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Heavy Petting [PICS].

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1 Heavy Petting [PICS]

2 A hug, a kiss and a lick

3 Wet cat kiss

4 Two ginger curlies sharing an affectionate moment

5 Rottweiler puppies kissing

6 A kiss and a hug – two lions

7 Siberian tigers Tony and Tatiana sharing a tender moment at San Francisco Zoo

8 Now this is what we call a bear hug

9 Elephant hug and kiss at San Diego Zoo

10 Macaque group hug in Bali

11 Getting an early start – two baby giraffes at Planckendael Zoo, Holland

12 Giraffe hug

13 And a close-up of giraffe love

14 Teenage cows kissing right in front of an outraged parent

15 Carriage horses in Vienna sneaking a kiss

16 Ewe! Love!

17 Two lovebird couples

18 These parrots need some privacy

19 Genuine couple or penguin politicians?

20 Vietnames pot-bellied piglets being friendly

21 Two black-tailed prairie dogs going for it

22 Sorry, wrong number – love is blind










32 The End

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