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1 Våra sponsorer

2 BizTalk - EDI & B2B Anders Wasén- Enfo Zystems
IBM Champion Mikael Håkansson - Enfo Zystems MVP BizTalk Please use this slide as your first slide. It means a lot to start and end all presentation generic to give an event a strong identity. Thank you!

3 Kommande events… 12:e Juni
Windows Azure Service Bus- Connectivity and Messaging Alan Smith Sommar Kollo with Johan Hedberg Helsingborg 26:e Juni, Stockholm 27:e Juli + 21:a Aug

4 EDI – How did we get there…

5 Agenda What is EDI? EDI history What is it? How to deal with it?
EDI Formats EDI Handling

6 B2B formats – history… EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) What is it?
Exchange of any data electronically Not dependent of format or transport Where did it come from? Depends on who you ask… What is it now? X12 EDIFACT ebXML RosettaNet xCBL And more… Morse telegraph, 1837, USA och Europa Transatlantic cable 1866 Early 1870s, Thomas Edison  full duplex two-way telegraph; doubled capacity quadruplex telegraphy 1874 1902 Worldwide 1890 Nikola Tesla, Wireless Popov 1895, struck by lightening during demonstration 1935 Baudot, 5-bit code telex -> Telex 1960’s ASCII

7 B2B, a brief description Classification? External messages
Message standards ”Security packaging” Trading partner management Typical implementation? Various ”platforms”, servers and adapters Many formats, specifications and no documentation In short, A MESS!

8 What can we do? Documentation! TPP – Trading Partner Profile
TPA – Trading Partner Agreement Consolidation of servers/protocols Extend SOA to include B2B Break pure B2B formats in B2B layer Work with external partners Add security!

9 B2B formats – X12 ASC X12 (Accredited Standards Committee)
a.k.a. ANSI X12 Created 1979 Numbered messages (transaction sets), e.g. 850 (Purchase Order), 810 (Invoice) Using “version” and “release”, e.g. Version 4 Release 1 (typed as: ) ISA*00* *00* *08* *08* *030627*1304*U*00401* *0*P*>~ GS*PO* * * *1304*1403*X*004010~ ST*850* ~ BEG*00*SA*548177** ~ REF*AN*547794~ PER*BD*JOHN JONES*TE* ~ ……. SE*30* ~ GE*1*1403~ IEA*1* ~

10 B2B formats – X12 ANSI X12 or ASC X12
ANSI - American National Standards Institute (ANSI) ASC - Accredited Standards Committee CICA (or Context Inspired Component Architecture) B2B processes as ”reusable” XML entities X12 CICA Metadata Interchange Format (CICA-MIF) bi-directional data exchange RDF (Resource Description Framework) and OWL, a Web Ontology Language RDF is a framework for describing resources on the web, e.g. properties for items, content and time schedules Ontology is about the exact description of things and their relationships. Use as a EDI Service Registry and Repository

11 B2B formats - EDIFACT EDIFACT Approved by United Nations 1986
ISO standard ISO-9735 Named messages (6 letters), e.g. ORDERS, INVOIC Two releases yearly: D[YY].A and D[YY].B E.g. D96.A (NB! S-releases exist) UNA:+.? ' UNB+UNOA:3+ZYSTEMS:1+DATADIRECT: : ' UNH+SSDD1+ORDERS:D:03B:UN:EAN008' BGM+220+BKOD99+9' DTM+137: :102' NAD+BY ::9' NAD+SU ::9' CNT+2:4' UNT+22+SSDD1' UNZ '

12 B2B formats - EDIFACT Other common standards:
ODETTE, European car industry TRADACOMS, retail industry HIPAA, US Health Care Claim Transaction set

13 EDI – The exchange…

14 B2B - Architectural Overview
Internet DMZ Firewall Intranet Messaging B2B Gatway BizTalk ERP Messaging Message flow EDI Message ORDER Message XML ORDER (Enrichment) XML ORDER

15 B2B protocols HTTP/S FTP/S sFTP (SSH) VAN (Value Added Network)
Common and recommended: HTTP/S FTP/S sFTP (SSH) VAN (Value Added Network) Common: VPN X.25 Less common and NOT recommended: X.400 (Yes, it is still alive) SMTP USB Stick, print-outs or CD

16 B2B protocols AS1 - Email AS2 - HTTP/S AS3 - FTP/S & sFTP
Applicability Statement AS1 - AS2 - HTTP/S AS3 - FTP/S & sFTP AS4 – SOAP/WS (TBD) Based on S/MIME Supports digital certificates and encryption Messages may request a Message Disposition Notification (MDN) Non-repudiation achieved through digest exchange in MDN

17 B2B protocols – AS2 in detail

18 AS2 – Applicability Statement 2
Signed/ Encrypt EDI Internet XML Order DMZ Firewall Messaging B2B Gateway De-envelope Verify Match Transform Package MDN

19 EDI Transmission Use a B2B gateway product, e.g. BizTalk What is it?
Getting the data across from one Trading Partner to the other Trading Partners are referred to as ”Internal” or ”External” Transmission is the “sending” of EDI Transaction is what is being sent How to do it? VAN Services Packages, protocol bridging, adding security (hopefully), transformation a.k.a. ”Clearinghouse” Use a B2B gateway product, e.g. BizTalk

20 EDI Transmission EDI Acknowledgments X12 Technical Acknowledgment
a.k.a. “TA” Is sent if message is received and understood Functional Acknowledgment a.k.a. “997” or “FA” Function stipulated in TPA (remember that “Trading Partner Agreement” document?) Requires validation of the complete message and/or group Accepted or Rejected status report on the compliance with the “standard”(*) (*) “Standard” = In EDI you have as many standards as there are senders

21 EDI Transmission EDI Acknowledgments EDIFACT
Technical Acknowledgment (well, sort of…) a.k.a. “CONTRL” Is sent if message is received and understood Functional Acknowledgment Function stipulated in TPA Requires validation of the complete message and/or group Accepted or Rejected status report on the compliance with the “standard”(*) (*) “Standard” = In EDI you have as many standards as there are senders

22 EDI Transmission EDI Acknowledgments Synchronous vs. Asynchronous
Can be sent either way X12 more commonly use synchronous EDIFACT pretty much never use synchronous AS2 and Acknowledgments MDN is sent either Synchronous or Asynchronous I.e. any EDI Acknowledgments will be sent Asynchronous

23 EDI Transmission History of using FTP transfers
EDI batching Batching is a processing of a bunch of messages Still very common! History of using FTP transfers Saves money if using a VAN service It’s the way it has always been done…

24 EDI in the future… ebXML xCBL (Common Business Library) RosettaNet
XML Based (of course) ebXML ebMS - ebXML Messaging Services SOAP/WS based icl. Processes and receipts ISO 15000 Collaborative Partner Profile Agreement, CPA Documents xCBL (Common Business Library) Open source, EDI based RosettaNet Open consortium Mostly Telecom And of course EDIFACT and X12!

25 Questions?

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