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NCAA CLEARINGHOUSE Understanding the transition from High School to College: ACADEMIC and ATHLETICS.

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1 NCAA CLEARINGHOUSE Understanding the transition from High School to College: ACADEMIC and ATHLETICS

2 WHAT IS THE NCAA CLEARINGHOUSE ?  The NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse is an organization that works with the NCAA to determine a student’s eligibility for his or her first year of college enrollment/freshman year eligibility.  Students who want to participate in Division I or Division II college sports as a freshman MUST register with the NCAA Clearinghouse..

3 UNDERSTANDING THE SPECIFICS…QUALIFICATION FOR DIVISION I  Graduate from High School  COMPLETE 16 Core Courses. 4 years of English 3 years of Math (Alg. I or Higher). Alg. IA and Alg. IB are counted as ½ each. 2 years of Natural Science (1 Lab Sci.)  1 extra year of Eng, Math, Sci  2 years Social Studies  4 extra Core Courses  A N D  Earn a combined SAT/ACT sum score that matches your GPA.

4 UNDERSTANDING THE SPECIFICS……QUALIFICATION FOR DIVISION II  Graduate High School  Complete 14 Core Courses  3 years English  2 years Math (Alg. I or higher). Alg. IA and Alg. IB are counted as ½ each.  2 years Natural Sci. (1 year Sci. Lab)  2 extra years of Eng, Math, Nat Sci,  2 years Social Studies  3 extra core courses….  Have at least a 2.00 GPA  Earn at least an SAT score of 820 or ACT score of 68.

5 Division III  Because Division III colleges are unable to give athletic scholarships, a student entering a Division III school does not have to fill out a NCAA Clearinghouse form to be eligible to participate in athletics.  Be safe and complete the Clearinghouse Eligibility paperwork to allow yourself the opportunity to possibly compete at the Division I or II level.

6 Core Courses accepted by the NCAA must meet the following criteria…. Core Courses accepted by the NCAA must meet the following criteria….  Academic Courses in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language must be “College Preparatory” or higher and  Be at or above the high school’s regular academic level. (No remedial, Special Education or Compensatory Courses will be accepted)  Students with Documented Learning Disabilities and an Individualized Educational Placement (IEP), must have their disability documentation sent to the NCAA Clearinghouse in order to be granted the opportunity to have their transcript evaluated with Special Education considerations and identified Learning Support Core Courses.

7 Common Questions Q- How do I know if my son or daughter qualifies? A- Meet with the high school guidance counselor and encourage your child to take a full course load of the most challenging courses he/she is eligible to take according to the PAHS Course of Study Guide checking prerequisites.

8 Q- How the NCAA Determines a student/athletes GPA?  A - Adding up all identified “Core Courses” and their academic equivalent and dividing by the number of courses….  Out of Bob’s 16 “Core Courses” his grades were as follows….  ( 3 – A’s ) = each A is worth 4 points  ( 5 – B’s ) = each B is worth 3 points  ( 6 – C’s ) = each C is worth 2 points  ( 2 – D’s ) = each D is worth 1 point.

9 Bob’s Core Course GPA  3 – A’s = 4+4+4 = 12  5 – B’s = 3+3+3+3+3 = 15  6 – C’s = 2+2+2+2+2+2 = 12  2 – D’s = 1+1 = 2  Add 12+15+12+2 = 41 / 16 = 2.56 GPA  That Core GPA of 2.56 MUST now be matched with SAT/ACT sum score on the NCAA sliding scale.  * Bob’s High School GPA and NCAA Clearinghouse GPA are not the same.

10 NCAA Grade Point Average SAT ACT Sliding Scale. Core GPA SAT ACT 2.700 730 60 2.675 740 – 750 61 2.650 760 62 2.625 770 63 2.600 780 64 2.575 790 65 2.550 800 66 2.525 810 67

11 SAT / ACT SCORES MUST COME DIRECTLY FROM TESTING CENTER!  The NCAA only considers scores of CRITICAL READING and MATH sections of the SAT I Tests.  ACT Scores are derived from adding the students scores from the following sections. ACT ENGLISH, ACT MATH, ACT READING, ACT SCIENCE

12 If You are Recognized as a Qualifier…( You met ALL NCAA requirements)  You can practice and compete during your freshman year.  You can receive an athletic scholarship during your first year of college.  You can play 4 seasons of your sport if you maintain eligibility.

13 A Partial Qualifier….is  A student that does not meet all the academic requirements but has graduated from high school AND….  Has an SAT of 820 or ACT of 68 or…  Completion of 14 Core Courses with a GPA of 2.00 in those Core Courses.

14 As a Partial Qualifier you….  Can Practice with your team.  Can receive athletic Scholarships.  Can play 4 seasons in your sport if you maintain eligibility.  Cannot Compete in athletic events during your freshman year.

15 When to Register for the Clearinghouse ?  Register for the NCAA Clearinghouse and Complete Amateurism-Eligibility at the BEGINING of your Junior year of High School.  Be sure to have the High School Guidance Office send your official high school transcript at the end of 6 semesters; the end of your Junior year.  The Guidance Office will mail out a final/official transcript upon graduation.

16 Students Responsibilities (at the end of Junior Year) Students Responsibilities (at the end of Junior Year)  Go the web site and print out Transcript Release Authorization Form #1 and Transcript Release Form #2.  Fill out the form, bring it to The High School Guidance office where it will be mailed to the NCAA Clearinghouse with an official High School Transcript.  Make sure your High School Transcript and Senior schedule combine to have a minimum of 16 Core Courses, to achieve Division I eligibility.

17 For Further Information Contact….  www.NCAA Detailed information concerning athletic eligibility, recruiting rules, questions to ask the college and coach when being recruited, as well as Division I and II worksheets to help you keep track and calculate your child’s Core Courses and Core Course GPA.

18 Phoenixville Area High School Guidance Department Contact information. – Select High School. Then scroll down the left column and Select Guidance Department. Once you are in the guidance page look and explore the left column. Theresa Malonoski – 484-927-5114 Judy Ishler – 484-927-5124 Dave Rodenbough- 484-927-5126 KellyAnne Scerbo – 484-927-5133 Bea Wiegand – 484-927-5125 Ed Yeager 484-927-5127

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