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College Prep 101 for Parents Oct 5, 2011 Presented by KR Counselors.

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1 College Prep 101 for Parents Oct 5, 2011 Presented by KR Counselors

2 Tonight's Agenda:  Career Center  SAT & ACT  Common Application  College Essays  NCAA  FAFSA  Scholarships  Deadlines for Washington Public Colleges/Universities  College Visitation dates  Senior calendar / Junior to do’s  Letters of recommendation  Up-coming Workshops for Seniors

3 Kentridge Career Center Services Mrs. Piper 7:30 am-12:00 pm Walk- in Resource Center during lunch & Career Counseling by appointment

4 Career Center Services College Visits  College representatives come to KR and talk to interested students and answer questions about their campus.  Assistance with editing their entrance essays and applications (in some cases)  October : Gonzaga, Boise State, University of Idaho, Whitman College, University of Southern California, Grand Canyon University Community Service  Help students sign up with various organizations to fulfill their Community Service  Camp counselor  Elementary school carnivals, and field days  Other volunteer and internships available with  Museum of Flight  Seattle Aquarium  City of Kent

5 Career Center Services Career Cruising  Career Exploration  Helps students learn more about careers  Career Assessments  Helps students learn more about themselves  Education & Training  Helps students learn what education is required for specific careers Job Readiness  The job search  Filling a job applications  Interviewing do’s & don'ts  Mock Interviews  Resumes & Cover Letters

6 What’s the Difference? ACT  Science, Math, Reading, English  Accepted Nationally  Curriculum based  No penalty for wrong answers  All multiple choice  Basic Fee: $33  Writing Essay: Optional (add $15- $48  Writing Essay : 30min.  Perfect score-36  Career Interest Inventory  Pre-ACT:Plan and Explore SAT  Critical Reading, Math, Writing  Accepted nationally  Reasoning based  Penalty for wrong answers  Math grid-ins  Basic Fee: $47  Writing Essay: Mandatory  Writing Essay:25 minutes  Perfect score: 2400  Pre-SAT: PSAT

7 SAT: dates & deadlines ACT: dates & deadlines

8  When completing The Common Application be sure that you send the secondary school report to your counselor. (this will be after the signature page) Students often overlook this part of the application. Please send ASAP.



11 NCAA Clearinghouse  Students planning on trying to get an athletic scholarship to a Division 1 or Division 2 college should be registered with the Clearinghouse.

12  FAFSA on the web FAFSA  A new pre-application worksheet can be printed from the web to complete before entry on the web.  Parent SSN is required, applications without it will be rejected.  Signatures required, applications will be rejected without it.  FASFA forms, electronic or paper, submitted after January 1, 2013  Parents & students need to apply for your PIN early. You can’t apply without a PIN.

13 Different types of financial aid available thru FAFSA  GRANTS : Students can receive free money from the government based on proven financial need. These grants help pay for college and do not need to be repaid.  LOANS : You may be eligible for a federal college loan.  WORK STUDY : Many students also qualify for work study programs that provide federally funded students jobs to help offset the cost of college.

14 Scholarships  Monthly packet available in the counseling office and on our website  In career center with Mrs. Piper   

15 Washington Public Baccalaureate Universities CollegeApplication Deadline FAFSA Deadline VisitsTuition and Fees Housing and Meals Central WA Univ. April 1March 15Open House Oct. 8 Mon-Fri 10am & 2pm $6,201$8,901 Eastern WA Univ. February 15Feb. 15Mon-Fri 11am & 2pm $7,422$7,971 UWDec. 1February 28Mon-Fri 10:30am & 2:30pm $ 10,346$9,771 EvergreenMar 1March 1Preview Day Jan. 14 $6,909$9,000 UW-BothellJan15Feb. 28Freshman (10/22, 11/ 19, 12/3) $10,241$9,771 UW TacomaMar 1Feb. 28Mon.-Fri. 3pm$10,343$9,771 WSUJan 31Feb. 15Mon-Fri 9am & 1pm Game Day Tour Oct 15 $9,886$9,662 WWUJan. 31Feb. 15Fall Preview 10/22 $7,758$8,755

16 Sample Costs for WA Colleges SchoolTuitionHousingTotal Gonzaga$31,730$8,340$44,649 Includes fees and books GRCC$3,542$550 per month (optional) (optional) UW $10, 346 $9,771 $24, 059 Includes fees and books



19 The Summer Before Senior Year  Visit colleges that interest you. Get the campus tour schedule. Arrange an on-campus interview with an admission representative.  Create a resume — a list of your accomplishments, activities and work experiences. Your resume can help you complete your applications and essays.  Keep a college calendar of all admission deadlines.  If you plan on competing in Division I or Division II college sports and want to be eligible to be recruited by colleges, register with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse.  If you took AP ® Exams in May, look for your AP score reports in July.  Register early for fall test dates for the SAT ® and SAT Subject Tests™.

20 IMPORTANT!!!!! Students needing letters of recommendation for admissions purposes need to give their counselor (or teacher) 2 WEEKS MINIMUM to write the letter. We have packets with the information we need for letters of recommendation in the counseling office.

21 Info packets coming home  This week (Oct 3-7) counselors are coming to all 12 th grades Language Arts/College Composition classes and talking about college readiness  Students are being given a Senior Planning packet of information for their families:  Important dates & events (SAT/ACT)  KSD graduation requirements worksheet  Minimum requirements for admission to WA public colleges  Freshmen admission to Independent Colleges & Universities  Financial Aid & Other useful web sites  College Application checklist for Senior year

22 Upcoming afterschool workshops for SENIORS  October 11 – College Research via CollegeBoard  October 18 - Begin college application process  October 25 – Essay Writing workshop  November 7-11 – College application Week  December 13 – Scholarships Work on college application with counselors

23 Upcoming dates to remember:  November 3 rd Tacoma College Fair  November 4 th & 5 th National College Fair at Washington convention Center in Seattle  January (date TBA)- College Goal Sunday  February 8- High School & Beyond Night hosted at Kent-Meridian 6-8:30pm

24 Counselor Caseloads  A – CoMrs. Kelley  Cr- –HaMs. Rieger  He-LMr. Rutherford  M-PhMr. Vanderport  Pi-ShMrs. Hart  Si-Z Mrs. Wiskerchen  Special ProjectsMrs. Allen  Career CenterMrs. Piper

25 Questions ?

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