSRS is based on open-source approaches, is durable against technological changes, and is flexible enough to support broad and varied uses, increasing access to the Federal Government’s data and information.  Storage and preservation of diverse resources  Ingestion of distributed content  Access control customized to agency requirements  A robust interface with advanced metadata and full text search, filtering, and full-text and media display Launched 2011 -NOAA Deep Water Horizon 2012 -ISTIR- Iraq 2013 Federal Projects in Development Continuing “DATA.GOV” Support - NTIS Initiatives for Improving Open Government Efforts

8 National Technical Reports Library Newsletter Purpose: To bring you a sampling of the latest documents added to the NTIS Database and to help you gain a greater understanding of the wealth of sci-tech information available from the National Technical Information Service. Director: Bruce Borzino Associate Director for Product Management & Acquisition: Don Hagen Manager, Cataloging/Indexing Division: Sue Feindt Manager, Product & Program Management: Wayne Strickland Contributing Program Manager: Christie Langone Technical Information Specialist: Greg Guthrie 508 & Accessibility: Rahsaan Williams Design & Layout: Brian Congdon Customer Contact Center: Bill McGahey

9 Administration Agency repositoryNTRL repository Ingest and Retrieve: By collection or by object Data services over life cycle Backups and restore MonitoringReports REST Web Services UI Components Fedora 3.42/SOLR framework: Access Control: Can be a bolt on or can be embedded Defined Agency tasks Administration Agency-hosted repository Developing and Securing: Federal Science Repository Service

10 Objectives for NTIS Value-Add Providing unlimited online access to NTIS content Updating the Business Model Openness and interoperable environments : Open Source/Commercial Collaboration Preservation, Sustainability, focus on ACCESS Digitizing Legacy Content Facilitate science communication Supporting the researcher of tomorrow Effective public-private partnerships Support Technology Transfer Listening to the Customer Skill Sets…data…data…data National Technical Information Service

11 Federal Science Repository Service (FSRS) Help agencies develop repositories that: Have the flexibility to change with technology Reflect information standards Promote interoperability Support open government initiatives Can be tailored to an agency’s needs and policies Promote further use of an agency’s content Support preservation and long-term access National Technical Information Service

12 Thank You. Wayne Strickland, Manager Office of Product and Program Management National Technical Information Service Don Hagen, Associate Director National Technical Information Service 703-605-6142 Gail Hodge, Advanced Informatics Group Leader Information International Assoc. (IIa) 865-742-5430 National Technical Information Service

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