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W233 N2080 Ridgeview Parkway, Suite 100 Waukesha WI 53188 262-347-2212.

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1 W233 N2080 Ridgeview Parkway, Suite 100 Waukesha WI 53188 262-347-2212

2 Focus Areas Higher Education and Teacher Preparation Elementary Mathematics Specialists Mathematical Associations Professional Development

3 Institutes of Higher Education and Teacher Preparation 3

4 Wisconsin Higher Education Conference March 2012 33 Colleges and Universities Certify Teachers in Wisconsin All Mathematics Departments and Schools of Education Invited 25 Participated Keynotes: Hung Hsi–Wu and Bill Schmidt – Teaching Teachers in the Era of the CCSSM and International Comparisons

5 Louisiana State University Worked with LSU, Scott Baldridge, on a LaSIP Initiative Singapore Math Implementation Project Baker City Schools

6 University of Wisconsin-Madison Brookhill Foundation Scholarship Award New minor for Elementary Education Majors Dual Mathematics and Science

7 NCTQ 2008 - No Common Denominator The Preparation of Elementary Teachers in Mathematics by America’s Education Schools website work linking Parker/Baldridge and Beckmann text resources for pre-service programs

8 Mathematical Associations 8

9 CBMS 2008 Forum on the Report of the National Mathematics Panel (NMAP) 2009 Forum on the Content and Assessment of School Mathematics 2010 Forum on Content-Based Professional Development for Teachers of Mathematics 2011 Forum on Teaching Teachers in the Era of the Common Core 2012 MET II 2014 Forum on The First Two Years of College Math: Building Student Success

10 MATHCOUNTS 25 th Anniversary - Club Program Question Writing Committee – travel, lodging, and meals Check out created by a MATHCOUNTS alumni

11 Achieve, Inc. Wisconsin was an American Diploma Project State (ADP) American Diploma Project Algebra II End-Of-Course Exam 2008 Annual Report Various briefs comparing CCSSM to state, national, and international benchmarks

12 Fordham Institute Stars By Which to Navigate? Scanning National and International Education Standards in 2009 (PISA, NAEP, TIMMS) The State of State Standards - and the Common Core - in 2010 Common Core in the Schools: A First Look at Mathematics Instruction - current

13 NCSM 2010 - convened a task force representing ASSM, AMTE, NCTM, and NCSM supporting the implementation of the CCSSM

14 AMS American Mathematical Society Epsilon Fund for Young Scholars

15 Curriculum Alignment Project University of Louisville, 2010 Led by Bill Bush Curriculum Materials Analysis Tools 1.Mathematics Content Alignment 2.Standards for Mathematical Practices Alignment 3.Overarching Considerations

16 CCSSM Progression Documents University of Arizona – Institute of Mathematics & Education (IM&E) 2010

17 Mathematics Specialists 17

18 ems & tl McDaniel College Since 2009 National Clearinghouse ems&tl Elementary Mathematics Specialists and Teacher Leaders Project Francis (Skip) Fennell


20 AMTE 2010 - Standards for Elementary Mathematics Specialists: A Reference for Teachers Credentialing and Degree Programs 2010 - AMTE led the development of the first joint position statement between NCSM, NCTM, AMTE, and ASSM: The Role of Elementary Mathematics Specialists in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics. 2010 & 2011 AMTE EMS States Conferences Maggie McGatha (University of Louisville) Nicole Rigelman (Portland State University) Only 9 states had some type of certification 2013 STaR Fellows

21 Specialist Certification States 2010 States Added States In Process States Arizona ArkansasAlabama California Idaho Alaska Georgia KentuckyColorado Michigan LouisianaIllinois Ohio MarylandIndiana South Dakota MissouriNew York Texas MontanaWashington Utah New HampshireWest Virginia Virginia North Carolina Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island

22 Professional Development 22

23 The Wisconsin Statewide Mathematics Initiative (WSMI)


25 Wisconsin Statewide Mathematics Initiative Goal of WSMI – Establish a sustainable, statewide effort for high quality mathematics education and learning in Wisconsin. Main Objectives – To deepen mathematical content knowledge. – To develop leadership capacity. 25

26 Framework of Institutes Logistics Summer One week Hosted at a school Breakfast and lunch provided Includes all course materials Design District team Team Leader Four grade bands 30 hours plus district team planning time District Action Plan Administrator Day 26

27 Framework of Modules Focus on one domain/conceptual category 10 three hour sessions All sessions: examine standards, engage in math task(s), deepen understanding of standards, written reflection time, and study Progression Documents. Tenth session: synthesize and reflect on the week’s learning in order to incorporate the standards into teachers’ own classrooms. 27

28 Module Content K-2: Operations & Algebraic Thinking K-2: Number and Operations in Base Ten 3-5: Operations & Algebraic Thinking 3-5: Number & Operations Fractions 6-8: Ratios and Proportional Relationships 6-8: Expressions and Equations 6-8: Statistics 8-12: Modeling with Statistics & Probability 8-12: Algebra and Functions with Modeling 28

29 Graduate Credit All courses have been approved for two or three graduate credits through the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee.

30 WSMI Reach 1,637 Teachers 689 Schools 225 Administrators 139 Districts 42 Facilitators 16 Institutes 10 Writers 9 Courses 5 Editors 5 Pilot Coach Reviewers

31 Future WSMI Projects Online course with DPI and WMC Team Leader Meeting New and revised modules Present at regional and national conferences Summer 2015 institutes – June 22-26 – July 13-17 – July 27-31 31

32 Institute Advisors Dr. Richard Askey Dr. William McCallum Dr. Francis (Skip) Fennell Dr. Denise Spangler Dr. Maggie McGatha

33 Thank you. Your encouragement, advice, expertise, assistance, constructive critique, and/or help with the work of the Brookhill Institute of Mathematics is welcomed and will be appreciated. Kathy Stumpf, President

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