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Governor’s Natural Resources Review Council NRRC November 2014.

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1 Governor’s Natural Resources Review Council NRRC November 2014

2 WHO WE ARE NRRC November 2014

3 WHO WE ARE  Nine State Agencies – with different missions  Administrator  Collaboration & Autonomy The Natural Resource Review Council was created by Governor Janice K. Brewer by Executive Order 2013-02 in January 2013

4 WHO WE ARE Ensuring continued public and private land use for advancement of the state’s economy through a system of tools to monitor and engage in the federal decision making process early on. NEW NRRC WEBSITE

5 WHO WE ARE Increasing regulatory demands and a slow economic rebound – requires new solutions to greater problems Over the past 2 years, this Council has forged ahead with the development of a plan that provides new solutions  Develop proactive and preemptive strategies for making the landscape industry- friendly, and balancing conservation goals.  Identify mechanisms for gathering and sharing information for purposes of engaging in the federal decision making process  Engage industry and project proponents to identify their needs and work with those entities to approach development and conservation goals more holistically




9 WHAT WE ARE BUILDING Ultimately, the work products and actions of this Council will position the state to attract industry and business by reducing the costs associated with regulatory permits, permitting and regulatory delays and providing project proponents with readily available offsets.

10 WHAT WE ARE BUILDING Holistic approach to planning and managing Arizona’s natural resources through: Centralized location for federal notices with a user alert system Coordinated remedial actions for unfavorable federal response Library of information, data gathering and sharing Collaborative and informative work space for users

11 WHAT WE ARE BUILDING Tracking & Notification System for federal actions that impose economic and regulatory burdens for business and project development within the state. Natural Resources Decision Support System ( NRDSS ) – Clearinghouse & Information Sharing Site.

12 WHAT WE ARE BUILDING Digitized GIS Data & Documents Catalog Searchable library with data from state and regional organizations Natural Resources Decision Support System ( NRDSS ) – Clearinghouse & Information Sharing Site.

13 WHAT WE ARE BUILDING Natural Resources Planning In an effort to encourage Counties to participate in the federal consistency review process, we have established a template for planners to produce management plans consider potential issues & decisions ahead. This allows the State to seek consistency review and remedial actions federal decisions that pose negative economic impacts.

14 WHAT WE ARE BUILDING Mitigation and Habitat offsets  Pre-approved mitigation and conservation banking opportunities to expedite projects where a federal nexus is identified/exists.  Currently identifying ways to include Arizona State Trust Land parcels that are unsuitable for development into an alternative funding mechanism for the Trust that also provide developers with quick opportunities for credit purchase.  Pre-emptive Measures – such as Candidate Conservation Agreement with Assurances (Voluntary) are also part of the Council’s holistic approach to balancing the need for new business in the state and the conservation needs of land, species, water and air.


16 WHERE WE ARE HEADED Integration Clearinghouse Subcommittee work product – One website that would be the NRDSS Continued discussion with industry and business leaders to identify their prospective needs and build out plans Continued discussion with federal partners to secure processes for shared decisions that impact natural resources Continued discussions with all stakeholders on implementing and enhancing the Council’s work to stay ahead of the curve

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