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Welcome North Harrison High School Senior Parent Night.

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1 Welcome North Harrison High School Senior Parent Night

2  Jeff Huffman (A-L) 347-3908  Kelli Stone (M-Z) 347-3909 Counselors

3 Scholarships/ Financial Aid Scholarship information updated weekly on the guidance webpage :

4  Julie Timberlake  Director of Programs  812-738-6668 Harrison County Community Foundation






10  Deadlines vary…check college sites or applications for the deadline date. Be proactive.  The deadline IS the deadline!!  Scholarship applications may be mailed or turned in early. It is best not to wait until the last moment.  Letters of recommendation should be asked for well in advance of the deadline or there may not be time for the teacher, coach, counselor, etc. to accommodate the request. Scholarship Deadlines

11  Harrison Co. Comm. Foundation Usually available online Nov. 1st  NHHS Student Scholarships  Local Scholarships  State and National Scholarships  Scholarships by major, specific memberships  Need based aid  College Scholarships Scholarships/Financial Aid

12  Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship: Full tuition/fees for four years plus $900/year for books and equipment. Must attend an Indiana college. (HCCF)  Paul W. Ogle Scholarship: Top 25%, $5,000 per year, renewable 4 years. (CFSI) Not our year in the rotation. Local Scholarships

13 Need Based Financial Aid  FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)  January 1, 2014 at  Workshop- Jan. 15 at 6:30  AHD, CORE 40, 21 st Century  Pell Grants  College Work-Study  Parent/Student Loans

14  Be sure to keep a copy of the college acceptance letter as some scholarships require it as part of the application process.  We will place a copy in your student’s file if he or she will bring it to us when it is received. Acceptance Letters

15  Scholarship Scams  RED FLAGS: Fees involved, hotel visits, “guarantee” money  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is a scam. If unsure, please have your student bring the letter to guidance.  A fee should never be paid for a scholarship to be processed! BEWARE!

16  College admissions tests should be taken in the spring of the students junior year and again (if needed) in the fall of the senior year to improve scores.  SAT and ACT registration is online at:;; or High School Code for North Harrison High School is 152- 920. NCAA Clearinghouse code is 9999 SAT and ACT Information

17  Four year colleges/universities  Vincennes for certain programs Schools that do not require SAT or ACT scores.  Ivy Tech (required for transfer programs)  Technical/vocational schools Schools that do require SAT or ACT scores.




21  Dates Oct 5 @ Jeffersonville/Corydon/Salem/IUS Nov. 2 @ Jeffersonville/ New Albany/Salem/IUS Dec. 7 @ Jeffersonville/ New Albany/Corydon/IUS Jan. 25 @ Jeffersonville/New Albany/Corydon/IUS SAT cost: $51 Average score: 500 each section

22  Dates Sept. 21 @ IUS/Jeff/Salem/Ivy Tech Oct. 26 @ Jeff/IUS/Ivy Tech Dec. 14 @ IUS/Jeff/Salem/Ivy Tech/Crawford County Feb. 8 @ Jeff/IUS/Ivy Tech ACT cost: $52.50 Average score: 21

23  Division I and II schools require athletes to be registered with the NCAA Clearinghouse.   Follow on-line instructions and bring required paperwork to guidance.  Use code 9999 when filling out the SAT registration. SAT scores must be sent directly from the College Board to the Clearinghouse. NCAA Clearinghouse


25  Set up Indiana etranscript account.  Apply either online or paper.  Online applicants must print off the counselor recommendation page and bring it to guidance. We send a transcript to complete the application process using etranscript.  Completed applications and fees should be brought to guidance for counselors to finish and mail.  Do not use pencil to fill out an application; print neatly.  College GO Week -Sept. 23-27 College Applications

26  Seniors are allowed 2 visitation days. If the college is within a 50 mile radius, the student may only take a ½ day visit.  Must get visitation form from counselor in advance and it must be filled out and have all signatures for it to count as a field trip.  No form but a parent or college advisor’s note will count as an excused absence.  NO visits during May  Trip to College College Visitation

27  Fall Break Oct. 14-18  Mon. Jan. 20  Fri. Feb. 17  Spring Break March 24-28  Fri. April 18 College Visitation Dates

28  Wednesday, Sept. 25 6:00– 8:00 p.m.  Held at New Albany High School  Representatives from colleges, technical school, financial institutions, and the military will be available College Fair

29  Colleges representatives will be set up in the hall outside the auditeria in the fall for students to talk to them.  A variety of college representatives will visit during the year as well as the military College Representatives

30 The following information is available in the guidance office:  student computer  college catalogs and DVDs  scholarship books  SAT and ACT practice tests  many posters are on bulletin boards outside guidance regarding college open houses, military, and careers Other Available Information

31  Apply for admission in the fall, some majors have an early admission date.  Nov. 1 is a priority date to be considered for all scholarships at many colleges.  Apply for housing in a timely manner  Apply for need based financial aid.  Apply for college scholarships based on academics and major.  Complete FAFSA form early Deadline March 10. Some colleges have an earlier deadline! Remember

32        Important Websites

33 Exhausted?

34 Talk to your student! Communication is important.

35 Questions?  Feel free to ask questions now  Call us:  Huffman 347-3908  Stone 347-3909  Email us:

36 North Harrison High School Senior Parent Night  Thank you for coming!  We hope your student will have a great senior year.

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