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1 Web Based Initiatives Best Practices Clearinghouse AT&L Knowledge Sharing System Big “A” Portal Engaged Learner Architecture.

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1 1 Web Based Initiatives Best Practices Clearinghouse AT&L Knowledge Sharing System Big “A” Portal Engaged Learner Architecture

2 2 AT&L Best Practices Clearinghouse (BPCh) Program Goals A Single Source For answers about practices, how to apply them, when they are good to use; lessons learned; and risks to avoid Useful Information Help finding, selecting, and implementing practices appropriate to User’s situation; fill the gap between “what” and “how” Validated practices Consistent, verifiable information Repository Active Knowledge Base Not just another practice list; experience data updated, expanded refined; encourages organic growth Living Knowledge Integration with DoD communities of practice (ACC) and experts

3 3 DoD’s Experience in the Use of Best Practices “Best” practices are recommended, but… –Too many lists to choose from –No basis for selecting specific practices –Proof of effectiveness is not generally available –Not easy to see connection between practices and specific program risks or issues –Practice’s success factors not well understood –Resources are limited and the return on practice investment is unknown (costs/benefits) –Implementation guidance is inadequate In 2003, Congress directed DoD to do it better, with a focus on S/W development and acquisition

4 4 Why build the BPCh? Intended to be the Department’s enterprise solution for acquisition-related best practices –A “living” repository for empirical information –Captures practice experience in context Provides a unique tool for selecting appropriate, validated practices –Integrated with Defense Acquisition web-based information tools (DAG, ACC and COPs, AKSS) –Distills broad experience into useful information Satisfies the Section 804 requirement for establishing a “… software development and acquisition clearinghouse…”

5 5 BPCh BPCh Video POC: Michael Lambert – DAU

6 6 AKSS - Portal

7 7 Big “A” Portal Objectives Provide a single entry point for ALL THINGS ACQUISITION –USD AT&L Policy and Guidance, Service Acquisition Portals, Best Practices, Acquisition Communities, DAWIA, Distance Learning, Continuous Learning, Virtual Campus(s), Knowledge Portals, Gateways, and Learning, Management, & Workflow Tools –BAP is not the ONLY entry point for these services and tools, but will be capable of aggregating these under one overarching banner Consolidate for ease of access and search, all aspects of AT&L knowledge across DoD and Industry, including (where possible) CoPs behind firewalls Provide a single sign-on capability (where possible) for the AT&L workforce to all AT&L systems and portals in the “UNCLASS” domain –e.g. DAU Virtual Campus, DoD ACC and BPCh, Air Force Portal and Air Force Knowledge Now communities, Army Knowledge Online portal, Navy Knowledge Online portal

8 8 BAP Desired Capabilities Provide unique portal “services” and “focused” sub- portals based on use cases Filtering by organization, topic, asset type (by an AT&L taxonomy) Personalized “My Sites” for daily needs of the acquisition workforce, including customizable and selectable web services and “web parts” (similar to “My Yahoo”) Automatic, but user-controlled, push of desired AT&L knowledge Potential use of controlled use of blogs and wikis to build and share knowledge across DoD Leverage experience/best practices from implementation of DAUNet (DAU’s intranet), Service/Agency portals, and leverage affordability of Microsoft DoD Educational product pricing (Use of MOSS 2007)

9 9 Concept 1: ALL Proposed Functions DoD Policy & Guidance FormalTrainingCareerManagement BestPractices Learning Cent. of Exc. Integrated IntegratedFrameworkChart ACQuire Search DoD Libraries Process Performance & Learning Tools Develop “My Sites” (Personalized Learning and Working Spaces) SoftwareTools Defense Knowledge Online (DKO) “A” cquisition Portal Service Portals Agency Portals DefenseAcquisitionGuidebook AT&L Websites Websites FAR, DFAR, Supplements DAU Open Campus CareerCompetency Models Models Ask A Professor ContinuousLearningFunctional Portals & Communities News & Publications GuidebooksHandbooksGlossariesAcronyms SelectableServices DAU Video Library LibraryForms Events Events VirtualTour Acquisition Today – What’s Hot Develop “My Info Feeds” (RSS, Blogs and Wikis)

10 10 Concept 2: Use Cases

11 11 Concept 3: Functional “Tiers”

12 12 Engaged Learner Architecture Vision Leverage and add to the Performance Learning Model (PLM) products and services to significantly enhance the engaged AT&L workforce’s capability to find, access and use the learning and knowledge assets and expertise required to meet their formal learning and job support needs.

13 13 A DoD workforce member who is engaged in: Performing their job as effectively and efficiently as possible Becoming competent to support job requirements Becoming professionally certified (DAWIA) Becoming more knowledgeable through formal continuous learning (80 hr/2yr policy) and informal continuous learning (personal interest or job related) What’s an Engaged Learner

14 14 Content Servers AT&L Workforce Government Industry International Workforce pulls Assets for Training, Continuous Learning, Performance Support, Knowledge Sharing and Best Practice Implementation LEADR ACC/CoPs Internet /Intranet Library Virtual Campus AKSS/DAG DoD Acq BPCh Engaged Learner Architecture (ELA) DAU Public Server DAU Video Server DAU Library Server LEARNING ASSETS/OBJECTS Videos, graphics, animations DL and CL modules and courses Classroom course presentations and information artifacts Rapid Deployment training materials Targeted Training materials Performance Support materials/Tools eGames/Simulations DAU and DoD Guidebooks and Handbooks Case Studies, Best Practices, Automated templates/tools Student developed studies, reports, lessons learned Faculty business cards with identified areas of expertise Pointers to ACC Assets Pointers to ADL Repository of DoD Sharable Learning Objects DAU LCMS/ Atlas/Bb Servers Faculty/Staff Draw from all assets and objects to create new objects. Use Templates and Authoring Tools (LCMS, Microsoft, Lectora, etc) to create new assets and objects Application Servers Public Access to DAU Learning Assets (in addition to SCORM zip files registered with the ADL-R CORDRA System) Not Tests, ISP, Instructor Information Standards SCORM, All 508, XML, Other *LEarning Asset Digital Repositories (LEADRs) DAU Courseware: Courses, CL modules, Lessons, Learning assets in development or currently in use, within the repository Published DAU Courses, CL modules and Lessons (as appropriate, in a zipped format for download and use by other agencies) Not for student access Other Published Learning assets Links to Guide books and Reference Material Student access to DAU Courseware (DL/CL and classroom) for browse and completion for certificate

15 15 supports Online course materials Restricted by Guided by Reference to Referenced to Supported by related to links to contracting portal Engaged Learner Architecture Personalized Search and Response System Policy Documents Guidebo ok Handboo k Case Studies Student Artifacts Related Websites Helped by Tools/Sims Ultimate ELA objective is to provide users the capability to find just the right “set” of knowledge assets to meet their needs in the time they have available.

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