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FHWA Work-Zone Training & Guidelines Development Grant May 4, 2007 SCOH Technical Meeting.

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1 FHWA Work-Zone Training & Guidelines Development Grant May 4, 2007 SCOH Technical Meeting

2 Laborer’s Health & Safety Fund of North America (LHSFNA) –Scott Scheider (202-628-5465) American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) –Brad Sant (202-289-4434 X308) National Asphalt Pavement Assoc. (NAPA) –Una Connolly (301-731-4748 X126)

3 Operating Engineers International Union –Emmett Russell (202-778-2672) James E. Bryden, PE –518-439-2378 Laborers-AGC Education & Training Fund –John Le Conche (860-974-0800)

4 EPCRA/SARA Title III New York Health & Safety Fund –Jim Melius (518-449-1715) American Assoc. of State Highway & Transportation Officials (AASHTO) –Ken Kobetsky (202-624-5454) CNA Insurance Company –Todd Hohn (312-822-5309

5 EPCRA/SARA Title III Texas Transportation Institute –Jerry L. Ullman (979-845-9908) FOF Communications –Rod Wolford (202-667-6048) National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (Associate Member) –David Fosbroke (304-285-6010)

6 EPCRA/SARA Title III Grant Overview –Highway W-Z Worker Safety Training –Highway W-Z Safety Guidelines Development –Highway W-Z Safety Guidelines Training

7 Use for Orientation or Refresher Training Focus on Common Hazards, Conditions, and Injuries Develop in Modules Used for ‘Tool-Box’ Sessions or Formal Training Evaluate formative, process, and outcome measures Design

8 14 Current Topics Driving Driving Electrical Hazards Electrical Hazards Emergencies Emergencies Excavations Excavations Falls Falls Flagging Hazards Flagging HazardsFlagging HazardsFlagging Hazards Health Hazards Health Hazards Night Work Night WorkNight WorkNight Work Noise Noise Operator Hazards Operator Hazards Working Outdoors Working OutdoorsWorking OutdoorsWorking Outdoors Sprains & Strains Sprains & StrainsSprains & StrainsSprains & Strains Runovers and Backovers Runovers and Backovers Struck By Struck ByStruck ByStruck By

9 Presentation Media The complete program comes on CD and free web download. Macromedia CD 32-page Trainee Booklet Toolbox Pamphlets 14x20 Color Flip Books 42-page Instructor Guide

10 English Spanish Portuguese Audio files “speak” the slides so a bilingual instructor is not necessary. Presenter can switch instantly among English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Most print products come in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Multi-Lingual

11 Interactive presentation contains 8 demos: Stopping Distances Electrical Contacts Equipment Blind Spots Placement of TTC Devices Struck-by & Flying Objects Noise Night visibility Trenching Heat Stress Lifting Demonstrations

12 Temporary Traffic Control Expanded Night Work Module ITC-Internal traffic Control Disaster Response 4 New Topics + +

13 The NEW Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse!

14 Work Zone Clearinghouse Primary tasks – –1. Update website infrastructure (hardware & software) –2. Update and expand content –3. Maintain Clearinghouse research and operations –4. Collect, develop and disseminate work zone safety information –5. Develop and conduct educational and training programs –6. Develop and conduct outreach and marketing activities –7. Evaluate, track and report on Clearinghouse progress and success –8. Work with FHWA to gather and disseminate work zone safety materials and statistics

15 It is the... World’s largest “cyber-library” of information on road construction safety: –Best practices –Laws and regulations –Public awareness campaigns –Work zone products

16 They offer... Training & educational materials Accident & fatality data Over 100,000 users each year Free, customized research www.

17 American Road & Transportation Builders Association 1219 28 th St. NW Washington, D.C. 20007 Bob Laramore, PHR, CPEA (202) 289-4434

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