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Kai Liu, Phil Yang, Huayi Wu, Wenwen Li, Zhenlong Li, Tim Miao, Qunying Huang, Center for Intelligent Spatial Computing, George Mason University Douglas.

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1 Kai Liu, Phil Yang, Huayi Wu, Wenwen Li, Zhenlong Li, Tim Miao, Qunying Huang, Center for Intelligent Spatial Computing, George Mason University Douglas Nebert Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC)

2 Contents 1. Geospatial Metadata and Clearinghouse 2. GEOSS Clearinghouse 3. GEOSS Clearinghouse Administration and Functions 4. Metadata Transformation in Harvesting 5. Metadata Creating 6. Metadata Search

3 1. Geospatial Metadata and Clearinghouse Metadata: “Data about Data” Geospatial metadata: used to describe how geospatial & attribute data was collected & processed into its final form Allows agencies to: Organize and maintain an organization's data investment Share data set information through data catalogs and clearinghouses Provide access for download or display and analysis through web services Allows users to: Discover, evaluate, and access geodata resources.

4 Standards Allows communication between peers; Minimizes data integration time … costs Permits data operations under known conditions Numerous Geographic Metadata standards exist: Dublin Core, FGDC CSDGM, ISO19115 (UML) ISO19139 (XML) OGC WxS Capability Document

5 Dublin Core Year 1995: NCSA/OCLC Metadata workshop, Dublin, Ohio 15 elements in Simple Dublin Core Metadata: all optional, all repeatable, Title Subject Description Creator Publisher Contributor Date Type Format Identifier Source Language Relation Coverage Rights

6 Dublin Core

7 FGDC CSDGM CSDGM is the current US Federal Metadata standard. Standard Organized into 10 sections Section 1: Identification Information Section 2: Data Quality Information Section 3: Spatial Data Organization Information Section 4: Spatial Reference Information Section 5: Entity and Attribute Information Section 6: Distribution Information Section 7: Metadata Reference Information Section 8: Citation Information Section 9: Time Period Information Section 10: Contact Information

8 FGDC CSDGM Example

9 ISO 19115 International consensus being built on structured metadata within a broader Geomatics Standard under ISO Technical Committee 211 (TC 211) UML abstract model ISO 19115 reflects FGDC, TC 287, ANZLIC and other inputs Specifies content guidance (field vocabulary and structures), like FGDC ANSI adoption 12/24/2003

10 Spatial Representation Metadata Contact Data Identification Info Content Information Extension Information Portrayal Catalog Info Application Schema Info Metadata Constraints Metadata Maintenance Distribution Info Reference System Data Quality Info Metadata Online Source Responsible Party Citation Required Conditional or Optional Language Character Set Hierarchy Standard Name, Version Date ISO 19115 Organization

11 Core ISO Metadata Title Reference Date Responsible Party Geographic location Language Characterset Topic Category Scale Abstract Format Extent Representation Type Reference System Lineage On-line Resource

12 ISO 19139 XML Schema implementation of ISO 19115

13 Metadata Storage and Access Storage: File system Database Access: browse, request CSW SRU HtmlParser GetCapabilities Local Filesystem

14 Clearinghouse

15 2. GEOSS Clearinghouse The GEOSS Clearinghouse is a common search facility for the Intergovernmental Group on Earth Observation (GEO) based the GeoNetwork Opensource. Through the harvesting mechanism, GEOSS clearinghouse collects all types of metadata of EO data, services and other resources Through distributed search of harvested metadata or registered metadata catalogues, EO data, services, and related resources can be discovered and accessed.

16 The GEOSS Clearinghouse supports a variety of geospatial standards: Dublin Core, FGDC CSDGM, ISO 19115/19139 metadata, CSW, RSS, and SRU for search, WMS related OGC standards for data access and visualization, as linked from the metadata.

17 GEOSS Clearinghouse Main Page Supports Multiple languages

18 Architecture GEOSS clearinghouse uses Web application with service based architecture (Jeeves) which is a Java Easy Engine for Very Effective Systems. Publishing of the simple systems on the Internet by Jeeves is possible without Java language knowledge and with little effort. All the interfaces are expressed through XML and XSL files

19 Jeeves Architecture

20 Business Logic

21 3. GEOSS Clearinghouse Administration and Functions Administration User Management Search Harvesting Metadata Edit and Management Visualization

22 Administration

23 User Management

24 Harvesting

25 Metadata Edit and Management

26 Editing

27 Metadata Visualization


29 4. Metadata Transformation in Harvesting Harvesting is the process of collecting remote metadata and storing them locally for a faster access. Currently, about 26 000 metadata were harvested to the GEOSS clearinghouse.

30 Where GEOSS Harvest From? The GEOSS Clearinghouse is harvesting from the following protocols: Z39.50 "GeoProfile" (manually-initiated, under testing) CSW 2.0.2 baseline, AP ISO, ebRIM with no extensions WebDAV, sitemaps, and Web Accessible Folders (WAF) OGC GetCapabilities (WMS, WFS, WCS) endpoints Local file access for batch ingest of packaged, static metadata Also available to the system, are the following protocols: THREDDS Catalog OAI-PMH ISO 23950 "SRU" GeoNetwork "native"

31 Harvest From Example: CSR


33 Harvest From Example: USGS WAF


35 Metadata of the following three standards can be harvested directly. Dublin-core FGDC CSDGM ISO19115, ISO19139 Other formats must be converted to ISO19139

36 Metadata Formats Transformation As for formats, the following "Full" metadata formats are recognized and parsed into ISO 19139 metadata for ingest: ISO 19115, 19119 XML (no transform, per 19139) ebRIM common information model XML, including the CSR form FGDC CSDGM Version 2 XML (no transform) CSW csw:Record XML (no transform) OGC GetCapabilities XML and other XML

37 Stylesheets will be used for the Metadata Formats Transformation Stylesheet( *.xsl) Original Metadata ISO Metadata

38 Stytlesheet example:

39 Metadata Transformation in CSR Harvesting CSR: which is short for the GEOSS Component and Service Registry. ebRIMcomponent2ISO19139.xsl will be used for component’s translating

40 Also, ebRIMservice2ISO19139.xsl will be used for service’s translating

41 Example: Original Rim Metadata

42 Example: The Same Record in GEOSS Clearinghouse

43 Demo: Harvsting





48 5. Metadata Creating In the process of creating metadata, a template can be chosen. Some templates have been developed like below:


50 FGDC template

51 Dublin Core Template

52 6. Metadata Search Local search Using Lucene to index metadata Remote search CSW Search RSS Search SRU Search

53 Advanced Search


55 ISO Query-ables NameDefinitionData TypeProperty Mapping to Information Model SubjectThe topic of the content of the resource scriptiveKeywords.MD_Keywords.keyword plus MD_Metadata.identificationInfo.MD_DataIdentification.topicC ategory TitleA name given to the resource CharacterStringMD_Metadata.identificationInfo.AbstractMD_Identification.cit ation.CI_Citation.title AbstractA summary of the content of the resource CharacterStringMD_Metadata.identificationInfo.AbstractMD_Identification.ab stract AnyTextA target for full-text search of character data types in a catagloue CharacterStringWhole resource text. FormatThe physical or digital manifestation of the resource CharacterStringMD_Metadata.distributionInfo.MD_Distribution.distributionFor IdentifierA unique reference to the record within the catalogue IdentifierMD_Metadata.fileIdentifier

56 ISO Query-ables (contd.) ModifiedData on which the record was created or updated within the catalogue Date-8601, example: 2000-08-21 MD_Metadata.dateStamp.Date TypeThe nature or genre of the content of the resource. Type can include general categories, generes or aggregation levels of content Codelist: dataset, datasetcollection, service, application MD_Metadata.hierarchyLevel.MD_ScopeCode/@codeListValu e. If MD_Metadata.hierarchyLevel is missing, ‘ Type ’ will be considered as “ Dataset ” (default). Bounding Box A bounding box for identifying a geographic area of interest BoundingBox,BoundingBox WestBoundLongitude SouthBoundLatitude EastBoundLongitude NorthBoundLatitude CRSGeographic Coordinate Reference System (Authority and ID) for the BoundingBox IdentifierCRS Authority: MD_Metadata.referenceSystemInfo.MD_ReferenceSystem.refe renceSystemIdentifier.RS_Identifier.codeSpace ID: MD_Metadata.referenceSystemInfo.MD_ReferenceSystem.refe renceSystemIdentifier.RS_Identifier.code Version: MD_Metadata.referenceSystemInfo.MD_ReferenceSystem.refe renceSystemIdentifier.RS_Identifier.version

57 Example 1: CSW Post Request full Type dataset

58 Example 2: RSS Request

59 Example 3: SRU Request

60 GEOSS Clearinghouse Demonstration

61 Acknowledgements & Further Info Website: The clearinghouse is operating at Contactor: Chaowei Phil Yang: Douglas Nebert: The project is supported by FGDC grant, ESIP Products & Services and Air Quality Committees, and NASA Geospatial Interoperability grant.

62 Kai Liu, Chaowei Phil Yang, Huayi Wu, Wenwen Li, Zhenlong Li, Tim Miao, Qunying Huang, Douglas Nebert Center for Intelligent Spatial Computing George Mason University & FGDC

63 Let’s get Started

64 Multilanguage

65 Metadata

66 Let’s Check the metadata

67 Let’s check the metadata standards


69 Let’s check the metadata in XML

70 Categories

71 Recent Changes

72 Advanced Search

73 Create New Metadata

74 Create New Metadata(1)

75 Create New Metadata(2)

76 Create New Metadata(3)

77 Create New Metadata(4)

78 Create New Metadata(5)


80 Create New Metadata(6)

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