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January 7, 2014.  History and Background  Mission  Staffing  Funding  Activities  Performance Measures  Implementation Timeline  Next Steps.

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1 January 7, 2014

2  History and Background  Mission  Staffing  Funding  Activities  Performance Measures  Implementation Timeline  Next Steps

3 “Federal Funds. Federal spending plays an increasingly important role in the operations and finances of every state, with some functions supported entirely by funding from Washington. Fiscal realities dictate that, at some point, the federal government will begin tightening its belt, and state governments will feel the pressure. It is critical that we improve our processes for identifying, tracking and managing federal dollars, to help decision makers identify risks to State operations and make long-term preparations for inevitable federal spending cuts.”

4  The Four Cornerstones of Reform: Centennial Edition  Economic Competitiveness  Education  State Government  Renewed Federalism  Federal Funding Cliff/Sequestration  Council on Financial Assistance Reform (COFAR) and Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA Act)

5  Mission: To maximize the benefits of federal funding received and to increase the grants management capacity of the State of Arizona  Vision: To be the premier resource for the Arizona grants community by providing and coordinating information, business systems, model guidance, best practices, training, and support to help the grants community build the capacity it needs to successfully apply for and manage federal grant programs, and in doing this ensure that Arizona receives its fair share of federal resources while minimizing unnecessary federal regulations and unfunded mandates  Motto: Innovation. Collaboration. Financially Stronger Arizona.

6  Statewide Grants Administrator – will manage the office and serve as the chief grant authority in the State  Assistant Statewide Grants Administrator Programmatic – will help the Director manage the office and will serve as the primary trainer and technical expert in the State on grants management issues  Assistant Statewide Grants Administrator Financial – will focus on the business operations of the office as well as performing the functions of the Single Point of Contact (SPOC)  Additional positions will be added as activities and revenue streams expand

7  Governor’s Office  Additional future revenue streams  Professional development, training, and technical assistance  Arizona Certified Grants Manager/Specialist  A-133 Single Audit Clearinghouse  Statewide grants conference  User fees for centralized grants management solution  Cost associated with use of statewide contracts for grants activities  Contracted direct grants management services

8  Phase 1  Research and document legal and statutory authorities for grant receipt and awarding in State of Arizona  Establish grants management working group with representative(s) from each state Department/Agency  Research and identify potential sources of federal funding available to state entities  This will include the procurement and implementation of grant pursuance and application tracking software

9  Phase 1 (continued)  Work with OSPB, JLBC, GAO, and Auditor General to provide relevant and timely information concerning federal grants  This will include providing information for the Federal Funds Report and other state reporting activities that include federal grants  Work with Arizona’s Federal Lobbyist concerning various federal grant issues  Including providing assistance to State Departments and Agencies with federal oversight agencies and conflict resolution with federal grantor agencies

10  Phase 1 (continued)  Implement a grant specific waste, fraud, and abuse program  Issue, provide training on, and monitor the implementation of “Technical Bulletins” concerning the application, receipt of, and management of federal grants  Develop and maintain Arizona’s Grants Management Manual  Including templates and best practices

11  Phase 1 (continued)  Provide oversight for all federal grant transparency reporting: ARRA Section 1512, Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006 (FFATA), and DATA Act  Provide input and guidance concerning grants to the ongoing Enterprise Replacement Project (ERP)

12  Phase 2  Establish statewide contract with various vendors to provide grants management lifecycle services for state agencies such as grant writing, monitoring, evaluation services, etc….  Procure, develop, and implement a statewide grants management solution to be utilized by state departments and agencies as business needs and resources dictate  Including such enhancements as e-signature and paperless archiving

13  Phase 2 (continued)  Provide training and technical assistance resources to the larger grants community  This could include an annual Arizona State Grants Management Conference, webinars, newsletters, etc…..  Establish the statewide single audit clearinghouse  Implement statewide performance measures related to federal grants and issue a report on these measures annually  Establish a training and testing program that will result in a Arizona Certified Grants Manager/Specialist designation

14  Specific Office Designations  ARRA State SPOC  E.O. 12372 “Intergovernmental Review of Federal Programs” – designated SPOC  A.R.S. 41-2701-2706 “Solicitation and Award of Grant Applications” – delegated procurement authority

15  Increase the total amount of federal funds received  Increase the number of grants received  Increase the number of applications submitted (discretionary applications)  Increase the win rate  Reduce the in-kind and cash match contribution rates  Reduce the number of audit and monitoring findings  Reduce the number of systems and ongoing cost to support grants management systems

16  Completed to date –  Issue executive order establishing office and re- establishing SPOC  Appoint Director and select staff  Moved into new office space at ADOA  Procured for grant pursuance and application tracking software  eCivis  Worked with ADOA Legal Counsel and GRRC to document and research legal and statutory grants governance  Repurpose GOER website to serve as new website for this office  (will include the publishing of state funding opportunities)  Participating in ERP replacement meetings

17  1 to 3 months –  Implement E.O. 12372 Clearinghouse  Begin regular coordination with federal lobbyist concerning grants issues  Begin publishing grant opportunities, best practices and grants training and technical assistance resources on office website  Establish and begin meetings of grants management working group  Begin Business Process Improvement (BPI) efforts related to both Grants Management Manual and grant specific waste, fraud and abuse programs  Work with Departments/Agencies to resolve frequently occurring and long-time unresolved audit and monitoring findings related to federal grants

18  3 to 5 months –  Work with OSPB federal grants analyst to provide relevant grant information for the Federal Funds Report and Governor’s Budget  Issue draft and finalize Arizona Grants Management Manual  Issue draft, finalize, and begin implementation of grant specific waste, fraud and abuse program  Review current grant authorities and recommend legislative and administrative code changes if necessary

19  6 to 12 months –  Develop and implement grant specific performance measures  Establish statewide contract for grant services  12 months to 2 years –  Procure for and implement statewide grants management solution  Hold 1 st annual Arizona Grants Management Conference  Begin series of quarterly webinars on grants management topics  Begin regular grants newsletter  Establish a training and testing program that will result in a Arizona Certified Grants Manager/Specialist designation

20  2 years -  Implement statewide audit clearinghouse  Begin limited direct grants management services as requested by state departments/agencies (envisioned to be fairly limited to ADOA divisions or other small agencies with limited grants management capacity)

21  Finalize SPOC/State Application Identifier (SAI) process (comments due by 1/24)  Establish Grants Management Working Group and begin BPI effort related to creation of Arizona’s Grants Management Manual  Establish grant specific Waste, Fraud, and Abuse working group and begin efforts to create a grant specific policy  Begin collection of state funding opportunities for publishing to office website  Continue eCivis demonstrations and agency implementations  Continue eCivis trainings  Including statewide training performed by eCivis staff in March

22 Matthew Hanson, GPC Statewide Grant Administrator ADOA, Office of Grants and Federal Resources 100 N. 15th Avenue, 4th Floor Phoenix, AZ 85007 602-542-7567 Matthew.Hanson@AZDOA.GOV

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