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1 HISD January 29, 2011 Core Initiative Report. 2 HISD Agenda  Overall Update (Dr. Grier)  Core Initiative Update  Progress  Key Learnings/Issues.

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1 1 HISD January 29, 2011 Core Initiative Report

2 2 HISD Agenda  Overall Update (Dr. Grier)  Core Initiative Update  Progress  Key Learnings/Issues  Priorities for Next 6-12 Months

3 3 HISD Effective Teacher in Every Classroom 1 Key StrategyProgress Strengthen recruiting and staffing practices to attract top talent A talent pool for teaching vacancies is being created for the 2011-2012 school year and for current open positions within the district The selection process for the Alternative Certification Program has been aligned to our teacher selection process Implementation of a new Talent Acquisition System is underway Through the Staff Review Process, SIOs and principals are identifying potential future leaders and developing and planning strategies on how to retain each school’s most effective teachers Improved the tracking of applicants and the metrics in evaluating recruitment efforts Establish a rigorous and fair teacher appraisal system SDMCs and the DAC identified 9 types of criteria that were grouped in three larger categories: Student Performance Instructional Practice Professional Expectations Based upon recommendations from the SDMCs, the DAC built a preliminary set of process-related recommendations 1.1 1.2

4 4 HISD Effective Teacher in Every Classroom 1 Key StrategyProgress Provide effective, individualized support Developing a more streamlined and aligned delivery structure for providing professional development to support teachers where they need it most – in their classrooms Responding to the expressed need from teachers to better understand EVAAS and how the data and information can be used to inform and improve instruction Using Staff Review Process discussions with principals and Individual Professional Development Plans of teachers to inform and shape professional development needed at the central, school and classroom levels Offer career pathways and differentiated compensation Exploring the viability of new, differentiated roles for teacher leaders that may include: Mentoring new or struggling teachers Serving as the grade or department chair Leading or coordinating professional development Begin to identify and pilot roles and differentiated compensation for school year 2011-12 with larger rollout expected for school year 2012-13 Align leadership development and total compensation with new appraisal and development system Creating a pipeline of future leaders while retaining teachers who have been identified as high-performing and producing strong student achievement results 1.3 1.4

5 5 HISD Key Learnings and Issues Keeping all stakeholders engaged throughout the process has been challenging, yet has helped us develop a more robust set of criteria and a stronger appraisal and development process. Tracking and monitoring data for our recruitment and selection process, despite the lack of a sophisticated system, has been valuable as we analyze our results and make improvements in our effectiveness and efficiency. Communicate, communicate, communicate…The Effective Teacher Initiative website and regular, direct communications to teachers, principals, SDMCs and DAC has resulted in higher rates of participation. While the reorganization of Professional Development Services led to some streamlining of services, additional work needs to be done to ensure an aligned balance system of classroom support and centrally-led professional development for teachers. Additional changes need to be made to the ASPIRE Award Program to increase the focus on performance metrics that matter most to the district with regard to improved outcomes for students.

6 6 HISD Priorities for Next 6-12 Months Implement the Talent Acquisition System Improve position vacancy tracking Finalize the new Teacher Appraisal and Development System for Board of Education consideration Develop comprehensive implementation plan for the new Teacher Appraisal and Development System Draft opportunities for Career Pathways for Teachers Design a process in the PD Clearinghouse to collect data regarding impact on student outcomes Design recommendations for improving the ASPIRE Award Program Continue dialog with principals and other staff members regarding how professional development and supports for teachers may be best restructured and focused, with emphasis on job-embedded learning and supports

7 7 HISD Effective Principal in Every School Key StrategyProgress Establish a rigorous and fair principal appraisal Completed contract with McRel to develop and implement principal appraisal system. Selected SIOs, principals, and their assistant principals who will participate in a pilot implementation program April 1 st. Develop clear standards and recommended practices to guide decision-making Draft document developed that describes quality assurance standards and recommended practices. Strengthen principal recruiting practices Implementing Talent Acquisition system that will allow us to better search applicant base and find people that best fit our needs. Human Resources team has visited several national conferences to identify top talent around the country. Establish an instructional leadership program Created leadership development program focusing on building and strengthening partnerships with higher education institutions. Internal program developed for first year principals and APs. Academy developed for teachers interested in leadership. Ensure safe & secure schools Research conducted to identify how we can best track and monitor safety violations/breaches. Strategic focus on pregnant and parenting teens. Healthy schools Reviewing all health awareness options throughout the district. Opened a district wellness center. 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2 2.6

8 8 HISD Key Learnings and Issues The School Offices and Human Resources (Rewards & Accountability and Leadership Development) must work jointly to ensure smooth implementation of the principal appraisal system. –The spring pilot will be essential to ensuring alignment to district goals as well as ensuring fidelity of implementation when rolled out for all in the fall. –The recommendations of the steering committee are critical as they will be our biggest advocates when we train all leaders on the process. The School Offices and Academic Services must work jointly with the Superintendent’s Office on guidelines for decision-making. –Due to our belief in being decentralized, we must ensure that such a practice is not structured so that it is viewed as an attempt to recentralize schools. Ensuring high quality leaders in every building is a key strategy for ensuring we become the best district in the nation. –We must continue to recognize our internal talent and provide opportunities for growth and development. –We must ensure that we have data systems in place to track the “superstar” leaders across the country and employ strategic recruitment efforts to make HISD attractive to them. –We must make sure we constantly keep a pulse on the leadership needs of our current principals for their own professional development (a needs assessment already conducted). Safe, secure, and healthy school environments are essential for student success. –In the development of a discipline model, we must have conversations with our principals to determine where the best models are currently within the district. –We must continue to reinforce with all of our schools the importance of national, research-based positive behavior supports. –We must continue enhancing our district-wide anti-bullying resources. –We must continue ensuring healthy food options are available for all of our students.

9 9 HISD Priorities for Next 6-12 Months Determine the individuals to participate in the principal appraisal system pilot Determine most appropriate process for district-wide implementation of principal appraisal system pilot Hold conversations with Board of Education members and principals about quality assurance standards Continue strengthening our internal leadership preparation programs and opportunities for cultivation of internal talent Continue focusing our recruitment efforts on “superstars” in other school districts across the nation Identify quality leaders to become principals next year due to an anticipated 40 principal vacancies across the district Launch the first cohort through the University of Texas of aspiring school leaders Implement the Talent Acquisition System Define clear safety standards for each school Provide professional development on anti-bullying for all schools Continue reviewing our food selections to ensure healthy options for students

10 10 HISD Rigorous Instructional Standards and Supports Key StrategyProgress Provide equity in access to educational programs Adoption of SpringBoard math in 21 middle schools (Pre-AP curriculum) Contractual agreements and consolidated programs for Alternative Schools Opened seven Advanced Virtual Academy/Twilight Schools (AVA) across district Completed external Magnet Audit Implement an aligned standards- based curriculum & assessment Interim assessment data used to identify instructional gaps, districtwide trends, and intervention recommendations Developing instructional materials clearinghouse Expand Response To Intervention (RTI) model Blueprints developed to define the critical standards students must master for promotion Toolkit of resources created for training at each campus All K-12 core teachers received RTI intervention strategies and resources Districtwide online courses are available for professional development 3.1 3.2 3.3 3

11 11 HISD Rigorous Instructional Standards and Supports Key StrategyProgress Implement transformation plan The Apollo 20 plan is on track with the core team training completed. Clear, scientifically based strategies are being successfully deployed through the schools. Leadership and faculty have brought an energy to the schools Emphasis of doubling the instructional time around critical math and reading skills Professional Learning Communities have been established at each site Formative assessments in three week cycles implemented Constant coaching and staff development are provided Implement a comprehensive literacy (reading) program in grades pre-K -12 Blue print documents for parents have been developed for reading Scope and sequence documents for reading K-12 have been developed and disseminated districtwide The district has launched ongoing training initiative to facilitate quality implementation of new reading adoption The foundation for a comprehensive PK-12 literacy plan has been developed The literacy plan has been vetted through instructional departments, principal advisory committee, campus literacy coaches, and leaders of the Academic Services division The University of Houston is a partner with HISD to develop grade level reading standards Implement a comprehensive numeracy (mathematics) program in grades pre-K-12 Blue print documents for parents have been developed for math Scope and sequence documents for math K-12 have been developed and disseminated districtwide The district has developed Phase 1 of PK-12 mathematics plan Instructional specialists in math are coaching teachers through modeling lessons, co- teaching, and assisting in lesson plan development 3.4 3 3.5 3.6

12 12 HISD Key Learnings and Issues We need to continue working on increasing equity and aligning our standards –Involving more teachers in the development process has resulted in improved documents that are respected and appreciated by teachers and principals –Collaboration with other instructional departments has helped to strengthen communication and the quality of the products produced –There is a need to communicate the process for accessing rigorous academic options such as International Baccalaureate (IB) and Gifted & Talented programs to interested schools –Additional funding must be identified to offer more HISD AP teachers the ability to attend AP training Administration has discussed what it must consider when commissioning external audits in future –Specificity in deliverables with clarity and agreement on expected outcomes –Reasonable timeline for synthesis and analysis –Data requests pulled from a single source and all are congruent –Clear communication to the public on the intent, process and results

13 13 HISD Priorities for Next 6-12 Months Many activities currently in progress will continue through the remaining school year Review the school model for excellence for the school repurposing in fall 2011 Create and implement district-wide resources for academic rigor –Continued focus on middle school math and rollout of SpringBoard for spring 2011 –Extending IB and AP opportunities to all our schools Completing the Fondren MS IB application Administer End-of-Course assessments by June 30, 2011 to all Pre- AP MS/HS students Synthesize information and formulate magnet recommendations to the Board

14 14 HISD Data-Driven Accountability Key StrategyProgress Build better systems for collecting, retrieving, analyzing, and reporting data Refocus on data governance as a prerequisite to infrastructure implementation New PC, server and printer contracts secured at 10-30% price improvement High-level network design and architecture completed. RFPs to support have been released. (E-Rate) Initial planning and firewall funding was secured for the Information Security Program. Initial efforts have begun. IT Security Manager is onsite. Pilot ongoing for student/teacher collaboration system Expand performance management tools and practices Performance Management employee appraisal pilot, approved by the board in 2009-2010, was expanded to additional departments Engaged APQC (American Productivity and Quality Center) to help build internal PM capacity and align key performance indicators with board goals Streamline business processes Final Draft of Supplier Questionnaire and Qualification (IPQP Form) completed Draft of Supplier Registration Questions completed 4.1 4.2 4.3 4

15 15 HISD Key Learnings and Issues Initial analysis of employee & student subject data areas indicates a 1-2 year effort to clean. –Prerequisite for data repository –Examples include inconsistent course, teacher, transcript and state coding data elements between schools –Resources are being recruited to initiate the data quality effort Initial analysis indicates data warehouse cost is $7M Year 1, $3.4M Year 2&3 and $1.8M per year ongoing. Efforts required to ensure supporting IT infrastructure in place is safe, secure, and easy to access. Additional funding above E-Rate (Federal Funds) is required to modernize our network. –Matching funds required for E-Rate funded schools are estimated around $10M –Funds required to upgrade schools not funded through E-Rate are estimated at $12M-$20M Performance Management is a highly integrated effort with dependencies across the district. –Quick-win Vacancy Tracking investigation supporting Effective Teacher’s Talent Acquisition requirements gathering Require closure on Board Monitoring System metrics in order to cascade into decision making frameworks. –Performance appraisals, vendor program/service effectiveness targets, etc. We have a better understanding of what our schools need to perform at their very best. –We know the route we need to take to create and implement a proper business process when selecting a supplier to do business with the district

16 16 HISD Priorities for Next 6-12 Months Secure funding for the Data Quality and Data Warehouse Programs Review pilot results of student/teacher collaborative system with chiefs and complete necessary work to reach next level of school rollout Continue to work on funding for network and information security improvements With clarity on the Board Monitoring System, revise existing metrics Performance Management employee evaluation pilot will conclude; launch district-wide for 2011-2012 school year Finalize the IPQP Form and Supplier Questions; post on the district’s portal Evaluate the protocol for products and services submitted for district testing Curriculum Department will vet, test and determine products/services/ suppliers meeting district standards Complete and post the district’s Vendor Scorecard application Collect and post feedback from schools on products and services

17 17 HISD Key StrategyProgress Develop effective, timely, two-way internal communication with staff members Provided regular updates to staff (Strategic Direction, Effective Teacher Initiative, budget) Provided principals with materials, talking points, and fact sheets for use with staff Conducted trainings with Assistant Principal cohort on effective communications Increased number of HISD videos on web highlighting schools Integrated revamped HISD TV News Update into employee eNews Conducted monthly meetings with all principals and ad hoc principal group Develop effective, timely, two-way external communication with parents and community members Redesigned main pages of district website Held Community Conversations on budget, legislative agenda, magnet review Expanded opportunities for two-way communication through website and print materials Selected first cohort of schools to begin redesigning websites Revamped HISD TV News Update Put in place standardized processes for publicizing Board of Education meetings and meeting outcomes that strategically integrate variety of media Held ongoing meetings with strategic partners, including civic, business, and faith-based organizations and local chambers, to keep them apprised of district initiatives Launched weekly 30-minute HISD segment on KCOH radio Produced weekly program for Univision Developed guidelines for African American Advisory Council and Latino Advisory Council Held media roundtables Conducted 50 Parent Prep Academy workshops Culture of Trust Through Action 5.1 5.2 5

18 18 HISD Key Learnings and Issues Face-to-face interactions are the most effective way to communicate –Multiple methods, media, and languages –Community meetings—interactive format –Timely, relevant, accurate information for principals –Innovative ways to engage parents Stakeholder input is critical for effective implementation of key activities –Website redesign—focus groups of employees, parents, students, and community members and online survey HISD lacks systemwide parent and staff member satisfaction survey –Data needed on district and school level

19 19 HISD Priorities for Next 6-12 Months Begin redesign of department websites, Vietnamese site, and employee portal Launch redesigned electronic employee newsletter Conduct webinars/trainings for staff members on writing and effective communications Convene meetings of the African American Advisory Council and Latino Advisory Council Establish communications advisory group that includes internal and external stakeholders Continue work on developing district strategic communications plan Hold training sessions for Spanish-speaking school-based support staff members to strengthen translation and interpretation skills Pilot “neighbor-to-neighbor” campaign to disseminate information Expand community outreach through “Ask HISD” sessions held in neighborhood locations Launch weekly Spanish newscast Develop protocols for assisting schools with marketing efforts

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