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Alberta Initiative for School Improvement Improving Student Learning in Alberta.

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1 Alberta Initiative for School Improvement Improving Student Learning in Alberta

2 To improve student learning and performance by fostering initiatives that reflect the unique needs and circumstances within school jurisdictions AISI Goal

3 AISI Education Partners AEAlberta Education AHSCAAlberta Home & School Councils’ Association ASBAAlberta School Boards Association ASBOAAssociation of School Business Officials of Alberta ATAAlberta Teachers’ Association CASSCollege of Alberta School Superintendents University Faculties of Education University of Alberta, Campus Saint-Jean, University of Calgary and University of Lethbridge

4 Initiated in 1999 A program to improve student learning Funded by Alberta Education 1,300 projects between 2000 and 2006 An Alberta success story Cycle 3 – 2006 to 2009 AISI Facts

5 AISI Attributes 1.Partnership 2.Catalyst 3.Student focused 4.Flexibility 5.Collaboration 6.Culture of Continuous Improvement 7.Evidence-based Practice 8.Research-based Interventions 9.Inquiry and Reflection 10.Building Capacity and Sustainability 11.Knowledge

6 1.Improved student learning 2.Culture of continuous improvement 3.Renewed focus on teaching and learning 4.Innovation and creativity 5.Shared language 6.Research in classrooms 7.New knowledge 8.Evidence-based decisions 9.Job-embedded professional development 10.Shared and distributed leadership 11.Engaged parents AISI Impacts

7 External Comments About AISI Taylor & Tubianosa (2001) Alberta’s AISI (along with programs in Ontario and Quebec) are exemplars of how provinces can link assessment and school improvement to transforming results into plans of action. Learning Commission (2003) Major investments should continue to be made in educational research, particularly active, classroom-based research through the highly successful Alberta Initiative for School Improvement. Berliner (2004) AISI – what a lovely, and sensible, research-based idea you all have put into effect, namely, that to improve schools at the local level, one should base plans on the perceived needs of those at the local level. Reeves (2005) AISI is the gold standard of improvement models. Clear message to universities and support systems that claims of “research” are not worthy of the name if they do not reflect student achievement results.

8 School Improvement Branch School Improvement Branch (SIB) Alberta Education 12th Floor, 44 Capital Boulevard, 10044 – 108 Street Edmonton, Alberta T5J 5E6 Office Telephone Number: (780) 427-3160 Toll-free at 310-000 Fax Number: (780) 415-2481

9 AISI Support Documents

10 AISI Website

11 AISI HomeAISI Clearinghouse Search Documents/ Publications Workshops & Conferences What is AISI AISI Framework AISI Admin Handbook AISI Videos What’s New Tips & Tools Contacts Events Calendar Cycle 2 Project Summaries Promising Practices Products & Tools Cycle 1 Project Summaries & Results Related Research – Searchable Database Access Detailed Project Information Newsletters Literature Synopses What We Have Learned Annual Reports Supporting Documents Communications Toolkit Online Registrations PD Workshop Handouts AISI Conferences Other Presentations AISI Website

12 AISI Event Calendar User Guide Instructions AISI Events Calendar

13 AISI Clearinghouse Provides project information, promising practices, annual and final AISI reports. Includes information for local school authorities, parents, education partners and the public. Enhances accessibility to school improvement literature. AISI Clearinghouse

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