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California Environmental Resources Evaluation System Environmental Information Sharing and Integration.

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1 California Environmental Resources Evaluation System Environmental Information Sharing and Integration

2 In the beginning… California Environmental Resources Evaluation System

3 CERES Services Geospatial data library… Environmental metadata catalog… Interactive conservation atlas… Web Map Services Registry… I nteragency N etworked S ervices I ntegrating G eospatial H osted T echnology 228 catalogs containing 11,116 records (5,298 from NRPI) from 201 organizations Nearly 160,000 files comprising more than 4 TB of geospatial data online More than 75 Terabytes Served Since 2002 89 themes in 12 categories

4 Environmental Information Clearinghouse California’s Environmental Community Data, Catalogs, Web Sites & Services California Environmental Information Clearinghouse Catalog, Navigation & Discovery Tools Metadata Catalog Geospatial Data Web Map Services Registry Spatially Enable Search Tools Catalog/Publish/Harvest Search/Retrieve Studies, articles, books, reports, findings, surveys, databases, photos, collections, etc. State Library & Archives Atlas Web Map Services File Exchange Geospatial Data Library Documents Library Application Programming Interface (API) In Development In Production

5 Rather than making copies of data, using SOA organizations can continue to maintain their own data bases while offering access to these as web services that can be used by any number of desktop GIS clients and Internet map viewers. Base MapFire HistoryStressors Integrated Map Public Lands Organizations can publish and integrate their geospatial data services…

6 Web Server Spatial Server Internal process for building and maintaining GIS data DMZ User Your Organization Can be configured so that users do not directly interact with data service providers ArcGIS, Geomedia, MapInfo Pro, open source, etc. CERES Registry Map Client ArcGIS, Geomedia, MapInfo Pro, open source, etc. Internet INSIGHT makes it safe to share GIS data over the internet…

7 What’s next?

8 CERES Area of Responsibility DPR Area of Responsibility Prop 84 & 1E Web Site Data Entry Forms DPR Web Enabled Tabular Database CERES Web Enabled Geo- Warehouse All tabular attributes stored here All spatial attributes stored here Project ID used to link data Query & Report Map Editor Client Map Display Client Project Seeker Thick Map Client Full Project Report Web Services XML Exchange Services Address Matching Services Geospatial Data Error Check Extract, Transform, Load & Error Check Internal “Bonds” databases from other agencies Data Contacts Exception Reports Validation Requests Map Validation Map Editor Client Project ID Registry 3/16/07 Bond project data entered directly into DPR system by some agencies Bond Projects Accountability Database

9 Master (read only) Edit Layer (“sandbox”) Base Map Layers (read only) Consideration may be given to enabling the “borrowing” of line work from base layers for work in the Edit layer Journal (change history, read only) Once acted on, suggested changes are removed from Edit layer and moved into the Journal layer Objects copied into Edit layer to change Provide option to expose any layer as a web map service Data Extraction, Standardization and Loading...... Org 1 Org 2 Org n Information on action taken on suggested edits communicated back to the GeoCommons. Suggested changes communicated back to data “owners” and they decide whether to accept or reject. Changes made to source databases and propagated back to GeoCommons. Members should be able to: See all layers including other proposed changes Select objects from Master to change Import shapefile into Edit layer Import GPS coordinates into Edit layer Do heads up digitizing in Edit layer Edit copy of attributes 7-25-06 California GeoCommons

10 John Ellison Agency Technology Officer & CERES Director (916) 653-2238Questions?

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