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FHWA LTAP/TTAP Clearinghouse Update LTAP/TTAP Winter Meeting January 12, 2008 Washington, D.C.

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1 FHWA LTAP/TTAP Clearinghouse Update LTAP/TTAP Winter Meeting January 12, 2008 Washington, D.C.

2 Outline FHWA LTAP/TTAP Clearinghouse goals Staff & CSC Current FHWA LTAP/TTAP Clearinghouse activities – What Have We Done For You Lately? Ongoing tasks & projects

3 Our goal at ARTBA-TDF Help the FHWA LTAP/TTAP Clearinghouse become a “one-stop shop” for Center needs Provide excellent customer service to Centers Promote LTAP/TTAP through exhibits, ARTBA-TDF activities and outreach

4 ARTBA Staff Division of ARTBA Labor: Primary Contract Staff Alison Premo Black (Project Director): 20% Lisa Kelley McCluskey (Project Manager): 40% Sarah Crane (Asst. Project Manager): 40% Jerry Doremus (Telecommunications/Web Consultant): 5%

5 Technical and website services are provided to the Clearinghouse under a subcontract with the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute at North Dakota State University. UGPTI Staff UGPTI Staff on Contract: Communications Coordinator Tom Jirik: 20% Web Communications Manager Patrick Nichols: 10% Web Technician Dustin Ulmer: 25% Program Director TLN Julie Rodriquez: 5-10% Additional student support

6 Clearinghouse Steering Committee Committee Chair Donna Shea, Connecticut LTAP, Committee Members Marie Walsh, Louisiana LTAP, Janet Leli, New Jersey LTAP, Terry McNinch, Michigan LTAP, James Self, Oklahoma TTAP,

7 What Have We Done For You Lately? Communications & Marketing New exhibit materials New brochure Visitor information form File Folder handout Lapel Pins Clearinghouse summary/ad Exhibit handouts and business cards Materials & Information Respond to T2All Send out notices via T2All Daily check of Federal Register Quarterly mailing of material samples Sent out over 12,000 publications & materials; over 250 requests Updated contact list for Center directors PAR data collection and analysis

8 What Have We Done For You Lately? Meeting Support Planned LTAP 101 Monthly NLTAPA EC calls & Fall/Spring Meetings NLTAPA Meeting Minutes Regional meeting updates TRB and summer National Meeting updates Met with FHWA International Office, Rural Roads Group, etc. LTAP/TTAP Presentations: National Association of Development Organizations Intertribal Transportation Association New Mexico Transportation Engineering Conference 2007 Exhibit Schedule TRB NACE Scenic Byways APWA Congress AASHTO ARTBA/INA Tribal Transportation Conference League of Cities

9 What Have We Done For You Lately? Website Survey of website usage Revamped website pages New website navigation Updated trainer list Built FTP site for material transfer Post NLTAPA minutes Update NLTAPA WebPages Create & maintain National Meeting webpage LTAP/TTAP E-News New Technologies Streamlining video - video of Denise Saunders Demo Podcast Development of Podcast for national PAR data Produced video from sessions at LTAP National Meeting Posting LTAP 101 footage

10 Ongoing Tasks Maintain LTAP Website Monitor T2All Quarterly Mailings Material Requests Search for new materials Maintain Center contact information Monitor Federal Register Send updates to Centers via T2All E-newsletter PAR collection & analysis Work with CSC, NLTAPA LTAP/TTAP Exhibit Presentation at regional meetings, national meetings Quarterly progress reports

11 Ongoing Projects Updated marketing materials & exhibit (completed for TRB) Trainer database Members-only web area (PAR form) Populate trainer database LTAP/TTAP resource database Virtual LTAP 101 Podcast/Audiofiles - Center interviews Streamlining video

12 What do we need from you? Aggressive outreach for database population in 2008 Input through CSC Identify staff that would like to serve on CSC

13 Sharing Knowledge and Improving Communities

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