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 Travis Clifford o o 832-316-0323 GCVA Recruiting.

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1  Travis Clifford o o 832-316-0323 GCVA Recruiting

2  The recruiting process is a year round project that needs to be tended to on a weekly basis. Just like anything else, the more you put into the process, the more you will get in return.

3  The Plan o Have Fun o Focus on Academics o Play Club Volleyball o Good Training o General Information Letter / Packet Freshman

4  The number one thing you should be doing as a Freshmen is having fun playing the sport you love. Have Fun

5  Study and Time Management  Perform On Court and Classroom  Good Grades Give You More Opportunities Focus on Academics

6 Play Club Volleyball

7  Club  Private Lessons  Camps Good Training

8  Be Happy, But...  You Likely Received This Letter Because: 1) Promising Qualities 2) Strong Club Team/ Region 3) Team Performance General Information Letter / Packet

9  The Freshmen year should be about having fun, getting on a good track academically and locking in solid fundamental volleyball skills. Summary

10  The Plan o Meet With a High School Guidance Counselor o Play Club Volleyball o Questionnaires o Consider Purchasing a Video Camera o Get Match Footage o Research Schools o Introduction Letters o Summer Camps Sophomore

11  Meet with Guidance Counselor  NCAA Eligibility Center: Meet With a High School Guidance Counselor

12 Play Club Volleyball

13  Be Happy, But…  Receiving Questionnaires  Fill Out and Return in Timely Manner Questionnaires

14  Capture Match Footage  Recruiting Process is Getting FASTER! Consider Purchasing a Video Camera

15  USE A TRIPOD  Middle of the Court Behind the Player  Raise the Tripod  Zoom In, But not to Far  DO NOT Follow  Watch For Flying Balls!  Pause the Filming Get Match Footage

16  What is Important to YOU! o Large or Small? o Particular Region? o Academically Challenging? o Division?  NCAA Programs  NAIA Programs  NJCAA Programs Research Schools

17  Target List  Introductory Letter  Example  Keep Coaches Updated  Don’t Be Discouraged Introduction Letters

18  Get to Know the Program  Coaches Get to Know You  Coaches Know Your Interested Summer Camps

19  The Sophomore year you should focus on getting game footage, developing your volleyball skills, and introducing yourself to the college coaching community. Summary

20  The Plan o Types of Video  Skills Video  Highlight Reel  Unedited Match Footage o Register with the NCAA Eligibility Clearinghouse o Standardized Testing o September 1st o Telephone & E-Mail Contact Junior

21 o Contact Periods o Going on Campus Visits o Unofficial Visits o Summer Camps o July 1st Junior cont…

22  Skills Video  Highlight Reel  Unedited Match Footage Types of Video

23  NCAA Clearinghouse: Register with the NCAA Eligibility Clearinghouse

24  Register for the SAT / ACT Standardized Testing

25  “Actively Recruiting”  Ranking System  YOU WANT TO BE ON THE LIST!  Consider All Programs September 1st

26  Maintain Contact  Use Common Sense  Questions?, You Need Answers!  Do Research Telephone & E-Mail Contact

27  Evaluation  Evaluation Period  Contact  Contact Period  Quiet Period  Dead Period Contact Periods

28  Start Early  Start Around Your Hometown, Colleges on Family Trips, Brothers/ Sisters Schools  Recognize What You Want From A College Going on Campus Visits

29  Two Types o Player/ Parent Initiated o Coach Initiated  What To Know on a Campus Visit Unofficial Visits

30  Last Chance Summer Camps

31  Coaches Can Call You July 1st

32  The Junior year is the most important year. Be prepared to give coaches all your information and video. Be very active throughout the recruiting process by emailing and calling coaches, and going on campus visits. Summary

33  The Plan o Official Visit o Signing Periods Senior

34  More of a Formality  Rules  Suggestions Official Visit

35  The National Letter of Intent: i/nli Signing Periods

36  Your Senior year is the time go on official visits and or evaluate your situation. If you feel good about where you are in the recruiting process, great! If not, you need to immediately and aggressively reach out to as many (realistic) schools as possible, and be very direct with college coaches when asking questions about opportunities at their school. Summary

37  Contact me through email at Questions?

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