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COLLEGE ADMISSIONS 101 JUNIOR PARENTS 2013. CRAZINESS OF COLLEGE ADMISSIONS The goal of tonight’s workshop is to share planning and organizational information.

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2 CRAZINESS OF COLLEGE ADMISSIONS The goal of tonight’s workshop is to share planning and organizational information to lessen the stress and anxiety often associated with junior year college searches. Juniors will be applying to colleges less than one year from tonight. Ex: UC apps will open August 1, 2014 for the graduating class of 2015! It can be and should be an exciting experience. One month at a time!

3 6 MUST KNOW FACTS ABOUT ADMISSIONS Forget the rankings- “The Best” school may not be the best school for your child. “College is a match to be made not a prize to be won.” Sachs No correlation between “best schools” and success in later life. Fact 1: Every kid will get in

4 Community College Option Community college may be the perfect route to the college of your choice. TAG Sierra College with the UC system This year UC/CSU’s will take more transfers and less freshmen. 122 community colleges in the state of CA. Financial Aid, scholarships, BOG, etc. Student Success Scorecard Plan implemented at Sierra College– mandatory college and career counseling.

5 Fact 2: Free resources available

6 Colleges looking for well rounded student body not necessarily the well rounded student. Have your student do what they love not what you think looks good on a college application. Take initiative in pursuing passions and interests. The junior year includes this summer! Seek enrichment. i.e. Sierra College academic enrichment, UC Cosmos, volunteer,

7 A-G Admission Requirements UC Doorways – search by school for A-G list ucopdoorwaysucopdoorways A. History and Social Science B. English (4 years of college preparatory English composition and literature) C. Math (3 years/4 years recommended) including Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and beyond D. Laboratory Science (2 years/3 recommended including 1 biological and 1 physical) E. Language Other than English (2 years/3 recommended of the same language F. Visual and Performing Arts (dance, drama or theater, music, or visual art) G. College Preparatory Elective (additional year chosen from the University of California A-G list)

8 Fact 3: SAT Scores Count; Grades Matter More Students should take the most rigorous schedule they can be successful at. These are the final 2 semesters the universities will be able to evaluate. UC’s use Holistic Comprehensive Review – 14 criteria Top colleges want to see a broad, rigorous academic schedule right through the senior year. There should be a minimum of 4 A-G courses should be taken senior year.

9 Fact 4: College Essays Can Be Pivotal Personal statement prompts are typically released in May for the Common Application and the UC. Personal Statement -- You Tube video from the UC office of admissions Personal statement tips from UC Berkley Sign up for the UC Readers Fall 2014. P.S. Do not write your student’s personal essay!

10 Fact 4: College Essays Can Be Pivotal Fact 5: There is more financial aid available than you might realize. Most financial Aid is based on parents’ income, but also Merit based. District Scholarships over $800,000 last year – Barbara Ross will host a “rising senior” workshop June 2014. File FAFSA in January 2015 fafsa4casterfafsa4caster Cal Grants are stable – Cal Grant A and B Free or reduced lunch waivers (see H.S. counselor) Middle class scholarships added to UC and CSU.

11 Be upfront about finances Students need to know if their school choices are realistic. Only custodial parent must declare income. Beware of scams- should not have to pay for financial aid information! District Financial Aid night Dec 2013 and Dec 2014. Barbara Ross – attend a scholarship workshop tonight! If you cannot, please go to you’ll find the scholarship page under academics.

12 Visit Campuses Important to do before senior year. CSU Spring 2014 CSU Spring 2014 Open House UC Spring 2014 (vary by campus) UC Davis Open House 2014 Private schools – see web sites Revisit October break senior year.

13 Fact 6: Out of state tuition may not be as high as you think WUE- Western Undergraduate Exchange- gives tuition discounts to neighboring states. Some states with WUE: Nevada, Oregon, Hawaii, Alaska A LOT of scholarships available for out of state students.

14 Use The Common Application! This application is used by almost all private colleges including Harvard and Stanford – over 540 Universities. Communication with recommenders is critical.

15 Types of Admissions Rolling- opens early, may let you know in a few weeks. Often large, non-impacted institutions. Early Action- non-binding. Will let you know by end of November. Financial Aid information will not be available upon initial notification. Early Decision- binding. Look at small print. Only apply to one Early Decision. Regular- must meet deadlines.

16 Test Prep Big business- don’t have to spend a lot of money! PSAT – October 19 (Sat of Oct break) You can still sign up! $15 cash, pencil, student ID, NU 7:30 AM-Noon free test prep questions, question of the day, on-line course free test prep January 2014 additional free test prep NJUHSD- great school/great test scores

17 Pick one email and check it All admissions now electronic and notify the student by email 3 semesters of annoying yet helpful e-mails – learn to love it then unsubscribe spring of senior year!

18 Important Timelines Testing: Most colleges will take either the SAT or the ACT PSAT- October 19, 2013 SAT/ACT- Spring 2014 SAT II- Spring 2014 UC’s no longer require SAT/ACT- Fall 2014 before Dec

19 Important Timelines Financial Aid: FAFSA January 2015 Cal Grant- GPA Verification District Scholarships: January 2015

20 Important Timelines Admissions: CSU/UC’s must be completed by November 30th of Senior Year National Acceptance Day is May 1st!

21 NCAA ClearingHouse All student athletes must register with the clearinghouse before recruiters can contact them. Best done during junior year – the NCAA is no joke and they are VERY strict! ACT/SAT scores must be sent to NCAA Clearinghouse Transcripts

22 There is Lots of Help! College Rep visits College workshops by HS counselors College Week Live Guidance Counselor Our Community! ( Where did you go to college? If you were my age, what would you have done differently?)

23 Don't let anxiety and fights over college admissions tax your relationship and mar your child's last 2 years at home. Pick a time to talk about admissions and let it go the rest of the time. It’s all good

24 Beware of Senioritis Remind students that colleges review final transcripts and can rescind offers. Transcripts expected by July 2015. Rigor in Senior year important! At least 4 A-G courses or be prepared to explain. If drop a second semester class must notify colleges.

25 Review Start Early Be Organized Help with planning- timelines Have the money talk Remember you act as the travel agent- but It is your child’s journey

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