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Online Credit Transfer and Course Sharing Initiative 2013 Symposium October 22, 2013 1.

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1 Online Credit Transfer and Course Sharing Initiative 2013 Symposium October 22, 2013 1

2 Course Sharing: Agenda 30 Minute Presentation –Opportunity Statement –Team –Timeline –Recommendation –Implementation –Examples 30 Minutes for Feedback 2

3 Course Sharing: Opportunity Statement The goal of the online credit transfer and course sharing initiative is to make it easier for: –Students to access online courses and transfer credits between CCSNH colleges –Faculty to share courses and curriculum across CCSNH colleges One of four strategic initiatives that the Board of Trustees asked the Chancellor to focus on as part of the 2014 Strategic Plan 3

4 Course Sharing: Team Strategic Initiative Team –Presidents: Susan Huard and Scott Kalicki –System Office: Bill Beyer, Susan Proulx, Sharon Sabol, Kristyn Van Ostern Implementation Teams –Academic –IT –Student Services –Financial Model 4

5 Course Sharing: Timeline 5 DEFINEBASELINERESEARCHRECOMMENDIMPLEMENT AprilMay - JulyJune – AugAug-OctNov - Mar Defined project goal, scope, and team Assessed current state of credit/grade transfer, registration, financial aid, course catalogs, and Banner Identified common courses Reached out to NEASC, Ellucian Looked across the country to see how other systems have approached online courses and credit transfers Strategic team recommendation Implementation sub-teams begin work Sub-teams develop proposals around implementing recommendatio ns

6 Course Sharing: Recommendation In September, the strategic team recommended: Creating a branded clearinghouse webpage of online courses across CCSNH Allowing students from any CCSNH college to register for online courses from this webpage Forming a pilot of 20-30 courses that would be guaranteed to transfer across multiple colleges Developing a system-level transcript for students taking courses at multiple colleges 6

7 Course Sharing: Recommendation Students using the clearinghouse to register for online courses would maintain a home college The home college would continue to have responsibility for admitting students, advising, administering financial aid, and credentialing Students would have to take at least 25% of their credits at the home college, as well as perform their program capstone 7

8 Course Sharing: Implementation Implementation teams have been formed to explore the recommendations and develop solutions –Academic team is charged with recommending which courses be designated as equivalent across multiple colleges Team identified ~30 courses Team made up of VPAAs, faculty 8

9 Course Sharing: Implementation –Financial Model team is charged with developing a revenue sharing model that we will use to allocate tuition revenue to the home college, the instructing college, and the system office 9

10 Course Sharing: Implementation –IT and Student Support teams are charged with: Developing the branded clearinghouse web page; Creating an online registration process and Developing a system transcript 10

11 Course Sharing: Implementation Potential Content for a Branded Clearinghouse Web Page; Course Sharing Initiative information – what is it about? Searchable list of all online courses offered by the CCSNH Colleges which the student can learn more about and register for. Highlight online programs as well Guaranteed transferable online courses (amongst the CCSNH Colleges) will be highlighted Access to existing Distance Learning web pages: Orientation to taking an online course, technical and student requirements, online policies, online tutoring, Blackboard tutorials and other informational resources Access to a new CCSNH job board Contacts for more information or help 11

12 Course Sharing: Examples from other systems This clearinghouse approach is new to CCSNH but other educational institutions like ours have already taken the leap: Some examples of clearinghouse web sites: 12

13 13

14 14

15 Course Sharing: Questions for Discussion How can we make it easier for students to access courses and programs across the CCSNH colleges? How can we facilitate faculty sharing courses and program content with each other across the CCSNH? Other questions? Additional Questions and Feedback - Email to: 15

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