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Clearinghouse Development in Korea - in coordination with PCGIAP - April, 2002 National Geography Institute Ministry of Construction & Transportation Korea.

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1 Clearinghouse Development in Korea - in coordination with PCGIAP - April, 2002 National Geography Institute Ministry of Construction & Transportation Korea

2 2 Contents q Background q Basic concept q Pilot project q Main project l Domestic perspective l PCGIAP perspective

3 3 1. Background qCompletion of the 1st Phase of NGIS Project l Establish geo-spatial database since ‘95 l Complete nationwide digital mapping 1:1,000, 1:5,000, 1:25,000 qFully support data utilization l Maximizing data sharing Standardization Building high speed data network l Establish mechanism for effective data updating By major users : municipalities, agencies, etc.

4 4 1.1 Strategies for NGIS Establishing national geospatial information infrastructure Developing GIS utilization /distribution systems Establishment of Digital Land Establishment framework database Establishment of Clearing house Promotion of GIS industries Development of Human Resources Technology development GIS utilization Standardization of GI R & D/Institutional framework Public GIS Private GIS E-daily life

5 5 1.2 2nd master plan of NGIS qPeriod : 2001 ~ 2005 qMain Objective : GIS data utilization l Develop national framework database l Develop clearinghouse Create mechanism to ensure adequate management Distributing and sharing of the spatial data l Develop strategy for updating data l Develop GIS technology l Training GIS specialists l Promote public and private partnership

6 6 2. Basic concept of the clearinghouse NGIS Committee Internet Electronic Exchange (Bank) Electronic Exchange (Bank) Clearinghouse National Spatial Data Producing Organization National Spatial Data Producing Organization User Spatial Data Spatial Data Spatial Data Spatial Data Server Ministries NGI Local Government, etc Gateway Government Organization

7 7 2.1 Purpose of the clearinghouse Implement Digital Land Digital Land Information On/off-line system using Internet/Intranet Institutional Frameworks Automatic procedures for clearing house Geo-spatial distribution network

8 8 2.2 Expectation Activating industry Information-oriented daily life Establishing a Clearinghouse Promote Applications Eliminate duplication Qualitative services Promote data distribution

9 9 3. Pilot project qPurpose l Develop clearinghouse technology l Select best-fit system for our locality qPeriod : July, 2000 ~ June, 2001 qMajor contents l Developing a pilot system l Test data Topography, Land use, Forest map, Land cover, etc. qParticipants l Ministry of Environment, National Geography Institute l Korea Forest Service, Rural Development Administration l Incheon Metropolitan City

10 10 3.1 Pilot network Gateway (Administration) MOCT Data provider(Node)  NGI / MOE  KFS / RDA  Incheon city Bank User Private sectorPublic sector Internet

11 11 3.2 Major output qBeginning the service l 2 May, 2001 qParticipating agencies l 10 agencies qHomepage l URL: qLanguage l English version being developed qAvailable modes l User mode l Administration mode l Data provider mode

12 12 3.3 Major consideration Inspecting system implement procedures Initial operation and improvement Suggesting future development Establishing infrastructure for geo-spatial information service Establishing internet based information service Implement efficient, effective plan of nation-wide geo-spatial information network

13 13 3.4 Data service : User mode q User information l User ID, Password, etc. q Discover, Search l Using metadata q Access, Acquire l Free download, purchase

14 14 Data Search and Access 2. Search, discover3. Inquiry the results 6. Buy 1. Login homepage 4. Catalogue5. Spatial inform. Central DB User 7. Download

15 15 4. Main project qObjectives l Establishing nationwide geo-spatial information network l Supplementing pilot project results l Provide better quality and quantity of the data l Establishing a organization for clearinghouse activities qPeriod l 2001 ~ 2005 qBudget l $ 25 Million q Strategy l Progressive implement

16 16 4.1 Main project plan - phase 1 qPhase 1: 2002~2003 qEstablishing nationwide distribution network l Extend network and regional centers 3 centers planned l Make partnership between data provider agency and centers l Establishment institutional, and technical framework

17 17 4.1 Main project plan - phase 2 qPhase 2: 2002~2005 qCompleting distribution network and extending services l Provide wide level of contents & methods l Extend the data provider agency l Integrated network for data providers, central & regional centers l Establishing of digital geo-spatial lib qActivating international cooperation l PCGIAP co-work

18 18 qInternational Cooperation l PCGIAP’s APSDI cleaning house pilot project Establishing baseline policy, data sharing criteria Adopting and develop ISO/TC211 metadata Close discussion with PCGIAP member countries l Running APSDI clearinghouse ’02-’03 : Pilot project member countries ’03-’04 : Extend to full member countries

19 19 4.2 Pilot project vs. Main project Main projectPilot project UNIX, Windows 2000Windows 2000 Centralized systemDistributed systemOS Environment OS Architecture User Clearing House Clearing House User Central Center Central Center Regional Center Regional Center Regional Center Data Provider Data Provider Data Provider Data Provider Data Provider Data Provider Data Provider Data Provider Data Provider Data Provider Data Provider Data Provider

20 20 4.3 Major concept Central Center MOCT (Gateway) Data provider(Node)  Local governments, etc. Regional Center 1,2,3 Geo-Data Metadata Bank Internet User  Government Civilian  Civilian  Company Trust Payment E-commerce download Data information Search Access

21 21 4.4 Major architecture Data User Data Provider Bank Central CenterRegional center 1,2 ( UNIX ) Regional center 3 (NT) Firewall ServerCSURouter Switch Hub Plotter Web Server Printer DB Server W/S Web Server DB Server Web Server DB Server CSU Router Firewall Server Firewall Server Switch Hub Internet T1

22 22 4.5 Major modules 2. Data Provider Module 3. E-Commerce module 1. System Management Module 4. Search module 5. Portal site System management, User management Monitoring distribution network, etc. Download the editor, Metadata editing, Registration the data, Monitoring the data Development E-commerce interface Security access Expanded Search, Viewer, Format function Establish portal site, Site management

23 23 4.6 Function of regional center G/W Geo-Community Regional center 1 Matadata Data Regional center 2 Matadata Data Regional center 3 Matadata Data Central Center Data provider(Node) User Matadata Geo-Data  Metadata management  Data Clearinghouse  Data provide/sell  Geo-info community center Regional center Data provider(Node)  Providing data  Editing metadata Data Provider

24 24 4.7 Distribution center qGate way management l Search & Access qPortal site operation l Provide consistent information qSystem management qMonitoring distribution network

25 25 4.8 Regional center qOperating portal site qMaintaining geo-data qE-Commerce activation qData monitoring

26 26 4.9 Major Schedule qPhase 1: 2001.8 ~ 2002.6 l Operating central information center and regional center l Pre-operation Data search, access and distribution qPhase 2 : 2003 ~ 2005 l Merging data provider to the regional center l Complete national distribution network

27 27 4.10 Major schedule for APSDI clearinghouse qPhase 1: 2002. 4 ~ 2002. 12 l Completing pilot project l Establishing baseline policy, data sharing criteria l Adopting and develop ISO/TC211 metadata l Build web page qLayers available l Vector : Administration boundary, Transportation, Hydrography l Raster : DEM, Landcover, Vegetation l Scale : 1,000,000 l Format : DXF, DWG qPhase 2: 2003. 1 ~ l Cooperate with PCGIAP

28 28 Matadata Data Matadata Data KOREA Domestic Central DB DB Metadata PCGIAP Regional DB Gateway Metadata DB CHINA JAPAN PCGIAP WEB Gateway Internet Concept of the APSDI clearinghouse

29 29 Question? If you have any questions, please contact : National Geography Institute Phone: +82-31-210-2730 Fax: +82-31-210-2743 Email: Professor Kyehyun Kim Phone: +82-32-860-7602 Fax: +82-32-863-1506 Email:

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